Bohol Philippines Vlog of Bohol Philippines Tourist Attractions and Friendly Filipinos

Bohol Philippines Vlog of Bohol Philippines Tourist Attractions and Friendly Filipinos

good morning I’m still on panglao Island
and I’m not going to Hinagdanan cave as we explore Bohol now I’ve
driven here from alona beach and it took about 15 minutes on the motorbike I come
to a dead-end road little place called Dauis, we’re still on panglao Island so
we haven’t got to the main island of Bohol yet but this is the island of Bohol and
it’s Hinagdanan cave let’s go inside and see what it’s like lots of shops and
souvenir things around here here we go here’s the entrance be an entrance fee
let’s go in see what it’s like up out of the cave you see even though
it’s hot out here it’s quite fresh by comparison thank you very much
so that’s Hinagdanan cave on panglao Island
what a beautiful cave with a tidal pool on the bottom that beautiful and clear
you can swim it’s fifty pesos per person to go inside plus an extra fifty if you
want to swim inside water it’s really warm in there and it’s very very humid
the whole cave is really warm I thought it was hot outside when I went in when I
went in bucketing with sweat almost felt cool when I came out but yeah thats
Hinagdanan cave great easy to get Alona it’s
about ten minutes but now i’m gonna find a bike and go explore some more
beautiful Bohol and the early morning rain had has passed
I can see blue skies I better put on the sunscreen and a hat and the sunglasses
let’s get goin’ a small break in the exploration while
it pours with rain this is one of the problems of hiring a
scooter is that if it rains you either get wet or have to hide hiding from the rain under a tree
bike’s getting a bit wet but hopefully it’s just a short shower the sun is trying to come through
already I hope it’ll rain a little bit camera’s getting wet, I’m getting wet hopefully the sun will be out soon and we’ll carry on exploring Bohol and on the Loboc River the river that runs through the main part of Bohol quite scenic and peaceful and beautiful
and you can take a river cruise where you can get a meal a drink and
entertainment I think about four hundred and fifty pesos and it takes about an
hour cruise down the river have a sort of buffet lunch served to you which you
have to grab before the Chinese do then and enjoy the river although I must
admit I don’t really enjoy them because they got like karaoke singers on board
and you don’t really get to see the beauty of the river, you get singing
and fighting over the buffet Still on Bohol, but on the mainland, near a place called be Bilar and we are in a man-made forest a beautiful forest, huge
trees curving across the road beautiful area going up there really is
nice people are being a bit silly though are sitting in the road trying take their
picture and cars are coming past so just be a bit sensible when you’re here also
please no I can’t believe people come here which is a place of nature
it’s really beautiful man-made forest you know and I still see people throwing
their rubbish down beside the road tossing it out the car and throwing it down so
beautiful area given to nature we’re proud the fact that it’s a man-made you
know we made a forest Wow and we still destroying them so please be responsible
don’t cause an accident by sitting in the road and doing silly things which
I’ve seen a lot of people doing not causing an accident but doing silly
things and please take your rubbish home with you but anyway as you drive through
if you’re driving through from Loboc River to carmen hills which is the chocolate
hills you’ll pass through the man-made forest enjoy off to the next stop now it’s quite a
drive whether you’re on a tour or a motorbike to Carmen which is almost in
the center of Bohol to see the chocolate hills now these are limestone
hills that in the dry season all the vegetation turns brown so they look like
the area is dotted with Ferrero Roche chocolates now unfortunately at this time
of year after going up there’s still a bit of vegetation so they’re just lots
of hills that you can imagine are made of chocolate we are at the Tarsier centre the Tarsier is
a tiny little nocturnal monkey now you can only see them during the day cuz
they’re endangered but they’re a nocturnal so they’re usually sleeping during the day
but there’s three or four centers around the island where you can see them now you’re
supposed to keep quiet you can hear how nice and quiet it is here… not very but you’re supposed to keep quiet you mustn’t frighten them you can take pictures but
you mustn’t use flash because the flash will frighten them it could possibly
give them a heart attack because thery’re very delicate little creatures and there’s
guards, guides and guards up here just monitoring because you mustn’t
touch them mustn’t disturb them poor things are trying to sleep during the
day and all these tourists come along taking pictures with them including the
ones that I hope to take for you aren’t they cute? and that brings me to the
end of my roaming around it’s now time to drive back quite a long way from
Carmen to Alona and visit alona beach in the evening
now admire the scenery all the way it’s quite amazing how the life that goes on
in the island and on the way back I didn’t get to the beach for sunset but
I stopped beside the road to watch this beautiful sunset so let’s enjoy this before I take you down to Alona Beach at night there is alona beach which is on the
south of Panglao island which is a good Beach to go and visit during the day but
it really comes to life at night when this is the road down to alona beach
it’s supposed to be pedestrianised but there’s still a few things go up and
down but it is lined with restaurants bars cafes souvenir shops massage tattoo
parlors drink shops Korean Mart all sorts of things down here so this is how
it goes down to the beach pick your place to eat, evening,
Oh as you’ll find somewhere to eat later with the food like well hope you enjoyed
our day in Bohol we didn’t touch well we went round had a great time
despite the rain but if you’re enjoying it remember give us a thumbs up give us
a comment down below if you’ve got other suggestions of places to go and remember
to subscribe if you want to join me every Monday Wednesday and Friday
for journeys around the world let’s go get some supper on Alona Beach

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  1. This place looks great! I was stunned by the view at the top…simply amazing! I've never seen hills like that before, and it even has a cute name! Chocolate hills! Wow 10/10 😍

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