Blingy Vacation Nails – Encapsulated 3D Flower

Blingy Vacation Nails – Encapsulated 3D Flower

Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. Yes, I’ve got my hair up and I don’t like it, but we won’t talk about that because it’s not all about me, it’s about Cheryl today, and we’re gonna do some encapsulated flowers and some gorgeous glitter. Excited! So, we’re finishing off this set. If you haven’t seen the videos for the rest of these, you need to check them out. I’m sure Adam will link them below. And we’re gonna do these thumbs, make them all beautiful. I’m very jealous of that tan, I’m still not happy that I’m white. Adam: Oh, I’m so annoyed because I…
Cheryl: You’re brown. Adam: Yeah, but I was supposed to be going to Spain and I didn’t. Adam: Now, I would have been much browner if I were in Spain.
Cheryl: Right! Kirsty: I’ve already prepped Cheryl’s nails. So, I’ve removed surface shine, done cuticle work. Now, it’s time to fit the sculpting forms. And we are gonna do a ballerina shape to match the others. Cheryl, I know what I want to ask you. So, seeing on Instagram and everything like that, people doing full sets where they’ve got…say they’ve got majority of them square, then they have like two stiletto nails, or shape like that. Cheryl: I’m not a fan of it.
Kirsty: I know! It’s like, I can’t get used to it. Cheryl: Yeah.
Kirsty: I’m just think to wear, that would feel really weird. Kirsty: I mean, I’m all for different stuff but I’m like, ‘Ooh!” Maybe I need to wear… have a set like that, wear it and then I’d be able to go, “Oh, do like it or don’t like it” Cheryl: Hmm.
Kirsty: It’s a strange. Adam: You know like a swiss army knife, you have…
Kirsty: Yeah. Cheryl: Yeah.
Adam: …different attachment, you could have a knife, a bottle opener, a file. Kirsty: Well, yeah. It’s another video, I like it. Let’s use the dehydrator now, we’re gonna dehydrate, and then on Cheryl, I’m gonna use the Ultra Bond Acid Primer. Kirsty: How long does a pot of gel last you?
Cheryl: A week. Kirsty: Wow! You do a lot of nails.
Cheryl: Mm-hmm! Adam: How big is the pot of gel?
Cheryl: 42 grams. Adam: So these are 28, I think.
Cheryl: Yeah, about double that. Adam: Hmm! 33 actually.
Kirsty: how many set do you think that is? Cheryl: I do lot of infills.
Kirsty: Alright. Cheryl: So, very often, I do sets and I do an average 10 daily. Kirsty: Wow! That’s crazy!
Cheryl: About 45 to 50 clients a week. Adam: And that’s just you. How many people are in your salon?
Kirsty: It’s kind of like a gram per client, ain’t it that? Cheryl: About four.
Adam: Wow! Cheryl: They are not as quick as me though. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna put that very thin layer of Clear on, making contact with the natural nail and the Sculpting Form. Gonna fill any bits in that I need. So, with this form, it’s slightly twisted and I feel like I need to add a little bit product just up here. So, when when do you take off the gel…like, you know, like you do lots of fills, Kirsty: …but how many fills do they have till they have it all taken off and done again?
Cheryl: Never. Kirsty: Never?
Cheryl: No! Kirsty: Clear gel you use mainly.
Cheryl: No, it’s like a warm pink semi-sheer. Kirsty: Mmm! So, you can still kind of see what’s going on under this.
Cheryl: Yeah. Kirsty: Yeah.
Cheryl: So, they can have French one time and then or just plain and then they can have… Cheryl: …if they have colour, it’s normally gel polish on top, so…
Kirsty: Yeah. Cheryl: …I just file it off. But yeah, one of my clients has had full set 18 years ago and never had a full set. Kirsty: Just filler.
Cheryl: She’s from Stoke? Kirsty: Oh, yeah! I remember you telling me about it…
Cheryl: And then all her natural nails are all curved… Kirsty: And she likes it.
Cheryl: …very long. Kirsty: She likes the curve.
Cheryl: Yeah, because… Kirsty: Oh, I’d have to…I’d be like, “No, I can’t”
Cheryl: I know. Kirsty: But it’s what they want, ain’t it?
