Blue Mountain Travel Guide: Paradise in Ontario | Summer Edition

Hey everyone! Today I am taking you on a roadtrip outside of Toronto…to paradise! – Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay with us, if you do need anything, come and see us!
– I’ll give you a call, thank you! All right, so we’re going to check into our room… …oh my god! – The Westin Trillium House set us up with an awesome loft suite that has two bedrooms, a kitchenette, and an incredible view of the village. It’s time to rest up though, ’cause there’s tons to do tomorrow! – All right, it’s a beautiful day in Blue Mountain, let’s have some fun! – Oh, look at this! Look at this! – Although most of us know Blue Mountain as a snow destination, there’s actually a ton of fun stuff to do year-round. – It’s basically a coaster that you control…through the mountains! # epic music builds up # # screams and music drop # – Doin’ it up! (All right buddy…)
– Neat! – This is so cool, there’s like a whole obstacle course through the trees! – Oh my gosh… # screaming # – Oh my gosh! – Whoo! Just did the zip line… …terrifying… but it was really fun! # assorted screaming # # music cuts; crickets chirping # – Do I get a trophy or something? – All right, here we go! # screams of horror and encouragement # – You did it!
# more cheering # – We got seafood; my favourite… Oh my goodness… – Does that look good?
– That looks *so* good. And it smells even better! – All right, we’re gonna try a Canadian delicacy, this is a beaver tail! It’s basically deep-fried dough. – That’s cinnamon-sugar here. This one’s a hazelnut spread. – You’re eating paper!
# laughter # – Good morning! It’s a beautiful day in Blue Mountain. – It’s literally the Homer doughnut… – Another Canadian delicacy! It’s a butter tart! So good… – Just ten minutes from the resort is a private beach backing out onto Georgian Bay, where you can do one of my favourite things… Beach selfies! # music cuts to strong wind # # music starts again # – And if beach selfies aren’t your thing, you can rent kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. It’s hard to believe that we’re just a few hours away from Toronto. – This is a lot of physical activity… Are we at the top of the mountain yet? It’s gonna be epic; it’s gonna be an incredible view! Oh my god… Holy…! – Almost died on that hike. But it’s so worth it because these views are incredible! – Had a really great time in Blue Mountain, but there’s so much left to do and I can’t wait to come back. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see another adventure next week! À la prochaine!

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