BSL Level 1:8 TRAVEL

BSL Level 1:8 TRAVEL

hello my lovelies I hope that you are
well welcome back to BSL with me Charlie I’ve got to say it is absolutely
freezing in my house right now I’ve got the fire blazing, the radiator on, a cup
of tea just there and so many layers and I’m still absolutely freezing anyway I
hope you guys are well today’s video is transport so let’s get started the first
word is bike you’re gonna have two hands like this and they’re gonna cycle
forward like that so bike again bike next we have got
motorbike you’re gonna grab your handles and you’re gonna rev one hand so
motorbike again motorbike the next word is bus you’re gonna bend two fingers
like that and pull the string like they used to do in the olden days so bus
again bus next we’ve got Caravan you’re gonna have two C shape hands like that
and they’re gonna alternate like that so Caravan again Caravan the next word
is car you’re going to grab your steering wheel and you’re gonna steer
like that so car again car next is van it’s exactly the same as car but
slightly bigger so van again van and the next word is Lorry it’s the same but even
bigger you’re gonna go Lori and then you’re gonna do the shape of the Lori so
Lori again Lori the next word is boat you’re gonna
have two hands like that is in the shape at the front of the boat and it’s gonna
go forward like that so boat again boat next we’ve got train you’re gonna have
your fists at the side of you and it’s gonna go forward like that so Train again
Train the next word is tube you’re gonna have one hand being your ground and the
tube is underground so it’s gonna go forward like that with one index so tube
again tube the next word is the helicopter you’re gonna have one index
over one index re pointing up the other hand is gonna be on top just wavering
like that so helicopter again helicopter the next word is plenty gonna stick your
pinky finger and your thumb out and your plane is just gonna fly through the air
so plan again plan the next word is ambulance you’re gonna do this with your
hands as if it’s an alert so ambulance again ambulance the next one is fire
engine even ago fire van again fire van and the final word is taxi you’re gonna
put your hands up and then you’re gonna try and get the taxi with your money so
taxi again taxi thousand guys are following along if you would like to see
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I will see you next time for more BSL Charlie bye guys you

15 thoughts on “BSL Level 1:8 TRAVEL

  1. Hope you enjoy today's video. What topic would you like to see next?

    Here are the words we learn-














    Fire Engine


  2. I love your videos so much. One thing I would find extremely useful is basic conversation and phrases like the greetings video but more in depth. Thank you

  3. I’ve watched two of your videos so far and I think I’ve just found the channel I was looking for/hoping to find reg bsl. Excellent videos Charlie, clear and concise, Thank u very much indeed 👍🏻🙏🏻

  4. Helpful, as always Charlie. Thanks! As for future ideas, how about holding conversations; from small-talk or chit chat stuff to sharing heart to heart.

  5. started going to my university BSL society this year, and your videos really help reinforce what I've been learning. please keep making more video 🙂 also I would love to see more conversation BSL videos like how to put the words in context. basically like questions and answers about each topic, travel, food, etc…

  6. These videos were great for my previous job and hopefully useful in the future, studying to be teaching assistant and want to work with S.E.N Children

  7. Hi, your videos are so good, I would love to see one that focusses on helping people who work in shops and restaurants communicate with customers better, like: Hi nice to see you // how are you today / what can I get you? how can I help you? How much please? maybe some examples of responses like Can I have 3 coffees please? can I have two of those please? Have a great day, that will cost £2.40 please? & Items like sandwich, coffee, tea, cold drinks, cakes, eggs, toast etc, how to sign vegan/vegetarian large/small takeaway/ would you like a bag/ That kinda thing 🙂 Hope you can help as I find your videos really easy to understand. Thanks

  8. I found at the end of your first videos to be really helpful, its where you used to use the signs you taught in a sentence and we had to figure out what you meant. Because i dont have any deaf friends i cant practice with them. So i was wondering if you could do it some more. thanks, Euan.

  9. these videos are so helpful for a beginner! I find the sentences with the nouns and verbs all mixed in together so useful 🙂

  10. Would you be able to do a video on like constructing sentences like
    I walk to work
    I work in a hospital or cinema
    And like how to sign the words Too, to, in, a, they, are, them words like that? X
    Also only been watching since December and I have learned so much already

  11. I'm loving your videos and of all BSL vids on Youtube your's are by far the best i've come across.. I'm learning slowly and you have a manner that makes it fun,so thank you.

  12. Hi thanks for the vid, hope alls well. I'd echo other comments and be interested in phrases ad convo starters. Eg. excuse me, wheres the bus station? Or what time is the next bus? Or sorry I'm late, my car broke down so I had to get the bus…… (staying with transport theme) Something to tie all the words together with.

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