( bells jingling )( radio changing stations )DJ:Rise and shine,
Attaway, Millwood,
and anyone else
who’s tuning in,
Santa’s heading
your way at midnight
so it’s deck the halls
with boughs of holly,
whatever boughs of holly are.♪ Deck the halls
with boughs of holly ♪ ( alarm sounding ) Happy almost-birthday, Jesus. ♪ Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la la ♪♪ Don we now our gay apparel ♪– ( alarm sounding )
– Cassie, get up!♪ Troll the ancient ♪♪ Yule-tide carol ♪
– Ow!
( voice cracking )
♪ Fa-la-la fa-la-la ♪( record scratch )Dad, hot water with lemon. Now!( music playing )( music playing )It’s been so many years. And, um… I didn’t know where else to go. Just– okay, that’s good. That’s good, that’ll work. That’ll work, okay. Okay. Oh! Sorry. – Are you okay?
– Yeah, I’m okay. I know, Mom. I normally would never
pair red and green together, but being festive is as
much fun as a girl can have without taking her shirt off. And I don’t–
Oh, my God! I am so sorry. Aren’t elves supposed
to be Santa’s helpers? I legit have no idea. I’m Jewish,
but this year my mom let me decorate
a Hanukkah bush so I’m one step closer to
the Chrisma-kuh of my dreams. Stain stick? I’m gonna be late
for community service. Oh, she’s on
the naughty list. What is it,
skipping class? Highway robbery? I shoplifted. Well, I didn’t. It’s a long story,
I gotta go. What a Grinch. You were saying, Mom? You’re late. I know, I’m sorry. My mom had to drop my sister off
at my aunt’s house… You know what?
Save it for Santa Claus. This is a business. And wasted time
is money lost. Yes, sir. Go. How are you and your family
spending Christmas Eve, Junior? Look, no family,
no celebrations. And what would make me merry
is if you got to work so we’re ready for all these
delightful holiday shoppers. I’ll take a double espresso
with a sparkling water with lime, please. Oh, could I get some gum
as well? – You have any gum?
– Um… ( sighs ) If they don’t stop
playing Christmas music everywhere I go, and if I have to wear
this reindeer getup one more day, I’m… ♪ Rooney
the red-nosed reindeer ♪ ♪ Had a very shiny… ♪ Cut it out. At least you look cute. Actually, smile. ( camera shutter clicking ) Did I miss the picture? Oh, room for one more. I just came to grab
the wrapping papers. Oh, okay. What was that? What do you mean?
I was smiling. Yeah, you sure were. Do you want me to ask
if he’s going to the tree lighting ceremony
after work? I’m trying
to play it cool. So is that a yes? It’s a maybe. ( phone chimes ) Aw, all the Chicken Girls
are on a road trip
and poor little Rhyme is stuck here in Attaway. – ( phone chimes )
– Oh, never mind about
poor little Rhyme. He is so hot! Oh, yeah, I meant to ask you, how’s your friend
Birdie doing? Thanks for asking.
She’s still at the hospital, but the doctor says that
she’ll get better soon. I hope so. Yeah, me too. Now stop snooping
on my phone and start worrying about
how you’re gonna kiss Kyle under the mistletoe. All I want
for Christmas is… How are those vocal cords
holding up? Better, just have to keep
the talking to a minimum. You keep talking to a minimum?
Pfft. All right. I have to head down to the mall
for the toy drive. Are you sure you can handle
the choir all alone? Yeah, Dad,
I’m like naturally bossy. That’s my girl.( music playing )– Ooh, cookies.
– Uh-uh-uh. Hi, Luna. Hi, Kimmie. Hope you worked on
your scales this morning. I practiced all night
while we baked cookies. It’s my grandma’s
special recipe. I’m vegan now. And gluten-free. And I’m staying away
from sugar. That doesn’t leave much, huh? Enough small talk. We have to be ready
for the tree lighting tonight. I want it to be flawless. Let’s hit some
high notes, carolers, the Lord is counting on you. –( radio beeps )
– Officer Greer
reporting for duty.
– Over.
( beeping, static )man:Yeah, Fran, I know,I saw you in the food court
20 minutes ago.
( beeps )Are you done talking?
