Broken Window | Summer of Purple

Broken Window | Summer of Purple

(glass smashes)
(quirky music) – Unbelievable. Johnny, get in here! – (sighs) What’s up, Dad? – I don’t know, you tell me. – (sighs) I’m sorry. – Yeah, you better be.
– I’ll get rid of the body. – Yeah well, wait what?
– Hm? Huh? Nothin’, what are you talking about? – Is something dead? – No, not to my knowledge. – What body do you have to get rid of?! – Is everything okay?
– No, everything is not okay. – Oh, boy, man, I knew
you’d find out eventually. Look Dad, the black market
isn’t inherently evil– – What? Are you buying things on the black market? – No.
– Okay, good. – I’m a seller.
– Nice. – Thanks.
– What is happening right now? I just wanted to know who threw
a baseball into the window! – Oh, that was me, Dad, I’m really sorry. – It’s okay, Abby, I’ve kind of moved on to something else right now. It’s just a window, sweetie. – Are you saying window or widow? – Window.
– Oh, that wasn’t me. – You threw a baseball into a widow?! – It was an accident! I was just trying to scare her. – When did my children become sociopaths? – We’ve always been sociopaths,
you just don’t listen. – Oh Johnny, I. Oh snaps! Err, dearest Johnathon, would you join me for a private conversation
about our mutual friend? – But of course, my friend of many years who is very trustworthy, let us depart. – No-no, no one leaves this
room until we figure this out. Abby, you will find that widow you hit and make sure she’s okay. – She is not.
– Then you will help her! Sam, I forbid you from using the internet. – (scoffs) What about the dark web? – I don’t know what that
is, but the name alone tells me it’s a hard no.
– You’re the lamest! You’re the lamest guy
I’ve met in my whole life! – And Johnny, you and Billy
will wait outside for me until I’ve collected myself
and then the two of you will take me to what I pray is
just the body of a dead cat. – Yeah, I can get you a dead cat. – No, not what I said. Leave the shovel! (Billy sighs)
– Do you know any cats? – Hey Phil, listen, my son
said that he accidentally threw a baseball through your window,
I’ll pay for the damages. – Don’t even worry about it, Doug. – Well great, thanks. Hey, listen, while I’m still here, word on the street is that someone in this household can get
ahold of a certain… product? – Go home, Doug.
– It’s medicinal. – Goodbye.
– Okay. (quirky music) Hey guys, if you have kids
that are stressing you out and you could use a better night’s sleep, check out our sponsor
Purple by clicking the link. The Purple Comfort Grid cradles
all your pressure points. And, unlike memory foam, a Purple mattress will keep you comfortably
cool all throughout the night. Plus, it’s 100% legal, which
is more than I can say about– – Okay, that’s enough, Doug.
– I just– – Click the link be sure to subscribe. – Playing hard ball.

100 thoughts on “Broken Window | Summer of Purple

  1. Let he who has never thrown a baseball at a widow cast the first baseball into the window, if that makes sense.

  2. WAIT, whats up with the BRAZILLIAN CAP ? IS THAT A SHOUT OUT, or just what was in the closet at the time ? obsession intensifies

  3. Hey you guys! I fell in love with you all half way through season 2 of studio c and was super super sad when I realized season 10 was a new cast but then I saw that you guys were still doing comedy! So I subscribed 🙂 sketches r still funny!! I'm excited to ride this new journey with you guys as one of your number one fans :))

  4. my first JK Studios vid after studio c and i gotta say, i’m so proud of all of them! They’ve worked so hard and you can see the effort in their vids. Much love to all ten members, keep up the good work??

  5. This is what actually happened. Abby threw the ball into the widow, Johnny and his friend ''took care'' of the body, and Sam sold the widow's belongings on the black market.
    The end.

  6. In the credits, there are writer, director, and concept. Could someone explain what a concept actually do in production of a movie?

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