Cheryl: Yeah! Cheryl: And if she breaks one it’s like, I’ll go, “We can have a nice straight one now.” Cheryl: So fit a form, but no, she’ll she wants the the tips that bend. I don’t know.
Kirsty: Yeah! Cheryl: Don’t do them no more.
Kirsty: No, duck! They went out with the ark. Cheryl: Yeah! Adam: 18 years.
Cheryl: Hmm! Adam: How many times, do like every three weeks?
Cheryl: Every two weeks. Adam: Every two weeks.
Cheryl: Yeah! Kirsty: Every two weeks!
Cheryl: Every two weeks. Kirsty: That’s mega. That’s like wow!
Cheryl: Saturday morning, nine o’clock. Adam: 26 weeks a year. So, she had 26 fills 18 times, so what’s that? Adam: That’s just too many. Can’t even think.
Kirsty: That’s… Adam: Say 500 times, 26 times 18. Kirsty: Somebody’s gonna do the math now.
Cheryl: Yeah! Adam: I’ll say five hundred, roughly.
Cheryl: Seems more than that. Since she’s been coming with me. Kirsty: I am gonna make sure I put a little bit of Clear right up here because I’m gonna add some colour and I want lots of adhesion. Because Cheryl’s going away on holiday, don’t want anything to come loose or any lifting. So, where are you going on holiday? Cheryl: Dubai.
Kirsty: Surprise surprise!! Every year, she goes to Dubai. Kirsty: So, you need be careful with these nails, with your suitcases and all that.
Cheryl: I don’t pick suitcases up, I got a husband who does that… Cheryl: …and open doors. Kirsty: Really?
Cheryl: Yeah! Kirsty: Because I think because…
Cheryl: No! Kirsty: …you can get caught in doors and…
Cheryl: And he’ll even say, “Move out the way, let me get the cases because of your nails.” Kirsty: Aww!
Adam: What a guy! Cheryl: It’s funny…
Kirsty: I need one. Cheryl: When we check in and I mean, baggage is 30 kilos with Emirates… Kirsty: Yeah!
Cheryl: …we hardly gone over but you know… Cheryl: …and they’re checking the weight, and the lady who’s checking and It’s all about the nails and then she’ll call all the others and my husband is like, “When you’re ready.” Kirsty: Yeah! Cheryl: Will you hurry up.
Adam: We want to get to the lounge. Kirsty & Cheryl: Yeah! Kirsty: I know he’s like, “Where can you just have some normal nails on for holiday, please, so we can get through check-in security, everything?” So, I’m using…you think it’s called what? Do you think it’s…I think this because we can’t see the label on the bottom, Kirsty: It’s…we’ve added that one.
Cheryl: Glam Girl Kirsty: I think it…
Adam: I thought it was Glam Girl it must be Glam Gold. Kirsty: Glam Glitz I think it’s called.
Adam: I don’t think it’s Glitz. There was a Glitz and Glam or Glam and Glitz Adam: …but I’m sure that was a purple.
Kirsty: We can just see it says Glam but the rest is rubbed off. Adam: I think it’s Glam Gold.
Kirsty: We’ll find it and we’ll link it below. Whatever it is, whatever colour this is, we just know it’s nice. We like it. Adam: She’s been 468 times.
Cheryl: I’m gonna tell her that on Saturday. Kirsty: A little bit of Babrbie Girl.
Adam: 26 times a year for 18 years, its 468. Kirsty: Oh, and how much money she spent with you?
Cheryl: And she does like a bling. Kirsty: Does she?
Cheryl: Yeah! Kirsty: Yeah! So, she would have spent a fair amount of money on her nails, but do you know what? Kirsty: Can’t take it with you, can you?
Cheryl: No! Kirsty: Got to have a good time while we’re on this planet. Spending on whatever you want. Cheryl: She said there’s nobody good enough in Stoke …who does gel. Kirsty: Okay!
Adam: Do you tell her you come to Stoke to get your nails done? Cheryl: Yeah, she knows. She knows. Kirsty: There isn’t that many people in Stoke, I think, that do gel, I think. Cheryl: There’s not many that does gel, I think.
Kirsty: I don’t think…yeah. It’s… Kirsty: …not really that popular, is it? Especially in Stoke, it isn’t. Kirsty: And you get that well over the world, you know.