You didn’t say “over,” over.Over and out.Howdy, folks. Keep your belongings close and your kids even closer. We don’t have any children. That’s for the better. We’ve had several reports
of theft the last few days, pick pocketing,
loss of merchandise, – you name it.
– Thanks, officer, we’ll keep an eye out. Hey, don’t worry, folks, Officer Greer’s gonna
catch the perp. That’s me, Officer Greer. All right. You’re welcome. Mm-hmm. Holding my position. Over.( music playing )How are we doing
this morning, Cassie? Seems like there’s enough toys
for every kid in Attaway, Millwood, and the rest of
the state combined. Yeah, there’s a lot of families
in need this year. Glad that I can help then. That’s the spirit, Cassie. But… there’s a little something on your shirt,
by the way. I haven’t had
the best morning. Well, how are we gonna turn
this day around for you? You know, I have
a daughter your age. And when’s she’s
having a bad day, I remind her to
look outside of herself and focus on her energy
on helping those in less fortunate situations. You’re right. I just feel like
I’m cursed sometimes. Cursed? You’re possessed? What are you doing? I’m just kidding. Hey, but I got you to smile. You’re not cursed, Cassie. Just concentrate on finishing
your community service and setting things right. I think you’ll find
that happiness has a funny way
of finding you. – Thanks, Reverend Dave.
– Of course. ♪ Deck the halls
with boughs of holly ♪ ( vomiting ) Oh, no, I do not do vomit. Who ate one of Kimmie’s cookies? I had three. ( vomiting ) Well, Merry Christmas. Looks like you were
all given the gift of food poisoning this year and you have Kimmie to thank. But I ate the cookies
and I’m not sick. Maybe it’s something else? Half of the choir
is unable to perform because you don’t know
how to use an oven properly! Everyone who is sick go home. Now what are we gonna do, hmm? I promise I’ll fix this, Luna, I’m so sorry. You don’t have to be sorry. You have to be out there finding me new
backup singers. Go! ( sighs ) ( steamer whirring ) There’s something about
the holidays, you know? Like this warm
and fuzzy feeling. Like this morning, I was mad
at my mom for making me late, but then I realized,
you know, how hard she works, then I just dropped it. Customers. Why don’t you try
being warm and fuzzy and sell them some coffee? – Hi.
– Hi. Um… what would
you like, honey? I would like
a regular coffee please. Coming right up. Man: Whoa. That was crazy. Oh, that? That’s nothing. Well, I could certainly never
do anything like that. Ahem! That’ll be 4.75. And Merry Christmas
to both of you. Yeah, Merry Christmas. You too, friends. Jeez, why the long face? Uh… it’s nothing. I sometimes wish my daughter
would’ve ended up with a nice guy
like that. Wait, you have a daughter? Forget about it,
just get back to work. Wait, what happened to her? She ran off
with a deadbeat years ago. Never mind. You know, I need to
get some air. Take care of the register.( music playing )Kyle is just so… Oh, you know what it is?
I’ll say it. I’m into his looks. Call me old-fashioned, but
there’s something so satisfying about a classic hunk. How do I look?( dramatic sting )Mm… I’m not done. When can I see it? Would you ask an artist
to see their work before it’s done? I’m Van Gogh and your face
is my “Starry Night.” As long as you don’t
cut off your ear. These pointy old things?( phone chimes )Drake again? Yeah. Do you need to gush over him? I’ll give you 90 seconds. He’s just so amazing. I haven’t seen him since the
dance where we almost kissed. – Be still, my heart.
– Um… are you guys planning
on actually buying anything? What did you do to me? What? You look like
a young Mariah. And what exactly
went missing, ma’am? That is the creepiest elf I’ve ever seen. Looks like we’ve already
exceeded the number of toys we had this time
last year. That’s so great. So how does
a nice girl like you get caught up in something
like shoplifting? I guess I kinda fell in
with the wrong crowd, but it’s all in the past. Yeah, mistakes happen. Hey, is it okay
if I take my break now? I forgot to eat breakfast
this morning and I’m seeing stars. Well, more stars than usual. Go ahead, Cassie. Uh… what you reading? “Catcher in the Rye.” Don’t you know kids aren’t
supposed to talk to strangers? Well, I’m, like,
basically a kid. Okay. I’ll take my chances. So why have you been
sitting alone all morning? I know I look young, but I’m
extremely self-sufficient. But where are your parents? My mom’s in the vicinity. But what about you? You looked pretty down
all morning. I haven’t had
the best morning. Can I interest you
in a pretzel? Sure, let me go grab
my wallet really fast. No, please, it’s on me. Look at you, hotshot. I’m Joseph, by the way, but my friends call me Joe. I’m Cassie. And my friends
call me Cassie. And sometimes Moon Girl. – Shall we go?
