Bintulu – An Adventurer’s Paradise – Smart Travels

Bintulu – An Adventurer’s Paradise – Smart Travels

Hi guys, I’m Zhin. And I’m Jiahui. Right now, we are at T4 Because… AirAsia is actually sending us to Bintulu! So, if you don’t know where Bintulu is, it is actually located in Sarawak which is on the east side of Malaysia. Actually, I’ve never heard of Bintulu before this so we did quite a bit of research, And actually there are a lot of things to do there. There are caves, national parks… So, whether or not we survive Bintulu, Stay tuned to find out! Hi guys! So, after a 1-hour drive from the Bintulu International Airport, We are finally here at the resort. This is called Samalaju Resort Hotel. – A bit hard to pronounce but you’ll get used to it.
– Don’t mispronounce. The rooms are actually pretty spacious. I think every balcony here faces out to the sea. So, we’re planning on going to the beach today, but the weather is not super good. Yeah but we are going to cycle. It’s only 15 ringgit per hour. And I hope that’s not endangering ourselves as well. So, we actually managed to get a ride, to one of the nearby neighborhoods. It’s like this small little village. So, we’re having Lelapan Ayam or Lelapan Chicken. It’s about 11 to 12 ringgit. It’s quite worth it. And the chicken thigh is huge. It’s so tender. – The chicken is very good eh.
– The chicken is good, it’s damn tender. If you’re in Bintulu, I think it’s always best to, go to the villages and try out the local food. Because that’s where you get the authentic experience. Jiahui, what’s this? Durian and a makeshift karaoke. Yay~ We were just kids when we fell in love. Not a normal love… My love is the same frequency.
Don’t have to be forced… Good morning~ We will be going to one of the attractions in Bintulu today. Which is called… Niah Caves. Oh, you know what’s our guides name? His name is Romeo! We have arrived after about an hour and a half journey from the resort to the Niah National Park. – It’s raining quite heavily, it’s 23 degree celsius.
– Hence, she wear like that. If you wanna travel in style, bring your equipment. The trek will be about 3km then we will go into the cave. And they say it will pitch black. So, we brought our torch lights. We hope we’ll still be able to video some stuff. We are done. Yes, we just got out of the Niah Cave. It was really, really dark inside. The walk itself was actually pretty steep because it goes down and it goes up. It’s pretty amazing la. Looks like something you’ll see on the Nat Geo magazine. Woo! Later somebody reply uh. Alright, so it’s day 3. Now it’s 10.20 and we’re at… Similajau National Park. Ahhh! My life in a nutshell. Ahhh! Ahh! My poncho! Did you just fart? Yes! We’re finally done with our trek. It’s only 5pm and we’re having our dinner at Gold Mines. Gold Mines. It’s such a pretty place, I feel like I’m back in civilization. And apparently, they are very famous for their cheesy melted burger. I’m having a massive burger. It is called the Double Bypass Burger. And it’s like 2 beef patties with onion rings at the top. Eh! Mmhmm! It’s like… It’s like smoked, barbeque… It’s like super smoky you know? It’s damn good. This is good. I’m having salmon. It’s very crispy on top but it’s a little too cooked for me lah. But taste-wise it’s good. So, we’re gonna eat now. Alright! Bye~ Go away. Morning! Ok, today we are actually at Kampung Jepak, Which is a fishing village. Yes, it’s actually very, very traditional here. It’s like really the authentic kampung life. The purpose of us today is to try to see if we can go fishing. Mamanching (Fishing) Memancing. with the locals. Because of the waves, which is really, really strong. So, we’re trying to go just around the area to see where the fishing spots are. Let’s go uh. She’s going to bring us to her friend. I feel like I’m back in the 80’s when Singapore was like all kampung. No speaking English. Whatever. Bye! Oh! Careful, careful it’s gonna drop! I see an island over there! Is that Singapura? Go! Ok, so now we’re at Tanjung Batu! Which is like 10 minutes away from Bintulu Town. It really looks like those front cover of the geography textbook. It’s so pretty, it’s unreal. So, now we’re back and we’re at one of the Pasar Malams in Bintulu Town. Yes. And from what we see there is so much food. We are going to get the Buntut (Butt) stick. She doesn’t know that it is chicken butt because she doesn’t understand malay. But I’m gonna get it anyway. One butt! She has no idea. One, one ringgit. Chicken, chicken! Wa, she cook this eh! This is what? Chicken satay. But they allow me to put the satay sauce on top. Try it. Is it good? It’s not like chicken satay eh. Can I tell you something? It’s damn mushy like fats. It’s actually chicken butt. Why is it so soft?! I don’t like to eat chicken butt… How is their butt so small though. You go ask the chicken uh. So, we came across this stall which sells interesting drinks. Like super pretty drinks. Mine is the Honeydew. With the coconut in the middle. Mine is called Tea C special. Oh my God. It’s very refreshing eh. There chin chow inside, there’s the chendol bits inside as well. It’s like milk tea with like chin chow infused inside. So, right now we are having… Chicken feet. So, apparently chicken feet is very, very famous in Bintulu. I’ve never tried Chicken feet before because I scared the like… Wa, actually I’m a bit scared eh. Look at that. Actually, it’s quite good eh. It’s actually very tasty. The sauce is very good. It’s like sambal. You need something like super cold to go with this. It’s like a very satisfying snack. Bintulu night market has been amazing. It really was. It is such a good way to end our trip Because today is our final night. Really feeling the local vibes. Yeah and the highlight was really that the price was so, so affordable. And it’s like quality food also. So, we gonna continue eating. So…
Goodnight! – So, it’s day 5.
– No! And we are at Bintulu airport already. It’s the end! What was your favourite memory for this whole 5 days. I think my favourite activity was trekking at the Similajau National Park. I loved it eh! I love how sporting we were. It was so much fun. What about you? I think the best was the first day. We actually went out with the locals. – Oh, right!
– And then we went to the Kampung area. Then we actually had durians. I tried it for the first time. – And we karaoked with the locals.
– And you sang! The best part about Bintulu I think for me for this trip is the people itself. We were really, really lucky to meet so many kind and helpful locals along the way. So, thank you AirAsia for sending us to Bintulu. Their actually flying directly from Singapore to Bintulu right now. So, if you want instagrammable photos, a whole new different experience, a whole kampung life kind of immersion. You should try and come to Bintulu through AirAsia. For more information on AirAsia’s flights, You can check it out in the description box down below! So, thank you for following us on our adventures in Bintulu. If you like this video, you can check out more over there. And remember to like, share and subscribe! Bye!

