British Cooking – Royal Wedding Food Coronation Chicken Picnic Recipe

British Cooking – Royal Wedding Food Coronation Chicken Picnic Recipe

Hi, it’s British cook, welcome to my British Royal Wedding Wimbledon Picnic [INTRO MUSIC] Do you want to know how to make British Royal Coronation chicken just like this. Absolutely delicious. A timeless dish. Really easy to make keep watching. [CAR DRIVING] [MUSIC] Hi welcome to British cook. Today, I’m making Royal British coronation chicken [CHICKEN NOISE] So today’s a big day. Prince Harry’s getting married I Think the invite my invite must have got lost somewhere in the post. Maybe I’m not sure Mate! I mean Your royal highness. I’m not sure what happened. I’m sorry. I’m not there. Obviously my invite got lost. Have a fantastic day WhatI’m making today is British Royal coronation chicken. It’s called coronation chicken Quite interestingly because it was made for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the second. This really delicious and super simple recipe can be used in Salads, on top of jacket potatoes and in sandwiches as well I’m not sure if you can hear the birds in the background Let me know if you can, got the windows open from a beautiful sunny fresh day. Ingredient wise I’ve got around about 200 grams of chicken that cane b chicken breats or chicken thigh use Leftovers ideally if you want to or you can use turkey as well. About two heaped tablespoons of full fat full egg mayonnaise About 2 heaped tablespoons of natural Greek yogurt round. Around about a heaped tablespoon of curry powder This is mild curry powder Always good to try of mild First of all and you can raise the heat if you want to. So for some reason it didn’t record it But what I’ve done is I’ve put half the curry powder in here and I’ve squeezed in a bit of lime I’ve cut a lime in half and just squeezed a few drops and then give it a good stir around and let it marinate for a minute Next up 2 tablespoons of a good-quality mango chutney. pop that in there with the chicken so coronation chicken was originally designed for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth a second and It was designed to be a dish that people can make at home as well because after the Second World War still in 1953 It’s really really strict rationing and in the UK for some things so people could get curry powder at home and they can make this They wouldn’t have had limes That’s something I’ve just added onto it and ever since then it’s been a really popular British dish if you go to a shop, you’ll see this in sandwiches you’ll be able to buy it in the UK It’s really, really good and it’s something that’s lasted the test of time It’s really tasty and really simple 2 tablespoons of sultanas dried ones. going to pop them in there now As I said, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get one ingredient for this, it’s pretty good. If you have the curry powder chicken mayonnaise This is a fresh apricot it’s a really really ripe one soft. Very sweet I’m gonna choop this up into small pieces and pop it in there, too [ board noise] Hope you can still hear the birds outside the apricot is chopped up and it’s in there. It’s up I’m gonna add the two heaped tablespoons of the Greek yogurt pop that into there Next I’m gonna add the mayonnaise Remember I have mild curry powder now is the time to that the majority, but not all of this back in there You want a tiny little bit left sprinkle on the top. I’m gonna give that a good stir around And you’ll see it all starts to change color Now if you want to you can eat this straight away But it’s probably best to give it 10 or 15 minutes for spice to combine with a mayonnaise and the Greek yogurt and flat flavor to come out of the curry powder Also at the end of June I’ll be choosing one of my patrons to give this away to my apron the one I’m wearing I’m going to send out someone no matter where they are in the world a little present too as a thank-you I’m giving it away So if you want to take part in my patreon community and be part of this giveaway Click the link that’s come out there or over there They’re all there joining my patreon community cost of just $5 per month That’s not buying me coffee a month if you enjoy what I do. I really hope I can see you there It’s still here after well done. I’m about to show you what actually do this to make it out This world a little bit different a lot better sriracha sauce lime peel More curry powder a small amount of salt pepper not very much Already tastes pretty good as it is a good tablespoon of sriracha This should make enough for about three to four sandwiches. It depends on how big you like your sandwiches To put into a sandwich your buttered bread nicely. You want to poke a watercress in there? Not too much salad and let it shine This is delicious on its own to finish off if you fancy it just a little bit of extra curry powder Monica getting quite spicy now though. That’s how I like it On goes that finely grated lime rind Just give that little bit of extra zing nice This video is part of a series on how to make British picnic recipe ideas at home no matter where you are in world So there will be a link in the comment posted down below where you can link the other videos and see what else we’re making

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