– Yeah.( music playing )I’m sorry I upset you before,I didn’t mean to,
I was just curious. It’s… it’s fine,
it’s fine. It’s just tough
around the holidays. Reminds me of family. I always wish I had
a big extended family to celebrate with. It’s just me, my mom,
and my sister. Who are you spending
Christmas with? I’m not much in the way
of celebrating. Just me since
my daughter left. Why haven’t you seen her? It’s a long story. Nellie made her choices, it’s all in the past. Nellie? Eleanor, Nellie for short. Look, that’s enough reminiscing
for the day. Help him. Luna:Cannot believe
this is happening.
At least you guys didn’t
eat Kimmie’s stupid cookies. I have a nut allergy. Yeah, and I don’t eat
off communal plates. Germ theory. I have diabetes. Well, thank God for that. I mean, not really. I’m not thanking God
for giving you diabetes. ( phone ringing ) Hi! Dad. Yeah, everything’s going great. We’ll all be projectiling… I mean, projecting,
we’ll all be projecting. Gotta go, Kimmie just
sang a flat note. Bye! Smooth. ( sighs ) So, basically I took
the fall for Jenna because I wanted to be
a good friend. Now I have to do
community service. Jenna sounds like she has issues
to work through. To top it all off,
a mall elf spilled coffee all over my shirt this morning. Speaking of shirts, that one is so cute. Wait, you’re not
gonna buy it? The thing with community service
is they don’t pay you. Oh, I should probably
head back soon anyways. But wait, we’re just
getting to know each other. Ten more minutes? Fine. What do you want to do? Hmm.( music playing )♪ Jingle bells ♪♪ Jingle bells ♪♪ Jingle bells ♪Ah, I wish you didn’t
have to go back to work. Come to the tree lighting
tonight and bring your mom. Where did you say
she was again? She’s actually in France visiting my grandmother. I meant to I was staying
with my neighbor, Holden Caulfield. But he had
a conference call, so… I’m doing
my holiday shopping. You seem awfully young
to be all by yourself. I’m wise beyond my years. Well, your mom
better bring you back an awesome Christmas
present from France. Yeah. But all I want for Christmas is for it to snow. Oh, I love snow. Well, Santa would really have
to pull through for that one. It hasn’t snowed in our town
for over ten years. I barely even remember. ( sighs ) Hey, cheer up. There could always be
a Christmas miracle. Ho, ho, ho, step right up. ( sighs ) Okay, calm down, Dad. Santa’s your dad? I mean, calm down,
Father Christmas! ( camera shutter clicks ) Thank you very much. Who’s next? Hello, little boy, what would
you like for Christmas? I would like you to
bridge a partisan divide in our country
so we can make the world a better place. Well, that’s a tall order. How about a new Lego set? I already got that one. What about a new bike? What about a picture? ( camera shutter clicks )( angelic choir sings )Just ask him out already. Oh! What is this? “The Nightmare
Before Christmas”? Thank God I’m Jewish. You made this monster. I… I stand by
my decisions. They were bold and
certainly unforgettable. I’m asking if he’s going
to the tree lighting. Rhyme, get back here! You’ll scare the children! Hey, Kyle. Hey, Rhyme. Are you gonna be at
the tree lighting later? Because Ricky and I were
really hoping you would be. ( bells jingle ) Yeah, I’ll be there. Oh, Rhyme, you have
a little… something.( music playing )Hey, buddy, what’s up? I thought maybe you want a shirt
without a big stain on it. You bought that shirt
that we saw? Don’t bite a gift horse
in the face or something like that. That’s so sweet of you. Thank you. Does this make
your day better? It’s definitely helping. Is your friend going to
pick you up soon or…? Uh, yeah, I think so. If you don’t stop
worrying so much, you’re gonna get
premature wrinkles. ( scoffs )
How old are you again? Eight and three quarters. You could’ve fooled me,
eight going on 30. Age is just a number, Cassie. Where did you get
