British Holidays – Easter

British Holidays – Easter

hi everyone I’m Gina after Christmas the
second biggest religious event of the year in the UK is Easter even for people
who don’t celebrate Easter as a religious observance it is an important
time of the year the date changes every year but it always coincides with the
start of spring in this lesson you’re going to learn about Easter and how it
is celebrated how many chocolate eggs are eaten in the
UK at Easter we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video at Easter we
give each other eggs eggs symbolize the resurrection a new life of Jesus Christ
following his crucifixion when this tradition started it was bird eggs
painted in bright colors that were given now we give chocolate eggs to each other
and especially to children that often have even more chocolate inside a
popular activity at Easter is to hold an Easter egg hunt small eggs are given in
an area usually a garden or public place such as a school and then people try to
find them the eggs can be real eggs that have been hard-boiled and painted or
small chocolate eggs schools will hold many events and competitions related to
Easter and one of the most famous is the Easter bonnet parade for this hats are
decorated with Easter related decorations such as eggs chicks and
rabbits there are egg rolling competitions where hard-boiled eggs are
rolled down a slide or a hill and the egg that travels the furthest without
breaking apart wins also there are egg decorating competitions you at Christmas it has Santa Claus that
brings the presents but at Easter it is the Easter Bunny that brings the eggs
chocolate figures in the shape of bunnies are popular gifts at Easter
alongside the traditional eggs and now I’ll give you the answer to the earlier
quiz how many chocolate eggs are eaten in the UK at Easter around 80 million
eggs are eaten by Brits at Easter this is particularly impressive for a country
that has a population of only 63 million people how was this lesson did you learn
something interesting do you have any games similar to the ones I spoke about
in your country leave us a comment at English class and we’ll see you
in the next lesson bye you

7 thoughts on “British Holidays – Easter

  1. LATVIANS also have egg hunt activity early in the morning, as well egg fights – the one with the strongest egg will be the heathiest. We sway in swings to protect ourselves from mosquitoes, quite large event is egg coloring in onion peels. There are people who go to the church. Pagan traditions are quite blended with christion traditions.

  2. Che video dimmerda quella cicciona che parla ha pure la faccia da culo spero le sborrino in faccia 8 volte in a row

  3. in ukraine,we have a tradition where we hit eggs against each other(not so hard),and who ever`s egg is not damaged,that one wins

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