British English Holidays – St. George’s Day

British English Holidays – St. George’s Day

hi everyone I’m Gina st. George’s Day is
on the 23rd of April and this is a special day in England because st.
George is a patron state of the country in this lesson you’re going to learn
about the meaning of st. George’s Day st. George is represented on the flag of
the United Kingdom what part of the flag comes from st. George we’ll show you the
answer at the end of this video although st. George is a patron saint of
England he is not English he was born in Turkey
in the 3rd century and was a Roman soldier he was a Christian serving under
a pagan Emperor and was persecuted for his beliefs by being tortured and
eventually beheaded Saint George is most famous for the legend of him slaying a
dragon the legend states that he travelled to Libya to save a princess
from being sacrificed to a dragon that was terrorizing a village this myth was
attributed to st. George in a 12th century so long after his death st.
George’s Day is not a big occasion in England it is not a public holiday and
any events that are held are usually small community events such as fairs or
parties you might see the cross of st. George displayed more frequently but
there are no big firework displays despite this the legends of st. George
and the infamous dragon is well known throughout England one of
most popular pub names in England is a George and Dragon the sign on these pubs
usually has a drawing of George slaying the dragon often in full medieval armor
and now I’ll give you the answer to the earlier quiz st. George is represented
on the flag of the United Kingdom but what part of the flag comes from st.
George it is the Red Cross in the middle this is st. George’s Cross and it also
makes up the flag of England how is this lesson did you learn something
interesting what are the origins of the design of your country’s flag leave us a
comment at English class and we’ll see you in the next lesson

17 thoughts on “British English Holidays – St. George’s Day

  1. St. George's day should definitely be a National holiday I have always celebrated St. George's day it's Our day and is very important.

  2. "St. George's Day is not a big occasion in England."

    U FOKIN WOT M8?!!
    (readies longbow and bodkin arrows)
    "…upon this charge, cry God for Harry, England, and St. George!!"
    1415 never forget.

  3. I loved this video. I will use it on a special class on St. George´s Day next week, as it falls on next Monday, 23 of April. A big thank you!

  4. National disgrace this isn't a holiday. England has the least number of holidays of any country. And they moan about sick days and absenteeism. If they gave people more time to rest then people wouldn't feel so rundown in this miserable, dark climate! Simples! In Japan everyone gets their commutation paid as well, increasing motivation to actually get up in the cold dark and drive to work (on your own dime! Why bother?) But of course, British business (and unions) have never had the long term vision to have learnt from other countries, witness Boots and Vodafone's pathetic narrow minded failures in E. Asia.

  5. Happy St George's Day! ???
    (You learn something new every day. First time hearing about this holiday!)

  6. How to explain St. George’s Day to the non-English?

    Let me put it like this: Imagine they make a movie called Sex and the City 3 and they show it in your country. Imagine how some people go to see it but to most people -never those who go to see it – it’s simply not that exciting or important. It’s just a movie, right? Right.

    Now imagine that for some hardcore SATC fans – a tiny percentage of your population – it’s, like “OMG! This is the greatest day of my life so far!! I’m going to the movies to see SATC3!! OMG! OMG!” and you think these people are a bit crazy but they’re not harming you so you ignore them.

    St. George’s Day is just like that. It’s like a movie most people in England aren’t bothered about and a tiny percentage of English believe is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT!!

    No one in England would pay 300 pounds (or “quid”, as we’d call it) to sit in a cinema and watch a child read a 4 hour poem about St. George. We simply wouldn’t see the point. We simply aren’t into St George. There are limits to how much we care.

    Now it’s true that some people might take part in a parade or similar but these are just fun events for children really, or an excuse to have a beer (pint).

    St. George’s Day simply isn’t a big deal. For millions of English people Birthdays, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, FA Cup final day are important dates on the calendar but St. George’s Day isn’t.

  7. Just to make sure people dont believe what she was saying at the beginning. He was english where turkey is now was colonized by the english and he was english both of his parents were thats like saying if 2 Chinese had a baby in africa that that baby isnt Chinese its African ?. People logic make me laugh

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