these pearls of wisdom? My mom says that her dad used to
say lots of wise stuff all the time. You are without a doubt the wisest kid I know.Oh, bye, thank you.You know, you kids are
all addicted to your phones. It’s an epidemic. The polio of your time. Cell phones are not like polio. Yeah, well, come talk to me
in 20 years when your brains
are melted out your ears. Maybe the inventor
of the internet should’ve thought
about it more. It’s kind of like Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. Yeah, that’s a good point, kid. Do you, uh… do you think
you could help me make one of those
social media… page thingies? Wait, do you mean a profile? All right, all right, you’re
making me regret even asking. No, no, no, no, I’ll help you. All right. Okay, so… Woman:Excuse me, officer?My wallet is missing. I had deep inside my bag where I don’t understand how
somebody could’ve swiped it, but they did. Don’t you worry, ma’am, I’ve been stationed at
the Millwood Galleria for six years. We’re gonna find
that culprit and get that wallet back. Well, I hope so or we’re never
shopping here again. I’ll get the thief, sir! A thief in our midst. Was it you? I literally haven’t
stolen anything in my entire life. I mean, except for like a few
scrunchies for Ellie’s house. Promise you won’t tell? Oh, secret’s safe with me. But just think, the criminal could be
anywhere inside this mall. I live for drama. Everybody seems pretty
normal-looking to me. People can look normal, but actually be
complete psychopaths. Those are the ones
you have to worry about. I know I should’ve
called sooner, it’s just it’s been
so many years. Hello, suspect. We still have like another
15 minutes on break. Should we follow her? Yes, Rhyme, yes! That’s the Christmas spirit
I’m looking for. Come on, let’s go! Where’d you find
this motley crew? Well, at first I started
going door to door, but it wasn’t working, so then I tried bribing some
of the PowerSurge girls, then they said no. Then finally I made this sign. And surprisingly, a lot of people
felt really bad for me. I guess they know
you hold a grudge. Are you saying I’m a legend? That’s one word for it. And who are you? I’m Harper. I just moved to Millwood, but I’m from Atlanta. O.M.G., you’re from the ATL? “The Real Housewives
of Atlanta” is, like, my favorite show. Kimmie? Listen, I don’t care
who you are or where you’re from. Newbies, line up. I need you to prove to me
that you can actually sing. Since you’re so chatty, you can go first. ♪ Deck the halls ♪ ♪ With boughs of holly ♪ I guess I can work with that. ♪ Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la la ♪ Kimmie, I would say job well done, but you’re the one who poisoned
everyone in the first place, so don’t look so pleased
with yourself. Newbies, grab your sheet music.( music playing )Oh, sorry. It was my bad. Thanks. I’m Scott, by the way. I’m Harper. So you said you’re
new to Millwood. Are you going to
Millwood High School? – Yeah.
– Hmm. Well, you happen
to be looking at the sophomore
class president. Oh, so I’m in the presence
of greatness. Well, that’s still
under evaluation. So what grade
are you in? – I’m going into the…
– Hey! Guys? Care to join? You think she’s
stealing that shirt? Her wardrobe could
definitely use an upgrade. We need to stop her. She’s ruining mall Christmas
for all of the mall people. ( mouthing words ) What are you doing
with your legs? This isn’t a time to learn
a new Chicken Girls routine. Just follow me. ( all screaming ) I can’t believe
we did that. I feel awful. We were trying to be
good Samaritans and engage in
civic responsibility. We should get a medal. Or a modestly sized trophy. – ( crying )
– Oh, speak of the devil. She looks upset,
we should see if she’s okay. She might be
a hardened criminal. Whatever happened
to civic responsibility? Oy gevalt. Fine. Uh, excuse me? We don’t mean to
bother you or anything, – but are you okay?
