Bluerock Campground | Alberta Camping Review

Bluerock Campground | Alberta Camping Review

here we are out of Bluerock Campground
in the heart of Kananaskis Country we’re about 45 minutes west of Turner Valley
the drive out here is absolutely beautiful lots of twists and turns and
wildlife seen deer and bighorn sheep on our way out
Bluerock is actually a really beautiful campground if you want something rustic
where you’re not right on top of your neighbors lots of trees this is a place
to come it is dry camping there’s no power out here there’s no hookups
whatsoever there are bathrooms which are nice and clean Bluerock has 66 sites
you’re encouraged to fill up at the Sandy McNabb Campground on your way out
they’ve got down there they’ve got water and dump station and showers if you
require a shower you’d be driving to Sandy McNabb and
going there for their showers Sandy McNabb is about 20 minute drive from Bluerock campground so Bluerock is closer to the mountains as I stand here I can
hear the river down below so if you’d like the sound of water which I do this
is a nice secluded peaceful quiet campground the fire pits here are nice
and big and it looks like you get one big picnic table per site there is a
camp host here in sight 13 and they do sell firewood here on our way out to
Bluerock there are a few places to stop and go for hikes and noticed here
there’s a few trails that take you off into the wilderness just know that you
are in Kananaskis Country always be prepared to have your bears spray with
you make lots of noise along the trails and it does look a little rugged so I
would have proper footwear and always carry provisions with you we always
carry water with us protein bars you never know if you’re gonna get stuck
somewhere and you need some nourishment really important to have that water on
you especially even though you’re in the mountains in the summertime it can still
get very hot because Bluerock is a dry campground
with no electricity you are encouraged to bring your solar panels your
generators solar panels may be a little iffy because it is so treed that you
would have to if you’re depending on solar panels you would have to make sure
you had a site that had a clear area for your solar panels to capture as much
sunlight as possible I noticed as we were driving through backing into sites
shouldn’t be an issue they’re nice and wide the entrances into
the sites and there’s lots of room for if you need to put up some sort of bug
tent the site we’re standing in we are actually just admiring it it’s really
really secluded it’s really wide lots of space to set up little areas right now
the the campfire is obviously the site hasn’t been used because picnic tables
on top of it they can’t fire right now but they are really a nice size it’s
very seldom that we’re finding good sized fire pits the ones the majority of
them are quite small we do find though that if we do get the bigger fire pits
that we burn through a lot more wood our fire see tend to be a little bit bigger
so just know that firewood I would say we’re spending in a long weekend
probably $60 or more on firewood so if you are one that can access fire which
elsewhere if maybe buy it at home the half cord or and bring it with you or
just spend the $60 and have it delivered to your site at Bluerock we didn’t
notice that there was any playgrounds for children so you’re encouraged to
bring out their toys frisbees bikes there’s that the roads are a little
rugged there’s some potholes they’re not paved but you definitely can ride a bike
along these roads in the campground the highway or Road out to the campground is
paved so it is a nice smooth ride there are lots of hills coming
here if you’re worried about hauling a trailer we would bring ours out it
wouldn’t be an issue I would definitely recommend Bluerock we haven’t
personally camped here yet but we do have plans to do so because we do have a
generator and solar panels and we like the seclusion so I would definitely rate
this as one of the campgrounds to come to I don’t know eight at a ten the only
reason I give it eight out of ten is because I can’t use my hair dryer thanks
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  1. Hi. I've enjoyed a couple of you videos. They were very interesting and informative. As a tent camper I get frustrated at many campgrounds because it's impossible to use tent stakes. Usually the stake can't penetrate the compacted gravel or the grave is too loose to secure the stake. Information about that situation would be very appreciated by tent campers. Happy travels and joyous camping.

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