100 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s NEW College ROOM TOUR! | Zippered Bedding, Decor, and MORE!

  1. Don't worry I have a twin I am the youngest and I'm the tallest out of my sister pls give a shoutout pls love you guys sooooooooooooooo much

  2. I know y’all showed a glimpse of the wall plants and how to do them— but I would LOVE a shirt DIY video showing step by step !
    Also- y’all have a crazy good eye for style. Would love videos that jus go through all different styles, and how y’all would style them. (That last one may be a lot harder than it sounds lmao)

  3. 1. You should put earrings or lipstick, or if you’re actually a vsco girl, (in one of your videos) put scrunches inside!!!
    2. I’m exactly like you- I tried planting an herb garden, and it did NOT work out. 😆

  4. How to tell Brooklyn and Bailey apart:

    Brooklyn: She had darker blush

    Bailey: She has lighter blush

    That’s just a way u remember 😛

  5. When is your next U.S. tour, i kinda want you to sing at my sister's wedding? lmk, hit me up at my hotmail, ok peace luv ya

  6. I bet that after splitting their clothes up they go into each others closets and take clothes from each other now that they have lived in tis house for a bit😂💕
    Also it is not thaaat long that you've lived in this cute home but it seems like forever🤔

  7. I think you sleep on the left but I sleep in the middle of my king size bed sorry this comment sounds like I’m bragging but I’m not

  8. I am so proud of them because they worked hard for the room because if you think about the money they get from YouTube and merch they were able to afford it so if any of you are gonna be horrid about it and selfish just think about how hard they work

  9. ok I'm French, when you're saying that your blanket has minky fabric, please tell me it's fake/artificial. And you don't have any desk in your house ?

  10. random question dose your bracelet say w.w.j.d aka what would Jesus do? sry i just think random things sometimes lol

  11. no hate but the little table in the siting area is off center i swear im not hating i love yall i just have extreme OCD

  12. So the reason girls are always cold is because we are always sending heat to their ovaries to protect those future babies. Guys also have better blood circulation.

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