British Holidays – Remembrance Day

British Holidays – Remembrance Day

hi everyone I’m Gina Remembrance Day in
the UK is the 11th of November and this is a day when we honor the memories of
those who died fighting for their country in this lesson you’re going to
learn about how the war dead are commemorated in the UK on the 11th of
November at 11 a.m. the UK joins together to mark the day with one action
what is that action will show you the answer at the end of this video
Remembrance Day is the 11th of November because the Anstis to mark the end of
World War 1 was signed by the Allies and Germany at 11 a.m. on the 11th of
November 1918 originally it was called arms this day but was later renamed
Remembrance Day after World War 2 to mark Remembrance Day people in the UK
wear red poppies attached to their clothes usually their coat due to
poppies being so interlinked with Remembrance Day it is also sometimes
known as poppy Day the puppies are sold by the Royal British Legion a charity
that helps and supports War veterans throughout the country poppy wreaths are
laid at war memorials and ceremonies are held the main ceremony to mark
Remembrance Day happens at the centre path in Whitehall central London and the
Queen lays a wreath there as well as wreaths people will place small wooden
crosses to honor their family members the chosen symbol is a poppy because
during World War one the fiercest fighting happened in Flanders in the
western part of Belgium the Townsend field sir were destroyed and no
plantation survived other than poppies and now I’ll give you the answer to the
earlier quiz on the 11th of November at 11 a.m. the
UK joins together to mark the day with one action
what is that action it is a two-minute silence sometimes even busy stores will
observe the silence by refraining from serving customers for the two minutes
how was this lesson did you learn something interesting you have any Days
of Remembrance in your country leave us a comment at English class and
we’ll see you in the next lesson Oh

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  1. 1min silence not 2 where did she get this information from she even got cenotaph wrong. I’m British and I know this better then her.

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