– Rhyme! Obviously she’s not okay,
she’s crying in a lonely corner of the Millwood Galleria. It’s just it’s Christmas Eve and
no one should be crying alone in a mall
during the holidays. – Or ever.
– You are so sweet. Thank you. I didn’t mean to make
a scene or anything, I just need a little
break from everything. And I’m just so tired. And even a cup of coffee
is so expensive these days. And I have to save up
for a present… Rooney: Hey, guys. Christmas photo with the elves? You read that situation
very, very wrong. Where’d she go? Don’t tell me we lost her
again. Ugh. Hey, Junior,
what you reading? You know,
just the latest scandal indicating complete political
collapse in this country.( music playing )( sighs ) You know, it bothers me
you standing there looking at me like
you got something to say. Thanks for the cinnamon roll? That’s what you came over here
to say? Well, I was thinking
about family and how important
it is during the holidays… And? And, well, I was…
doing some research about your daughter… Wait, a minute, you what? Well, you seemed
so sad about it, and I wanted to help. You should not meddle
in other people’s business.( phone chimes )( music playing )Say, missy, you seen any
funny business around here? Like holiday cheer? Yeah, it’s everywhere. This isn’t a joking matter. There is a criminal at large
in this very mall. – Like a serial killer?
– Yes. A shoplifter. Oh, well,
I haven’t seen anything. – Well, if you do…
– ( whoosh )Can you imaginenot even being able to
afford a cup of coffee? Oh, it’s tragic,
the whole thing. It’s like a Nicholas Sparks book
without the making out. Should we just buy her
a cup of coffee? We have no idea
where she is. Well, she’ll probably turn up,
and if she does, there will be
coffee in hand. Elves, I love it. I know, isn’t it
just precious? What can I get for you guys? Can we just have
a cup of coffee to go? Coming right up. Really wish Rooney didn’t scare
her off like that. Ricky:
Oh, she looks so miserable. How do you know this woman? Why, do you know her? Unbelievable. What is it? Come on, girl, spill it,
the suspense is killing me. We have to find her. Both: Why? I’ll explain on the way,
let’s go. Wait, I can’t leave my station. Oh, no, no, no,
you two go. I’ve always wondered what
it’s like to be a barista and I love a chic apron. But if Junior comes back… I’m a natural-born
schmoozer. I got this. Thank you. ( blows note ) ( all hum note ) Okay, guys, there’s less than 30 minutes until the tree lighting
ceremony. These harmonies
better knock my socks off. ( atonal )
♪ Deck the halls ♪ ♪ With boughs of holly ♪ ♪ Fa-la-la-la-la… ♪ Stop! This isn’t working. – Is everything…?
– Not now, Kimmie! Everyone, take five. She’s wound up tight, huh? I think it’s just really
important to her. She doesn’t have to
yell at everyone. Maybe she just needs
an extra hand. You’re right. People lash out
when they’re stressed. Back me up? Yo, everybody,
eyes up here. Okay, you, you were a little flat
on the first bar. And you,
you’re not Pavarotti, so take it down a notch. And you two, stay in sync on
the second line, got it? Scott:
You heard the lady, let’s take it
from the top. ♪ Deck the halls ♪ ♪ With boughs of holly ♪ ♪ Fa-la-la-la-la ♪ ♪ La-la la la ♪ ♪ ‘Tis the season to be jolly ♪ ♪ Fa-la-la-la-la
la-la la la ♪ So what’d you think? I don’t know
how we pulled this off, it must be a Christmas miracle
or something. Okay, everyone, well, let’s do it again,
this time with my girl Harper up in the front. ( music playing ) ♪ Deck the halls
with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la la ♪♪ ‘Tis the season to be jolly ♪♪ Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la la ♪♪ Maybe yes, maybe no ♪♪ Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la la ♪♪ Maybe yes, maybe no ♪♪ Maybe found my other half ♪♪ Maybe all we are
is a photograph ♪
♪ Maybe yes, maybe no ♪♪ Maybe found my other half ♪♪ Maybe all we are
is a photograph ♪
♪ Maybe yes, maybe no ♪♪ Maybe found my other half ♪♪ Maybe all we are
is a photograph ♪
I just hope
she didn’t leave. Hey, are you okay? Where are your parents? Mm-mm. What’s wrong? I don’t want to get in trouble. You’re not gonna get in trouble
for getting lost. Now just come with us. Come on. Rooney:Hey.Room for a couple more? Of course. Oh, you have one of
those security tags on your shirt still. Oh, shoot. I didn’t realize
I still had it on. Oh, it’s no big deal,
I literally do it all the time. Just take it back to
the store with the receipt and they’ll take it
right off. Right. Thanks. I like your costume, by the way. Oh, thank you.