Cheryl: Hmm! Kirsty: Yeah, in Canada, it’s all about gel. You know, in East Europe, it’s all about gel.
Cheryl: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: It’s mad how, you know, different places in the world favour a different system. With this colour, I’m tired of painting it on, so I’m keeping everything quite thin. Then I do get a little bit this gold again and just feed it over the top, just to add a little bit of that shimmer over the top of that pink just fading in. Kirsty: My mum likes gel.
Cheryl: Mm! Kirsty: Mm! Because it files a bit easier.
Cheryl: Mmm! Kirsty: And she hates filing. If you’ve ever seen my mum on this channel, you know, she’s a bit of a wincer. She’s like…like that. It’s the sound of the filing just like messes with her head. Then I’m gonna pick up a little bit of Clear, go into my rose gold glitter, add some of that and then a bit of bronze, a bit of rose gold, a bit of swirl so it’ll mixes nice. Put that mainly on the gold and then drag it down. I want a Clear layer here, not too thick. Gonna add some pieces of mylar. Just touching the mylar with my wet brush, that’ll pick those pieces up. And I’m gonna use True Pink, and just put a thin wet layer over mylar so it’s encapsulated inside, but we’re not fully encapsulating it, we just want it to stay still. Same on this thumb. Gonna give this a pinch before we do anything else. We’ll be needing some High-speed Liquid. Gonna do a little bit of 3D work but it’s gonna be encapsulated inside. So, we need to do…work nice and thin. We want to sort of go with this kind of design. So, it’s not gonna be too complex, it’s gonna be simple shapes or a simple shaped petals. So, place the bead down, make it in a teardrop shape and then press out. And it’s like, as soon as you have made that teardrop shape, it’s set up enough for you to start to press into it, and that’s because we’re using a High-speed Liquid. Then I’m going to encapsulate 3D with Max Adhesion Liquid and True Pink. So, I want to add a slight pinkiness to the nail, especially where it’s transparent. I’m gonna do the same on this nail. Similar, a second one because it won’t be a carbon copy of it. And take the form off that one now before I encapsulate this one. So, back into my Max Adhesion, nice big bead. Gonna make sure I encapsulate the flower section first. So, I’m gonna get that 3D done first, the length, and then I can concentrate on adding in that apex. While that one’s setting up a little bit, I’m gonna start and file this thumb. Sidewalls first. I’ll give this one a buff then I will file the other thumb. I can’t wait to topcoat them. But they’re so pretty! Wipe over with Acetone. Look at. So pretty! They’re so pretty! Oh yes! These are like, oh my God, they’re so fine! Just gonna put tiny little bling on, just small amount. Do you know, no? Cheryl: Okay.
Kirsty: Do you not think? Cheryl: It’s up to you. Kirsty: No, it’s just a little bit, honest.
Cheryl: Yeah, okay. Kirsty: It’s just the tiniest bit in a place where you won’t knock them off. well, scratch them. Kirsty: while you’re doing nails, duck.
Cheryl: Oh, your mam put “I bloody love these” awww. Cheryl: She likes them. Kirsty: My mum is the best, ain’t she? She’s bloody lovely, my mother.
Cheryl: I know. Kirsty: So, a little bead of Acrygel. I’m just placing that where I’m gonna put the stones. Smoothing that as well with my brush that’s got the Gel Residue Wipe-off solution on, and topcoat. Look at that. I love putting the top coat on. Then you can see all the sparkles. Let’s put a bit of oil on. Oh yes! It’s so pretty! Oh yes! They match them lovely. Look at them. Kirsty: Little bit of gel on.
Cheryl: Love them. Kirsty: Oh, look. It’s gone a bit loose now. Cheryl: Oh.
Kirsty: Oh, darling. Kirsty: It’s bit of a mess, ain’t it now? Cheryl: It’s a bit like them
Kirsty: Every time you touch it, you make it worse. Cheryl: It looks like you just got out of the bed.
Kirsty: Looks like bloody Wurzzle Gummage Cheryl: No, it looks nice.
Kirsty: Right, Anyway. Cheryl: I think. Kirsty: Oh, duck! Right! We’re finished for the day, actually as well. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Everything that I’ve used, all those gorgeous acrylic powders, that would be listed below and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. Bye! Kirsty: What the hell?! There’s another one. Adam: Kill one and five more will appear.

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