Bhutan – Happiest Country on Earth?

Bhutan – Happiest Country on Earth?

– I’m going to fly Bhutan Airline 8319 flight to Paro one hour 15 minute flight. If you don’t know where Bhutan is, it’s a landlocked country in the Himalayas between China, India and Nepal. – Hello, welcome aboard, Sam. My name is Chenga, and I’m the chief pilot
of Bhutan Airlines. You can see a pointed peak there with some snow getting blown off. That is the Everest. That is the highest mountain
on Earth, Mount Everest. Mount Lhotse, and the height of Mount Lhotse is 8,516 metres. The last one that you see is Mount Makalu. That is number five, fifth
highest mountain in the world. So the airport is just here, behind this. Just behind this cloud. So what you’re doing is
we’re landing (mumbles). Only at the last leg you’re able to see it because of the hills. And I’m a Buddhist so
I have to pray to God. (aeroplane whooshing) – [Computer] 200. (aeroplane whooshing) 50, 40, 30, 20, retard,
retard, retard, retard. (plane bangs) (air whooshing) – Oh my god this is so
beautiful, so amazing. (Bhutanese music) This is my friend Sonam. He’s actually organised my whole trip. Yeah, he’s a really good
guy, he’s into aviation. So if you guys like to come
to Bhutan contact Sonam. – Please. – It was my biggest dream to land in the cockpits in to Paro. It was amazing. Thank you, thank you. (speaking in foreign language) Oh it has my name, Sam. It’s an honour, thank you so much. – You’re welcome. – Welcome to Bhutan. The country was closed to
the world until the 1970s. Tourist numbers are limited
as the visa costs $250 per day per person but that include your guide, transfer, sightseeing, food, and up to three star accommodation. Bhutan is a very peaceful
and spiritual country. In Bhutan, people prefer
happiness over wealth. You forget all your trouble
when you arrive in Bhutan, just beautiful, it’s
taking my breath away. – [Sonam] And the ones that you see over to that side are
the miniature stupas. – [Sam] Yeah, lots of little stupa. – Yes. You can see the mantras,
these are the mantras. So if you rotate you
get a thousand (mumbles) of mantras at once. – [Sam] All right you get more mantras. – [Sonam] Yeah. – The drive from Paro to capital Thimphu took one and a half hours. I chose to stay at Le Meridien Thimphu because of my Marriott Bonvoy membership. – Welcome to Le Meridien Thimphu. – [Sam] The Tsa Tsa suite. – It’s Tsa Tsa. – Tsa Tsa suite. Wow, look at this! (upbeat music) All right, while we’re in Bhutan I have to try their traditional costume. Look at this. So hopefully they can change and then I will look like them very soon. And many people think
this a bathrobe actually. This is like a robe. (upbeat music) I look like really Bhutanese. Thank you so much. – We have the biggest pocket in the world. – Biggest pocket in the world here. – Biggest pocket. – Oh yeah. Whoa! – [Sonam] This is like our local food and so this is the spinach fried one. – [Sam] Spinach fried. – [Sonam] And this is the
beef, and this is the pork, and this is the vegetable with
(says foreign words) beans and this is like spinach with cheese. – Excellent, I like spinach with cheese. Well I guess I really do
look like a Bhutan guy. Bon appetit. This dish is called chilli and cheese and it’s actually almost like
the Bhutan national dish. No comment on the chilli but
the cheese sauce is yummy. Bhutan has a lot of mountains therefore the roads are never straight and it felt like a turn
every nine seconds. Driving is challenging as
you might get car sick. I’m heading to the beautiful
Punakha Valley today. – So in every Bhutanese car you will find something like this ones they will have either
the pictures of the god or their (speaks foreign language) in a way to keep themselves, you know, have to believe that
they are being protected when going on a long
journey drive and all this. And these are some of things given to me by my (speaks foreign language) to protect me from the,
you know, evil forces from the accidents or anything like that. (engines revving) (calm music) (air whooshing) (bubble pops) – [Sam] Look at this, right
on top of the mountain. It’s really beautiful here. There’s 108 stupa here. (crowd singing in foreign language) I met these friends from Denmark and I was curious, they were singing on top of the hill here and they just told me it
