Bikepacking – Lightweight Bivvi Camping Shelter

Bikepacking – Lightweight Bivvi Camping Shelter


24 thoughts on “Bikepacking – Lightweight Bivvi Camping Shelter

  1. How are you getting the panning shots when you're riding, is someone filming for you or do you use a device to pan?

  2. Pukka video mate and that spot looks like an awesome place to camp out on the decking with an amazing view to match. Keep up the great work as always my friend and hope to meet you soon

    ATB GL & HH
    LittleJohn_MD 🇬🇧

  3. And there I was thinking how much more polished your vids were , thinking how you've developed and worrying you'd lost what we all like about you. . nope , same old Luke , nice one buddy . Lee .

  4. Snugpak could pay more wages for all this attention. At least they will give you some FREE merchandise to KEEP, when they make a mint.

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