– I’m the most
irresponsible traveler ever. You do not want to travel with me. I will hold you up. I will make you late. I will make you wish I wasn’t here. We got a bunch of morons on this trip! This is not a haunted house, it’s cute! – [Kevin] We should go ghost hunting. – Yeah, save more spirits! (upbeat dance music) (laughing) – I don’t want to live here, Mom. (tires squealing) (car engine revving) – It is three in the morning. You guys need to wake up. You guys need to get ready. Wake up. (upbeat funk music) I delay packing so long. I would rather clean the toilet than get packed. We’re leaving in 10 minutes, and I’m still not packed. But I am cleaning the toilet. Kevin literally just got
home from Rome 12 hours ago. How do you feel about
getting on a plane again? – I want to park. – (laughing) So, is this worse that you’re traveling with all of us? Does it make it any better? Make it worse? – As long as I don’t have to sit by Eve, then I’m good. – (laughing) – Are you good with me, though? – Yeah. – [Mom] Yeah. – [Eve] Why? – I love you, Eve, but on a plane, you’re super needy. – [Eve] (laughing) – [Mom] She laughs. They all take off like they
know what they’re doing and they get five feet. Wait, where are we going anyway? (upbeat dance music) – I brought a water bottle. And Dad looked at me, I knew what he was going to say. I said, “Believe me, it’s empty.” I thought about being a smart aleck and freezing water in it, so technically it was full, but it was a solid, not a liquid. Dad said, “Don’t be that person.” – [Kevin] Yeah, don’t be like that. – [Mom] Don’t be that person. Did you guys hear about the man who went through the airport security, and just to make a statement (laughing) he threw off all of his clothes and went through naked. (laughing) Don’t be that person. I’m the most irresponsible traveler ever. – Do you want me to wait for you? – No, no. I left my suitcase outside the van. I hope it’s still there when I go back. Okay, they found a bus that’s
going to bring it to me. You guys, there’s just only so much
I can fit in my brain. So when I’m trying to keep track of kids, and trying to keep track of a story, and trying to, I just forget. Sometimes I really feel
like I’m a little stupid. I just feel like that sometimes. I really hope. Would it be on this bus? Oh thank you so much! I appreciate it. I’m sure Kevin’s like it’s so much worse
traveling with my family. Here we go. – Look, Mommy’s here! – No! – [Mom] We have layovers? – One in Atlanta. I hate the Atlanta airport. It’s so crappy. – [Mom] Thank you for being so patient. – You’re welcome. – Kevin is quite literally the most patient man in the world. And you probably have one
of the least patient wives. – Why are you all the way up in 18? We’re 23! Can I please have the seat so
you can sit by your children? – What? I want to sit by Dad! Let’s go find Grandma! – Eve! – [Mom] Eve! Oh my god. She’s just. Eve, this way. Gotta stay with us. She’s so full of energy. It’s like 6 in the morning. (upbeat techno music) Keep up with the rest of the chickens. Get up there with your siblings. Well, I have learned one trick. I keep my drivers license in my bra. Oh wait! I wasn’t supposed to show
you my drivers license! Ahh! Do you see her? Oh, I spy with my little eye! I spy someone! See, see the someone? Okay, we got through security, and well, you have to take your laptops out to get through security, and Chad tried sneaking in a extra laptop. (laughing) – So all we have to do
is rerun your bag again – [Mom] Okay. – And it’ll just come out the exit. – [Mom] I’m so sorry about that. – It’s all right. – All right, we found two more iPads that were brought in my
bag I wasn’t aware of. I’m the worst person to travel with. You do not want to travel with me. I will hold you up. I will make you late. I will make you wish I wasn’t here. – My wife, Nikki, watches
you guys all the time. – Are you serious?!
