Boom Chicka Boom ? Summer Dance Song for Kids ? Brain Breaks ? Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Boom Chicka Boom ? Summer Dance Song for Kids ? Brain Breaks ? Kids Songs by The Learning Station

67 thoughts on “Boom Chicka Boom ? Summer Dance Song for Kids ? Brain Breaks ? Kids Songs by The Learning Station

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  2. Our song, “Boom Chicka Boom” is a HIT spanning the globe. So we created a summer action and dance version! We hope your kids have a musical blast celebrating summer with these silly actions and dance moves! ❤ Don, The Learning Station

  3. Our summer program is so excited! Yippee! We love "Boom Chicka Boom Summer"!! Our favorites are hula hoop style, dancing in the rain and of course blowing bubbles style!!! Please keep creating more "Boom Chicka Boom" songs!! ❤??

  4. Such a fun creative songs that will surely be a summer time smash hit! I love the incredible graphics! The smiling sun that moves, butterfly flying by, the rain, etc. Don is absolutely hilarious doing the hula hoop! Great song for break breaks, indoor recess, circle time, and indoor recess. Also works well when learning about the season of summer! We LOVE the doggy paddle!

  5. As expected they loved this version! They couldn't agree on a favourite. They loved them all. They did happen to notice a lady bug floating across the screen on a bubble!

  6. My daughter and I are dancing like crazy on this songs, we love it. I can’t believe I didn’t find this earlier. Good job you guys!!!

  7. Aaawwwwwwwww the memories are coming baaaccccckkkkkk! Back in kindergarten and 1st grade I loved these! Especially the Chicaboom song, but it was a little different❤❤❤ you made my childhood <3

  8. My kindergarten students LOVE all your Boom Chicka Boom versions!! They literally want to sing them every single day! They wanted me to ask if you would consider making a Halloween version? 🙂 Regardless, keep up the great songs!

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  10. My favorite part was the blowing bubble style because soon there were too many bubbles. I thought that part was very funny.

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