was a good morning song so you have a good day
start after the song, right? – Yes.
– That’s right. – [Sam] And we’re going
for hiking from here. – [Sonam] Hiking’s about two hours. (upbeat music) – Okay, I got changed
back to my Bhutan costume in which I feel like a local here and feels so comfortable. I’m going to show you the
beautiful, beautiful valley right behind me here. You can see a nunnery
in very far end here. Beautiful green sights. And also there is a monk
university in the top of the hill. (calm music) (girl laughs) – [Sam] Hi, how are you? – I’m fine. (bubble pops) (birds singing) – So this is the tree. It is not a supported tree because (birds calling
drown out other sounds). – [Sam] How old is this tree, you think? – It is almost like 200 years. So every fortress in the Bhutan is divided into two section. One is the monastered section and one is the administrative section. (calm music) – While visiting the monastery here I met Chris Natan from Kochi– – Yeah Kochi.
– from Kerala. Mom and son visiting Bhutan together. Don’t they look alike? Yay! Many said Bhutan is one of
the happiest place on earth. I felt very happy, very close to nature. Bhutan is also a deeply
superstitious country. They believe that phalluses
protect them from evil. For Bhutan citizens, it is mandatory to wear national dress. The national sport in Bhutan is archery. (calm music) This is my second (speaks
foreign language). (Sam laughs) I need more practise. Okay, this is another new hobby of mine. Watch out guys. (record scratches) (crowd jeering) Shorter distance, second try. It doesn’t land the right way, I better go back flying first class. Whoa, well done! That’s amazing! Look at this. – So this is the hot stone bath with the tub, wooden tub. And then this the hot water. The hot water has been
made through the stones that have been heated up with the wood. – [Sam] Okay, the stone
is underneath inside? – It’s right there on the
other chamber, other side. – [Sam] Oh it’s outside, it’s
outside, where it’s heating. Oh yeah, it’s quite nice actually. It’s heated very nice. – And then even if you
want some more hot water, you can ask them to put
some more stones in it. (water sizzles) – I’m in the hot stone bath here which you can see like here
there’s actually a broken window this is where they’re adding the stone to heat up the water. (says foreign words) in Bhutan
means one more hot stone. Ahh, very nice. (upbeat music) Guys did you know that there
is no traffic lights in Bhutan? They tried to instal the lights but it was not popular so
they use the traffic police at the key junctions. So this is the only country I know, there’s no traffic lights. (upbeat music) Buddha meant to be the most handsome guy in the world with the
perfect face, perfect eye, perfect nose, perfect mouth. (upbeat music) On my last day I made a fail attempt to hike to Tiger Nest. I only made it to the first viewing point before I returned back to catch my flight. This is my least favourite part of Bhutan as all the tourists are
doing the same hike. Be careful, the hiking path
are narrow and crowded. I suggest you use a horse
to hike to the first stop and walk up afterwards
to save some energy. (upbeat music) (bell ringing) This is the way to do
it, very strong horse. (calm music) (speaks in foreign language) The world famous Tiger
Nest right behind us. You have to climb all the way there. This is just number one point here. Now I have a flight to catch
so I can’t climb anymore so I have to go to the airport to fly. Let’s fly together. This country got so much
to offer I’ve learned, especially the environment it’s
so environmentally friendly. They’re very conscious of
preserving the culture. I learned that Bhutan is the
only carbon negative country producing negative carbon emission. I’m looking forward to
come back again to Bhutan. So (speaks foreign language). Bhutan is certainly one of the most interesting country I have visited. It is very peaceful and spiritual country that so far no mass tourism has invaded. It is such a unique
place that I can’t just focus on aviation when
visiting the country. There are plenty of natural beauty to see and interesting lanes
to explore in Bhutan. I hope you like my vlog. (uplifting music) (logo dings) (bubble pops)

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