BOTSWANA TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY | 4×4 Safari Road Trip feat. Victoria Falls

BOTSWANA TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY | 4×4 Safari Road Trip feat. Victoria Falls

100 thoughts on “BOTSWANA TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY | 4×4 Safari Road Trip feat. Victoria Falls

  1. This is absolutely incredible. Very rarely do videos on Youtube manage to make me feel something, but yours always do.

  2. Amazing, absolutely super professional quality. Couldn't believe I am watching a youtube documentary. It would be great if you can give inputs for future travellers.

  3. Lived in Maun for a year and a half, never seen a hippo caller haha. Never even heard of one on the Botswana side. Third Bridge is about our favorite place on earth. Great video!

  4. Please take my comments in the spirit intended:

    I really enjoyed your videography, and your pleasure and enjoyment of Africa was also very evident, however, for me, both videos in this series were rather spoilt by the numerous factual inaccuracies and omissions in the commentary….

    It is so evident to me that you and your wife are intelligent and observant, clearly have an eye for a story, and understand the craft of videography! Why then, was your research so poor? Every second fact was either wrong, or more important and interesting facts were omitted! Given the sterling effort put into the video capture and editing a little more effort into factual research would have turned your videos into an absolute tour de force!

    The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon system in the world, not the third! Baby elephants know exactly how to use their trunks – if they didn't they would starve! Research Kolmanskop properly – it is much more interesting than the banal commentary you gave it! (Obviously you had no idea that Kolmanskop, at its height, was singularly the richest town on earth!) Both videos were characterised by similar inaccuracies and omissions….

    I have no idea what you do for a living, but, if you wanted a career as a videographer, documentary maker, and story-teller could easily await you – as long as you do your research properly!

  5. Fantastic video Lucas. I've decided i must get over to Africa soon after seeing your videos. Thank you for sharing. Just one correction though: At 22:00 minutes you said that the male lion was clearly tired. Actually he wasn't yawning at all. This is the classic flehmen response. Many animals including lions have an organ above the roof of the mouth known as the jacobson's organ. It's used to enhance the sense of smell. By baring it's teeth like that the lion was allowing the transfer of pheromones to the jacobson's organ. Male lion's often perform flehmen when they have smelled a female, and from analysis of the smell of her urine it is thought the male can ascertain the health and reproductive status of the lioness.

    Here is some more information on the flehmen response.

  6. Great videos! Where did you rent the Hi-Lux and how much did it cost? Did you have to return it at the same place?

  7. The best views are from the Zambian side hands down. Although it is clear to me when you went the Falls was not at its best. If you time it right in flood season the entire precipice is a wall of water. Perhaps due to the lack of water flow you may have concluded otherwise. Nevertheless its an awesome destination no matter which side you view it from

  8. When you spent the day driving to the transfrontier park, where did you start from? I am planning a trip and was looking to make it from Gaborone to a camp in the park on one day

  9. My country is so beautiful….
    🇧🇼🇧🇼🇧🇼🇧🇼 Its better being said by another person….
    U tend to realise a lotta things…
    Thanks once more
    My country my pride

  10. How did you guys manage with fuel? Did the vehicle have an extended tank or did you just carry jerry cans? How many km would a full "tank" last you?
    Great video btw! Very informative. I've lived here for 20+ years but I haven't done nearly enough exploring haha.

  11. I realized that a man without culture and a zebra, black is not white. white is not black. A and an African E, bronze and an African.

  12. A once-in-a-life-time trip it is, I envy your trip…How did you manage fuel for your truck, do you carry with you? How did you plan your trip, did you hire a vehicle and decide on a route with no time constraint or does your visa and other permits restricts your no. of days?

  13. You can never go wrong in the Southrn Africa! #Botswana, one peaceful nation…..the environment is rich with wildlife, breath taking moments. soooo peaceful

  14. When my parents say to me that we are going in Botswana in Nivember i was sad but when i saw these I can't wait trip

  15. Thanks for bringing us along the journey, brilliant narration and the visuals are so good . Looks like you put a lot of effort especially driving as well … good luck for future travels

  16. Hey Lucas! Fantastic Video! Did you use a gps for Botswana? Or is it straightforward through Kasane, Chobe, Savuti, Khwai, Moremi and Maun regions? Also did you use your tripod a lot for photography or a monopod will suffice in your opinion?

  17. Lucas thank you I have enjoyed riding with you both , nice job I am from Fla USA and now travel visa my (PC) I would like to bring a friend with me next time if there is room for one more ?

  18. Another exquisite production! Just a small correction. The lion at 22:00 is not tired. It is a perfect excample of the Flehmen Grimace, done to expose the Jacobson's gland to test the air for the presence of a female's fertility scent.

  19. Hi Lucas ,
    I have seen both videos and I enjoyed this . I found it very informative . You did a great job . Thank you for sharing .

  20. I hope someday I can travel in my 3 favorite African countries: (Botswana, Kenya ans South Africa). Coming from the Philippines !!!

  21. Hallo, ich habe ein paar Fragen zu deiner Reise. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit , dich zu kontaktieren ?

  22. When you view Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe, everything including Arm-chair Falls and The Main Falls from Livingstone Island to Eastern cataract is all on the Zambia side. Zambia also has the Knife Edge Bridge. The curtain of falling water Zimbabwe 30%, Zambia 70%. Better to visit both sides to fully appreciate Victoria Falls. Thank you for the wonderful video. Would love to go there to Botswana. Proud Zambian.

  23. I'm from Tunisia and I love the southern african countries wild life especially Botswana,Namibia Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. They are simply the best on earth.

  24. Another place you should have gone to is this camp called Elephant Sands in between Kasane and Nata where there is a water hole that dozens of elephants drink from at a time only a few meters from the pool and bar

  25. Beautiful video and attention to detail! Very impressive. Two questions as we are currently looking at touring Botswana: Did you book your campsites in advance? Did you do a lot of "wild camping" on the side of the road or in the parks (i.e. not on official/private campsites)?

  26. Excellent documentary. I enjoyed every minute and you've really inspired me to do the same. Thank you and I look forward to your Namibia video.

  27. What a magnificent documentary! If you are not a professional filmmaker, you really should be. Very inspiring, I need to go to Africa, and I need a hardy partner like you two make! What a fantastic trip! jb

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  29. Great video and detailed commentary. Thanks for sharing. Very impressive photography kit. The video using your Canon 5D Mk IV is remarkable.

  30. @28:03 hopefully the Mohembo bridge will be done by next year… its actually ridiculous how long people wait to cross over. But I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Okavango pan handle!

  31. Once again terrible music and too loud. Why do U guys spoil good work with invasive music. 15 dislikes and I'll bet it's the music!

  32. What an amazingly beautiful travel documentary! Gorgeously filmed and excellent narration. You have a very nice voice!

  33. I like to watch your relaxing films. Please in future refrain from changes in loudness, as many people watch youtube with earphones and get damaged ears from sudden loudness. You don´t want to damage your viewers health, I suppose.

  34. What a fantastic film, so beautifully shot & edited, it's clear how much work has gone into this labour of love. We are heading to many of the areas you visited on a self-drive safari in two weeks so I watched your film to get a feel for where we are going. Looking forward to it even more now, thank you again for sharing.

  35. Thank you so much for this amazing video. We moved to Botswana early September and are planning to visit all the locations you filmed. Happy 2020!

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