Honestly, I’m so ready to not be
a reindeer anymore, but I guess it’s better than
wearing elf ears all day. Anyway, happy holidays from
the Attaway to you. Bye. Hi again. Toy drive girl. You got any leads? I’m here to turn in
some stolen merchandise. I know how it looks, and just so I’m on the record, this isn’t my first time
being accused of shoplifting. I didn’t do it the first time,
and I definitely didn’t do it
this time. So if you didn’t do it, who did? In the spirit of the holidays, I’m not turning in the thief. Toy drive girl,
you’re my only lead. Don’t leave me hanging
like this, come on. I don’t think he meant to. So it’s a he, ah-ha! Any other defining qualities? It’s just he’s young, he probably didn’t know
any better. Young? Okay. You think 20s, 30s? I believe he told me he was
eight and three quarters. A kid? – I can work with that.
– It’s not his fault. His mom left him to go to France
for Christmas. So there’s a little boy
who’s eight and three quarters roaming around the mall
by himself? No, he was with me
most of the time.( radio beeps )Yeah, I’ve got a situation
down here. Gonna need some backup, over.( radio static, beeps )man:Well, a bunch of us
took Gary out
to celebrate his hip
And you didn’t invite me?( imitating static )Having a hard time hearing you.( imitating static )You tell Gary that I thought
we were buddies. I helped him with his hip. Who the heck are you? And where’s that
pretzel-shaped girl? Oh, I’m Ricky, just your
run-of-the-mill Christmas elf. Dani had to step out
to tend to some business so I stepped in temporarily.
( clicks tongue ) ( scoffs )
Kids these days, they got no work ethic. Well, it’s almost closing time. But let me tell you, she’s gonna
get an ear full from me. May I accompany you to
the tree lighting ceremony? Well, if you insist. All right, look, help me close
and we can get out of here. Oh, for sure. I’m gonna keep these tips,
though. Enjoy your lunch. The French onion soup there is
to die for. Okay? Over. Hi there,
how can I help you today? I think she was first. Say, maybe you can help us. Have you seen a young boy wandering around the mall
without any guardians? Actually, that’s what I was
gonna talk to you about. Hey, wait. Hey, wait! I need your help,
toy drive girl. You’re my only hope. Uh, but… Wait! What? Wait! man:Attention, shoppers,the tree lighting ceremony
starts in five minutes.
( choir singing scales )How’s it going over here? I’m seeing some new faces. Yeah, some of the carolers
threw up– I mean, threw in… the towel, but we’re ready
to rock and roll. The more the merrier. Hello. And welcome to our annual
tree lighting performance. Bless all of you, all of Attaway, Millwood and the entire world. Now put your hands together
for the holiday choir! ( cheering ) ♪ Deck the halls
with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la la ♪ ♪ Overnight
she’ll keep me upside down ♪ ♪ You can be messed up
and turned around ♪ ♪ Don’t you know
everything can change ♪ ♪ Overnight ♪ ♪ ‘Cause just last night ♪ ♪ I was inside out ♪ ♪ Wondering what life
was all about ♪ ♪ You know
nothing says the same ♪ ♪ Overnight ♪ ♪ We fly so high ♪ ♪ We fly together ♪ ♪ Fly together ♪ ♪ We are a girl gang ♪ ♪ Like birds of a feather ♪ ♪ Birds of a feather ♪ ♪ We fly so high ♪ ♪ We fly together ♪ ♪ Fly together ♪ ♪ We are a girl gang ♪ ♪ Like birds of a feather ♪ ♪ Birds of a feather ♪ ♪ I never meant to fall in love
with you ♪ ♪ Didn’t mean to give my heart
to you ♪ ♪ Now I know that
this feeling is right ♪ ♪ Want to stay with you
every night ♪ ♪ I never meant to
fall in love ♪ ♪ I never meant to
fall in love with you ♪ ( cheering ) You look exactly like
somebody I used to know. All right, now what’s
all this hullaballoo? All this hullaballoo is I’ve been looking
for your daughter everywhere and what I realized
is she was here the whole time. Nellie. Why didn’t you tell me? Dad… hi. It’s just… it’s been so many years
since we’ve seen you and… and Bruce left me
and we lost the house and… we’ve been living
out of the car – for the past few weeks.
