Botanical Garden, Pondicherry | Places to visit in Pondicherry | Pondicherry tourism [Eng HD]

Hey ! Guys this is the Pondicherry Botanical Garden’s main entrance gate which is front of i’m strand now. This gate made with the french style architechture Here to enter inside the garden you have to issue a ticket & ticket price is Rs 20 for adult & rs 5 for children & Rs 50 means $0.73 for non Indian persons After issuing the ticket, you can go inside the park So in this video you will see some glimpse of botanical garden through my camera So keep watching this video till end & if you are new then please subscribe my channel by hitting the below red subscribe button & also hit the bell icon beside of it By the way in this botanical garden , you can see mainly various exotic plants, trees from all over the world & also aquarium, musical fountain, & joy train ride for children For aquarium & joy train ride , you have to issue ticket again for yourself. the musical fountain show happens in the evening of weekends but we were so unlucky cause the day we visited was tuesday. This botanical garden was built by French colonist on 22 Acres of land but now it is under the department of agriculture Puducherry However this is the one statue of two bulls fighting each other & most of the visitors takes picture with this statue. So this is the another main attraction in this botanical garden. inside the garden no food or plastic bag is allowed. & this garden sometime becomes so crowdy on weekend or holidays Inside , i don’t know why but there had no water in the musical fountain pond didn’t see any toy train running on track This is the main aquarium house & you need separate ticket to enter inside the house with proper camera charge for photography. This park has so fresh air which makes you more refresh with green trees & also chirping of birds soothes your ear You will notice mainly so much of Indian ringneck parrots, here on all the trees, flying & playing so happily their-selves. If you are a parrot lover then off course you will enjoy a lot So ideal time to spend & explore the park is near about 1 hour After spending some quite amount of time we came out from the garden By the way the garden needs more maintanance than the present one. This garden is inside the Pondicherry town & approx 15 min auto ride from the M.G Road or rock beach So now we are on the way to our hotel That’s all folk through my camera & i hope you have liked this video, then please hit the LIKE Button below do SUBSCRIBE my channel and comment below if you have any query about this botanical garden Also many more travel videos are coming soon . so hope to meet you in my next video Till then take care . Byee Guysssss

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