BTS LOVE YOURSELF TOUR VLOG (hamilton 9.20.18) | GA camping out + concert | FRONT ROW BARRICADE!!

BTS LOVE YOURSELF TOUR VLOG (hamilton 9.20.18) | GA camping out + concert | FRONT ROW BARRICADE!!

my face is so close omg THE AESTHETIC EYE– I’M SORRY FOR YOUR EARS to the girl who said “that’s awesome” to me: thANK YOU AND I RMBR YOU!! sARAM SARAM SARAM OUR PRESIDENT kim seoKJIN yes it’s yoonmin watch taejin carefully for the rest of dna!! water is not wet water is hoseok yoongi :((( *death screech* jin uh?? oHMYG- LOWER YOUR VOLUME NOW HADSFASFJASDFSKFJJDKDSLF jungkook really stared at me right before he– gosh his hands are beautiful I SOUND LIKE A DYING CAT indeed ohy mgod jess shut uP mIN YooNGI#@*%@(^*@#([email protected])[email protected]#) god he’s so pretty i want to die we’re all living in seokjin’s world seokjin’s cult i kept most of outro: tear in HAHAHAH i really need to stop omgljsaklk I’VE LITERALLY NEVER BEEN SO HYPE IN MY LIFE MY FRIEND AND I FREAKING OUT BC OF HOSEOK LOOKING AT US SENDS i literally felt like i was living for the first time in my life my frieND’S ‘JEON JUNGKOOK’ AJKSDFJA MY LUNGS IS2G THIS IS LITERALLY A CLUB look at yoon looking back at kookjin and trying to copy them :((( yoU PUT YOUR TONGUE BACK IN YOUR MOUTH taehyUNG LET ME BREATHE did kook just say “i am lit” bc if he did i will personally fly myself to korea and eat his closet THE SCREAMS LASTED SO LONG :’)) ‘s what our president deserves bro when he mentioned maple syrup i think my brain stopped functioning kept all of ‘answer: love myself’ in for myself

22 thoughts on “BTS LOVE YOURSELF TOUR VLOG (hamilton 9.20.18) | GA camping out + concert | FRONT ROW BARRICADE!!

  1. Such a nice video the concert was soo good i wish they release dates for canada for their speak yourself tour i wish to see them again

  2. faqs;

    q. who’s your bias?
    a. jimin and yoongi are my biases! but tbh i love them all the same :')

    q. how long did you camp out?
    a. i camped out only one night each for the first and second days!

    q. when did you start stanning bts?
    a. april of 2014

    q. how did you manage to get three GA tickets?
    a. bought two from other people on twitter, won two (gave my friend one and sold the other), and my friend and i decided last minute to buy GA tickets from a seller instead of using the seated tickets we already had- don't do this! the stress and risk was insane! we got the tickets literally two hours before the show…

  3. OMG WOW!!! I was right behind you!!!
    I was the one with glasses who commented on your Jungkook fanchant!!! 😆
    I'm so happy I can finally watch a concert video from our side of GA!!!
    Thank you for uploading this, you captured all the best moments of the night!💜

  4. "i literally started getting these dreams and hallucinations for lack of a better word of me being barricade at the concert" ME right now for blackpink lol thank you for the video it kinda helped me get an idea of what the venue will be like for blackpink in hamilton!!! glad you had such a great experience (minus waiting outside all night hahaha)

  5. Jimin is my bias and I will hurt you if you like him. JK JK. Don’t be like “ he is not your property you don’t own him to me”

    Going to NJ in May for my birthday

  6. FROM DESCRIPTION – the best moment of my life is in a 6 second video i'm going to keep for myself hngnsdgf – CAN YOU POST THIS?????

  7. U are soo lucky I wish to see bts plz take me with u I'm begging I'm only 13 yr old army since 2013😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💔

  8. damn I was gonna vlog my experience too but I ran out of space cuz I was basically filming the whole concert lmao, i went on sep 23, but i did post a few vids on my channel if ya wanna check it out

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