BTS: The Mapping of Camping | HBO

BTS: The Mapping of Camping | HBO

-(LAUGHING) -Happy birthday!
-Cheers! Okay guys, start cleaning! -Wow, this is gonna be so fun.
-Yes! ♪ (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) ♪Camping is a story
about four couples who go on a camping trip. (KNOCKING ON DOOR) I’m Harry.
I’m the propri– I run the place. Harry is a hard livin’ lesbian. This place has its own magic.
I think you’re gonna love it. It’s four couples
who maybe shouldn’t be spending four or five nights
together. -Listen up!
-Whoa, Katty. There is not only
literal baggage, but much figurative baggage. At her core, she means well,
but she’s a narcissist and ego-maniacal. Let’s get on with the itinerary
for the day! They’ve gotten
some bad habits together, and they’re
not really connecting. -We don’t have sex.
-Holy. I– I suspected as much. These are three guys
particularly who go back a long way. (CHEERING) Walt is the big brother
I never had. Walt, are those all pickles? Well yeah,
I wanted to make sure that George, Miguel
and I had a jar each. To have Jandice show up really throws a wrench in things
for Kathryn. We’re doing
whatever the eff we want. She’s not welcome,
but she doesn’t see that. (LAUGHING) (CACKLING) He just wants everyone
to get along. By the way, I saw Joe. He’s pawing Jandice
in that field, so you might want
to keep an eye on your man. Like siblings in real life,
we’re like chalk and cheese, we’re very, very different. You know,
I am not one to get angry. But right now,
I don’t feel so steady. Is this what rage tastes like? Why do you have to be
so controlling about everything? Despite it all, we really pulled this trip off.

4 thoughts on “BTS: The Mapping of Camping | HBO

  1. After week 3: Both my wife and I regard this as our new favorite comedy. “Just right” each week for some good laughs. Characters are well developed and realistic, and we are finding ourselves trying to predict where the story will go.

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