– Wait. Your car? I didn’t know
where else to turn. Come here. My God. Oh, my God. Mom, who’s that? Hey, buddy. Where have you been?
I was so worried. I told you to meet me
by the Santa’s house, honey. I wanted to surprise you
with a present. I got a little lost. Oh, sweetheart, it’s okay. It’s okay. Everything’s gonna be okay now. Dad. Meet Joseph, your grandson. My friends call me Joe. Joe. Do you mean like my sister? Like your sister. He’s named after her. Aunt Jo. This is your grandpa
Thomas. But his friends call him Junior. Come here. Hi, Junior. ( sighs ) Oh.♪ All I want this holiday
is to help the world ♪
♪ Give a hand and say ♪♪ I try my best you know ♪♪ What I want this holiday is a
first kiss on the perfect day ♪
Look who came. Oh, he actually came. Of course he did. Oh, my God,
he’s looking this way. Just go talk to him. Okay.
Okay, I can do this. – I can do this, right?
– Yes, you’ve got this. Okay.♪ This time of year
there’s lots of cheer ♪
♪ And love to go around ♪♪ It’s gonna snow ♪♪ It’s gonna snow ♪♪ It’s good stuck at home ♪♪ Stuck at home ♪♪ With steady knocks
on the door ♪
♪ On the door ♪♪ Kiss me under the mistletoe ♪♪ Nobody ever has to know ♪♪ ‘Cause it’s gonna snow ♪♪ All I want this time of year
is to sing and dance ♪
♪ Lose all my fears
that I try not to show ♪
Ugh! Not today.♪ What I want this time of year
is to see him smile ♪
If anyone ever needed
a Christmas miracle. Hi, Cassie. Hey, Diana.♪ All the shiny lights
on the stormy nights
♪ There’s love to go around ♪Do you need
something or…? I had something
that I wanted to say to you. Is this gonna make me cry? Because I’m finally
having a good day. If you could stop
assassinating my character for, like, two-fifths
of a second I could tell you
that I know what Jenna did. Okay. And I just thought
it was really lame of her. Letting you take the blame
for something she did. I’m still waiting
for you to threaten me. Is this, like, reverse
psychology or something? No, Cassie. I’m trying
to say something nice. I just thought what you did
for Jenna was, like,
really loyal. And that’s, like, really cool
or whatever. That is the nicest thing
you’ve ever said to me. That’s the nicest thing
I’ve ever said period. Merry Christmas, Diana. Merry Christmas,
Cassie. ♪ Everyone will be singing ♪ ♪ And that’s
when you will know ♪ ♪ It’s gonna snow ♪ ♪ It’s gonna snow ♪ ♪ It’s good stuck at home ♪ ♪ Stuck at home ♪ ♪ With steady knocks
on the door ♪ ♪ On the door ♪ ♪ Kiss me under the mistletoe ♪ ♪ Nobody ever has to know ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s gonna snow ♪ ♪ It’s gonna snow ♪ ♪ It’s gonna snow ♪ ( cheers and applause ) The holidays are a time
of giving. And, boy, did you people
give this year. Our annual toy drive collected
2,500 toys for kids in need. ( cheers and applause ) In the dead of winter,
the twinkling lights on the tree bring warmth and joy. Happy holidays! ( cheers and applause ) Guess I didn’t
get the memo about changing
into human clothes. You do make
a very cute elf. Who me? If only I knew sooner that pointy ears and
hand-me-downs would be such
a selling point. This mistletoe is really
blowing my spot. Awkward. It doesn’t have to be. Toy girl. I’m gonna have to turn
that boy in, I’m afraid. Come on. I mean,
it’s Christmas Eve. Officer Greer. How’ve you been? Reverend. Good to see you. What seems
to be the problem over here? Well, you see she turned in
some stolen merchandise. I’m sure it was
with good intention. Cassie here helped collect
2,500 toys for charity. Oh, I didn’t realize
that she was a– It was an honest mistake. I mean, I know how busy
it gets around here during the holidays. I’ll see to it myself that whatever’s gone missing
is returned. See you next Sunday? Yes, Lord. I mean, I wouldn’t miss it. Amen. Okay. Thank you so much. It was a huge
misunderstanding. Hey, I see how you helped
that boy today. Oh, it was–
It was no big deal. Don’t ever let anyone
make you feel like you’re
not a good person. I saw a whole lot of good
in there today. Keep it up. Merry Christmas,
Reverend Dave. Merry Christmas,
Cassie. Honey, I’m so proud of you. It was beautiful. Ooh! I’m not really much
of a hugger. – Oh.
