100 thoughts on “Brooklyn & Bailey Move Back Home for the Summer

  1. What are you and your family looking forward to in the summer?? Comment below! ?'s – Mindy

  2. Their family is so beautiful. I love how it’s mixed, with both blacks and whites and they raised them so well. Great parents. I’m 13 and this might not make sense but I’m obsessed with with Brooklyn and Bailey being like identical. I wish I had an identical sister

  3. Omg! Candis! She renovated the Bucketlist Family home! An absolutely gorgeous woman- inside and out!

  4. Omg I live down the street from Hams Orchard!!!!!! I love it there my best friend works there and I think she's in the back ground at some point.

  5. 0:22 OMG YouTube Family Sam and Nia live in Terrell and go to Ham Orchards! In their vlogs they go there occasionally

  6. What a lovely family ? Good to see that in these dark times there are still people who understand the value of family and togetherness. God bless you all ❤

  7. Wow I have twin girls who are only 5yrs old crazy to imagine them coming and going from college in the future!! 1 year down girls congrats!!!

  8. I live down there, and my family goes to that hotel all the time, for a little stay cation. It’s one of the best hotels here

  9. I love how caring the McKnight family is, they have such a pure heart, may god continue to bless y’all, y’all are such a beautiful family ?

  10. The girl with the giant single braided bun kinda likes like Willow Sheilds from the 2nd to 4th Hunger Games movies.

  11. Great job girls. You didn't stress your parents with moving you out of your dorm. I am sure they appreciated it.

  12. I don't mean to be rude at all, but maybe you could consider changing your account to just 'cute Hairstyles' because you don't want to send the message that only girls can wear these hairstyles

  13. I am just finding you hugs and I have been binge watching. I seriously like want to be adopted. Lol I love you family love you guys……..

  14. Omg I went there yesterday! That’s so crazy that you guys were near us! Highly recommend the peach tea?

  15. I'm late to this video but early to this channel. Been here since CGH were only hairstyles. I love how this family has grown. Everyone grew so much. I did not recognize little (not so little) Rylan. Oh everyone is so beautiful.

  16. I'm binging like a year worth of videos that I've missed and I'm SHOOKED at how much Paisley has grown.

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  18. Hey Mindy.. just to let you know that you have to let Paisley and Dax moisturize their skins, we black people our skins become ashy when we don't, I have realised that they are pale looking

  19. I love, love this family and the way you all interact with each other. May God continue to Bless each of you!!!

  20. @CuteGirlsHairstyles you guys and Brooklyn and Bailey have inspired me to have a closer relationship with my family, and to do what I love

  21. "It's like a running joke in our family that Shaun is always away for work or on a trip for my birthday or mothers day"
    So sad man how are you gonna do her like that?

  22. I just realized this: Kamri is one year older than my brother. Brooklyn and Bailey are one year older than my other brother. Rylan and my sister are the same age. And Dayton and I are the same age. And we don’t have another kid for paisley. (Sorry pas!)

  23. Omg when I heard you say ham orchard I freaked out because My family lives in mesquite and we go there ever summer and I’m so exited!

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