Brisbane Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Brisbane Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The capital of the state of Queensland, Brisbane, is located inland from Moreton Bay between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. The heart of the hilly city is its river, which snakes from Mount Stanley to the Coral
Sea. Queensland is Australia’s Sunshine State and enjoys a subtropical climate with hot,
humid summers and warm, sunny winters. In Brisbane, any time of year is a good time for adventurous outdoor activities along the
river or coast. Experience the more relaxing side of Brisbane in the parklands, museums and bars. “Brissie” still has the laid-back country
feel that is so iconic for the land Down Under. However, it is Australia’s third-largest city, houses over two million people, and is growing
fast. Start your tour of the city on Brisbane’s
biggest hill. Mount Coot-tha was already visited by the
Aboriginal people up to 40,000 years ago and its name means
“honey”, which they found here in abundance. While you are here, explore the wonders of
the Southern Hemisphere in the Planetarium and Brisbane Botanical
Gardens… including the laughing kookaburra. Oi, what are you laughing at? Feed lorikeets and see iconic Australian wildlife at the nearby Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Meet kangaroos, koalas and wombats and don’t
miss the animal shows, which demonstrate some real Aussie traditions! Down river, in the central business district, the Queen Street Mall displays all the country’s
big retail brands. Visit the nearby Brisbane Museum to learn
about the mining boom and other events that shaped this city. Exhibits show how World Expo ’88 led to the
transformation of the river’s southern bank, the city’s favorite
backyard, which even has its own beach. Spacious South Bank has many free activities
and facilities which attract more than 10 million people
every year. Cool off in a lagoon or browse the weekend
markets. Join the locals for a beer, or visit one of the many prominent museums
and theaters. The Wheel of Brisbane overlooks the Cultural
Forecourt, a collection of Queensland’s major museums
and theaters. Meet some prehistoric creatures, admire indigenous and European modern art or see a show at the Performing Arts Center. From the piers at South Bank, take the public ferry downstream to Newfarm
Park, where the restored Powerhouse has become a
real institution among art and music lovers. On your way back, hop off at Kangaroo point
to climb the Story Bridge: One of the best spots to watch the sun set
over the city. Book your guided tour for mid afternoon, because nightfall comes early in Queensland. Get an early start and jump on the
ferry to Moreton Island for a fun day out on the beach. Join a Segway tour along the shore before
surfing down a massive sand dune. On a hot day, snorkel around the Tangalooma
wrecks, or if you rather stay high and dry, book a
helicopter ride instead. Flying over the bay and the Coral Sea, it is clear that Queensland’s natural beauty
merely starts in Brisbane. Only two hours to the north, the Great Barrier Reef is a living national
treasure. Brisbane has a wealth of attractions and you can indulge as much as you like, but in the river city of the north your are
never far from nature, which is free for all to enjoy!

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  1. I have lived in Brisbane twice. I went to the University of Queensland and lived in St. Lucia (Suburb of Brisbane). I am from Indianapolis and I would rather be in Brisbane anytime. I am going to retire there one day and I have every plan to move there with my family and leave the US.

  2. I'll be there for new years all the way till the end of January 😀

    & It's my first ever plane ride all the way from London xD

    Can't wait!!!

  3. Could someone please tell what month of the year the "Oz Bogan Festival' is? I was told by a Queenslander it's in July, but that can't be right because there is no snow in Queensland. Thanks.

  4. Brisbane is one of Favorite places list. Actually, Brisbane is my Birthplace and i loved this place very much. I watched this video couple of times. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Melbourne and Brisbane are the top two most livable cities in Australia by a long way. I lived in the best areas
    of Sydney for thirty years and is a long way behind these two

  6. 4:04 'Free for all' Height of sarcasm :V

    P.S- I'm living here since 1yr and really love this city, except some overpriced stores.

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  8. I will admit, I do miss Brissie. I went to Aspley State High and lived in Zillmere & Aspley from 2001-2003 and loved every minute of it. People were friendly, and my first Christmas Eve was spent with Family at Southbank Beach. Everyone was happy and singing & strangers were having good ole conversations with eachother like they were long lost mates. It's a beautiful city & being a Proud Kiwi, I don't normally give the Aussies complements LOL, but it's that vibe, the friendly people, the lifestyle that I will never forget. 👍👍

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    LOVE Islamabad, live long PAKISTAN. PAKISTAN zindabad paindabad.

  10. Lived in the best suburbs in Sydney for 30 years. Brisbane and Melbourne leave Sydney for dead and the real estate is half the price. . Magic city to walk around. No other major city has so much natural beauty around it within easy reach.

  11. I am OZ Chinese live in Melb 20years , never wish to live in Brisbane, too hot and wet there in summer.

  12. going there July with my daughter cant wait to see some of these places and my big sis who i haven't seen for 11 years.

  13. Brisbane is really nice city! I discovered all the places mentioned in the video above ;)). was an amazing journey

  14. Been to Brisbane once when I was 14. I was awed by the beaches in the middle in the city. This is the most beautiful city ever I have seen. The perfect blend between nature and modern city, and the kind of thing that you never find in a concrete jungle like Hong Kong. The friendly vibe, laid back lifestyle…. To me, Brisbane is the perfect city to live in. Now I am going to study in University of Queensland next month. Just watching videos and wish time could pass faster.

  15. When you go to Goldcoast, don't forget to go to the Q1 building's observation deck, BREATHTAKING VIEW of the beach and the concrete jungle – – – – – >

  16. Not sure how it has a country feel. Far more refined and sophisticated than Seattle is! Standard of living is far superior. I miss my hometown and will move back to Brissy.

  17. i love how they talked about brisbane in such a good way cuz ive heard people talk about australia and brisbane in such a bad way

  18. I used to live in this beautiful city. I am so lucky to have been able to call it home. I miss you Brissie! Yes I was harassed by some deadly animals but that didn’t stop me from having an awesome adventure in the land down under. I would totally go back to Australia if i still had enough money.

  19. Brisbane city is beautiful, calm and comfortable, saving beautiful memories. Toowong, Mt Cootha, I want to go back to you. Thank you.

  20. Hey guys do watch my Brisbane walk around video of beautiful places. Do like and share if you like my video.

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  22. Most of Australian cities look more beautiful than even those of the UK, with modern buildings……….. I love Australia

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