8 thoughts on “Budding private economy in Cuba takes a hit as fewer tourists travel to Havana

  1. Never insult a mighty, strong, powerful man like Trump. He'll cry, wet his diaper and put sanctions on you.

  2. 20 years ago I left Cuba in the same bad economy as tody,is not the Trump policy but the failiers of 60 years of socialist dictatureship.

  3. When you got Russian warships parked there what the hell do you expect? You blame Trump? Blame yourselves idiots. Screw Cuba.

  4. Cuba absolutely CAN export. I don't know what that girl was talking about saying the only way Cuba makes money is from tourism. The reason the Cuban economy is horrible is because it is overwhelmingly micromanaged by the government who fixes prices and pays people to stand around stores that sell nothing.

  5. The only blockade in Cuba is the Elections (not multi-party) imposed by the
    Communist Party, elections that are fraud, elections that block the
    self-determination of the people of Cuba. Elections that perpetuate in power a
    corrupt oligarchy, inept in the island of Cuba.

    ¡Escúcheme bien! Yo soy cubano y viví bajo la dictadura
    Castro Comunista y el único bloqueo que hay en Cuba son las Elecciones (no
    multi partido) impuestas por el Partido Comunista, elecciones que son fraude,
    elecciones que bloquean la autodeterminación del pueblo de Cuba.

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