– Yeah. – All right. Okay. This is a first for me. – Thank you. – Tell your wife, “Hi.” – Okay, thank you! – That was funny. (upbeat synthesizer music) – We’re gonna pull over
a little 4-year-old for stealing a unicorn. But she was so good to take it back. (laughing) I think she lost a unicorn that she got when her teeth were worked on, then she found another
unicorn in the store and she’s like, “I found another one!” (laughing) She’s a galloping unicorn this trip. – Kevin’s not the only
one that’s losing weight, look at the back of Daddy’s pants! (laughing) – [Mom] Dad, where’d your bum go? (laughing) Look at his belt! Oh my gosh. You don’t have to start
walking like a geezer. (laughing) (upbeat country music) We’re all here. We found Eve. Yes, we did in fact lose her at one point. – She was dancing in the
middle of a terminal. – Was she really? – [Eve] No. – She was dancing in the
middle of a terminal. – No I wasn’t. I was finding you guys. – You were finding us? But I feel good because I’m sitting down. Packing was crazier than I even blogged. I usually don’t check the kids bags, but I did check them this time. I checked Julia’s bag, and she had packed clothes
from the washing machine, but hadn’t been dried yet. So everything in her bag was wet. And Sherry and Chad keep
laughing about something that they also packed. I though that the extra
laptop was what got packed. – Chad packed four pairs of shoes in a suitcase and Cole and me helped
put three of them away. He put another one in. Now he has five pairs of shoes. – [Mom] You packed five
pair of shoes for this trip? – Plus the ones he’s wearing. – [Mom] Six pair. – Yeah. – Me, Russell, and Chad
are all in the same row so pray for me. (airplane engine roaring) (calm piano music) – We have a slight layover in Atlanta. Russell thinks we’re in Atlantis. Where’s our Wet Ones? Yeah, don’t touch anything. Put your hands up in the air. Thank you so much. All right. Are you excited to go to see the house? – Yeah, maybe I’ll have a pool! – [Kevin] No.
– [Mom] No. – [Kevin] I can say it doesn’t. (laughing) – [Mom] It has a bed! And it has a pillow and a blanket. – [Kevin] And an air conditioner. (laughing) – You don’t know about the house. – [Mom] Oh, yes we do. She’s like hoping, hoping. – How do you know? – You know what it has? It has a bathtub that maybe can
be like a big swimming pool. (laughing) – [Mom] But we will have
a hotel room, eventually, that will have a pool. – It will have a pool! – [Mom] Yes. – (laughing) You know why noticed it had a pool? – [Mom] Why? – Because we are bringing swimming suits. (laughing) – [Mom] And that’s your
favorite thing to wear, huh? (upbeat dance music) – In 1886, a massive
earthquake happened right here. Right here. And it caused all the ground in most of Charleston to liquefy. But it wasn’t a huge city at that time. It was more of like a Civil War post. Fort Sumpter. And that’s where the Civil War began. But it still caused quite a bit of damage for the buildings that were here. We didn’t know what liquefaction was, obviously, back then. They didn’t even know
what earthquakes were. But today we know that
Charleston is a seismic hotspot. And that’s the reason that
I’ve been here many times. I’ve given lots of talks here. – [Mom] It’s so cute. – [Chad] So, there are hotpots here? – It is so — Not hot.
– [Kevin] Seismic hotspot. – Not hot pots, earthquake spots. – Hot pots that have
earthquakes all the time. – Hot Pockets? – Hot Pockets?! We got a bunch of morons on this trip! – [Chad] It’s definitely a haunted house. I’m actually kind of scared. Is that like a haunted house? – [Kevin] How am I going to get this van into this? – Let me drive, let me drive. I’ve had practice with the cookie place. – You put the tires out of alignment. – (laughing) I know how
to drive this thing. – And you still owe me
money for that, by the way. I paid for it. – [Chad] Mom, I’m actually kind of scared. – [Mom] (laughing) This
is not a haunted house. It’s cute. – [Grandpa] We can go ghost hunting. – [Mom] Ghost hunting. – Yeah, save more spirits! (laughing) – [Grandpa] Is this really it? – [Chad] Yeah, gee. – [Daughter] Did you think it was better? – [Mom] I think it’s cute! (laughing) Chad! – [Chad] I’m not staying. Forget it. – [Mom] Chad is so convinced
this place is haunted. (laughing) – It’s a black cat. – [Mom] It’s a black cat! – I don’t want to live here, Mom. Okay. Pull us in. Here we go. On me. On me. Am I imagine — Oh, and there’s a cockroach. – [Mom] It doesn’t look haunted, it looks so cute! I don’t understand. This is a weird entry. – It’s a closet. – [Mom] It’s so skinny. Even Russell has to turn
to the side to get in. – Breathing, breathing. Breathing, breathing. – Oh my gosh, it’s so cute! All right, you guys! We made it to Charleston. We are so excited for our
family vacation to start. I wanted to go on this trip five years ago and here we are. It’s happening. I need to think of a hashtag. On our community chat, we’ll ask you what the hashtag should be. Let’s do that. Okay, you guys. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you tomorrow on day two! (upbeat dance music) (tires squealing) (car engine revving)

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