British English Holidays – April Fool’s Day

British English Holidays –  April Fool’s Day

hi everyone I’m Gina the first of April
is April Fool’s Day a day to try and fool your friends with jokes and a day
to have some light-hearted fun in this lesson you’re going to learn about April
Fool’s Day in the UK there was a famous April Fool’s story about penguins
published by the BBC what do you think the story was we’ll show you the answer
at the end of this video it has commonly thought that the reason
why the 1st of April is a day for tricks is due to the changing of the calendar
currently we use the Gregorian calendar and in new year starts on the 1st of
January however previously the Julian calendar
was used and in this calendar a new year starters on the 1st of April when a
change was made those who still celebrated on the first of April were
mocked and called fools on the 1st of April we play tricks on others and tried
to deceive the more gullible amongst our friends the more outlandish these tricks
and deceptions are the better however this custom should only last
until midday after midday April Fool’s Day is over and tricksters shouldn’t
play any more tricks April Fool’s Day isn’t just an event held between friends
every year major multinational corporations celebrities and media
outlets also try to play tricks on the public every year most major national
newspapers will carry a story or two and the 1st of April that is a joke and the
game becomes trying to spot it the group Hollander was first conceived in 1582 by
Pope Gregory the 13th but was not adopted by the UK until 1752 delaying
the change resulted in eleven days being skipped so that the calendar could run
correctly and now I’ll give you the answer to the earlier quiz there was a
famous April Fool’s story about penguins published by the BBC what do you think
the story was the BBC claimed that their cameras in the Antarctic had captured
footage of flying penguins it was claimed these penguins would migrate to
South Africa every summer how was this lesson did you learn something
interesting do you have a day for fooling in your country leave us a
comment at English class and we’ll see you in the next lesson

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  1. Different history make us crazy . I hard april fool day . Portuges queen isbella and kind fardinent massacred 10 million innocent people 1st of april 1492 . How do we know what is the truth ? King fardinent and isabella celebrate that day and called to innocent people,how fool you are , we have to find the history what is the truth . This world is really sucksssss

  2. In my country, we speak English, Spanish, Spanglish (mixture of English & Spanish) & everything else. English is the official language of law & legal documents. English is a sponge language, absorbing all it comes in contact with. Ex: bucket/pail from French & Greek, curtains/drapes, couch/sofa, beef/cow, mutton/sheep, crimson/red, buffet/smorgasbord, vehicle/car, Rolls Royce/Chevrolet. All these "word 1/ word 2" have the same meaning, & usually preferred by one class or the other. Ex: "carpet" for the wealthy, & "rug" for the middle & lower groups. English also has about 200,000 words, that it no longer indulges in/uses. Which leaves 400,000 words it does still prefer/use. Some time 3 words are used for the same thing: "Pardon me, would you please pass the brandy." or "Hey, toss me a beer, would ya bud." & finally " Don't bogart that pipe. Ya hoser. Pass it over here." Hope this helps with your planned visit to my country, the USA in North America.
    P.S. (Post Script, from the Latin postscriptum = written after). Brush up on your French for Canada, Spanish for Central America, Spanish, Portuguese, German, in South America, & of course ENGLISH EVERYWHERE.
    English is the language of business!

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