Bridgett tries a Vacation

Bridgett tries a Vacation

(techno music) walking to vian… vian: what? vian: WHAT BRIDGETT?! I’m working! vian: Fine, go ahead, whatever vian; Oh Bridget, make sure it’s ten minutes (Background voice) (Hip-hop Beach Music playing) plz sub :3 we need more people to sub to my vid :c bridgett is soo…..weird….. need more subs (Jeopardy Music) (Jeopardy Music Continues) pretty…. (Gentle music playing.) bridgett: urchin… bridgett: Ahh! *clam breaks* brdgett: SCARY! *bridgett sees jellie* bridgett: ball! *bridgett trys to get the balls* *bridgett goes to the shower* vian: Yes Annoying Child? vian: What is it? vian: If this video gets ten thousand likes, sure. 😀 bridgett: yay! *music comes up* (cool artwork of Bridgett by cool people) bridgett: draw me… *music keeps on playing* please sub to me, and follow bridgett on twitter! 😀 bridgett: no Urchin… and thank you for making bridgett some art

100 thoughts on “Bridgett tries a Vacation

  1. 1:06 I have to comment about this but… I’m just suffering from thinking about this song that I CANT FIND…..

    HELP MEH!!!!!!!!!

  2. Theres splatoon 3 comeing out an there splatoon 1 but but you cant be a octoling but its fun you will see urchin an the old grampa

  3. 2:33 Vian now would be the perfect time to PROTECT YOUR DAUGHTER FROM WATER LIKE THE GOOD DAD YOU ARE >:o

  4. I have come here to inform y'all about how stupid "Bridgett"is I mean you listen to this fake person who is"cute" "silly""funny" and you enjoy it oh look it's Ryan hi Ryan oh wait Ryan isn't real I just made him up.see how stupid it is??

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