– But, I did wanna say
thank you. And as much
as it pains me
to admit it, you have a freaking
amazing voice. – So do you!
– Thank you. This is the best Christmas
I’ve ever had. Oh, it’s the best Christmas
I’ve ever had, too, buddy boy. I don’t know what to say. Say I knew you weren’t
a total Grinch. This wouldn’t have happened
without you. Merry Christmas, Junior. Merry Christmas, Dani. Harper. Hey, you were
really great tonight. You weren’t half bad
yourself. We make a great team. So, where are you
from again? I just moved from Atlanta. It’s a big change. Well, if it helps, I’d be happy to show you
around here in January. Really?
That’s so nice of you. Well, get used to it. You’re not in the big,
bad city anymore. Oh, hey. I don’t think
we officially met. – I’m Cassie.
– Rhyme. – Cool name.
– Thank you. I can’t believe that whole
family reunion thing. I know. Did you see the look
on his face when he saw
his daughter standing there? – I know.
I almost started crying.
– Me, too. So, do you go to Millwood? Yeah. And I’m guessing
you go to Attaway. – Yeah.
– So what’s your “thang”? – My “thang”?
– Oh. Sorry, it’s something
that my vice principal says. I mean, like,
do you play sports or do you– Oh, uh, yeah. I guess my “thang” is
maybe musical theater. I don’t know I’m still trying
to figure it all out. What’s your “thang”? I’m a dancer
and I’m also into space. Like astronomy, and the moon, and the stars,
and all that stuff. – That is so cool.
– Thanks. I always thought Millwood was
super far away from Attaway. Actually, no,
it’s only like ten minutes away. Then we should hang sometime. Yeah.
Oh, here’s my Instagram. Oh, and we should take a picture
or it didn’t happen. Okay. Now we are
officially friends. – See you around town?
– Yeah, definitely. – Merry Christmas, Cassie.
– Merry Christmas, Rhyme.( phone chimes )Hey, Fran. – Nice tree this year, huh?
– Yeah. We got you some of the onion
soup that you said you like. ( chuckles ) Merry Christmas, Earl. Aww, thank you, Fran. Merry Christmas
to you, too. Oh, sorry, I thought we were
all closed up for the night. There’s one more
important wish for Santa. Do you want me
to take a picture? Nay, professional reindeer
still here. I got it. – ( camera shutter clicks )
– And what was your wish, son? My wish is
that my brother could be with his girlfriend
for Christmas. That’s a weird wish. Drake? What are you doing here? You seem so sad
to be spending
Christmas alone. I asked my parents
if we could come
back a little early. So you came home
from a vacation for me? It’s Christmas.
No one should be alone. – ( crying )
– Dad, get it together. Look how adorable they look. Come on. I think it’s time to get
this Santa Claus home. I’m kinda digging
the whole elf vibe. Oh, God. I forgot
I was wearing this. I must look
like a total dork! A very cute dork. – You really wanna dance
with an elf?
– Yep. I really do.( music playing )Joseph:
He sprung to his sleigh
to his team he gave a whistle.And away they all flewlike the down of a thistle. Ah! But he heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,“Merry Christmas to alland to all a good night!”( music playing )

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