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  1. I love your editing in this video… but 5:40–5:55 what happened?? lost track??? just kidding! 7:51 "WAT" furthermore I loved the music and the natural smile of Zhin! Great job guys!

  2. Please come to Kuching although airasia not sponsoring.I wanna meet u guys! bring fauzi and chris over ..hahaha

  3. 🎵 Music timestamps for those who are interested~ 🎵

    0:00 Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful (Joe Mason Remix)
    2:02 Chris Henry – Flash
    4:03 LIONE – Leave This Place
    4:58 Illenium – Fractures (feat. Nevve) (Trivecta Remix)
    7:34 MBB – Island
    8:15 Gryffin & Bipolar Sunshine – Whole Heart (BKAYE Remix)
    10:29 Tobu – Nostalgia

  4. The name of the National Park sounds so vulgar. SMLJ. I think Z had a hard time saying it with a straight face! Haha.

  5. without bintulu, malaysia will never get their nearly 50% of their natural gas that makes billion of dollar for the malay peninsular and less than 5% of profit goes into Sarawak itself

    if Sarawak are to be independence, they can be more richer than its peninsular counterpart

    interesting huh

  6. Luck this wasn't filmed in Singapore. FARTING in public would have got you JAIL time. Still a very good travel video . We will be there in September. I hope the weather will be ok.

  7. But my father say at niah cave ''Niah Cave, its dangerous cause have a "bunian". "bunian" is little ghost but "bunian'' can bring you to the his world

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