Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Buenos Aires is nicknamed La Reina del Plata, the Queen of the Plata River in a far corner
of South America. About a quarter of Argentina’s 42 million
residents live in the sprawling metropolis. Bienvenidos to the beloved capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires combines European architecture
with a Latin passion for…. soccer …. juicy cuts of meat … and of course: the tango! Buenos Aires was established as a gold and
silver port in the 16th century and was named after the fair winds
that blow in from the ocean. Thanks to its fine weather, wide avenues and
its classic hotels and restaurants, this South American city really is a breath
of fresh air. Buenos Aires was shaped by European immigrants and you can see why it is nicknamed “The Paris
of South America”! The Spanish colonizers brought their trading
skills to Argentina, making it one of the richest countries in
the world. Since then the fortunes have faded, but its
splendor remains. Buenos Aires is now one of the world’s cheapest
capitals. The melancholy that comes with the city’s
fading riches resonates in the sweeping lament of the tango
music. Sit down for an al-fresco lunch in the harbor of La Boca, where this
famous dance originates. The many eccentricities of this former immigrant ghetto are preserved at “El Caminito”, the
country’s most famous walkway. While in the harbor, also tour La Bombonera, where soccer legend Diego Maradona started
out. The city’s other neighborhoods are so diverse
that the Argentineans will likely all point you somewhere else if
you ask them what to see next. Some will send you straight to San Telmo,
to score souvenirs in the patio shops of rustic colonial buildings. Browse
the historic neighborhood’s artisan markets for collectables and antiques
and listen to live music. Others will recommend the redeveloped Puerto
Madero. Modern parks and contemporary architecture
complement the preserved remnants of the port’s glory days. Everyone agrees that you can’t miss the Plaza
de Mayo. The balcony of the Casa Rosada, the presidential
palace, evokes memories of the scene in the musical
“Evita,” featuring a waving Eva Perón. Learn all about the country’s legendary First
Lady in the Evita Museum in the Palermo neighborhood.
Her life story reads like a fairytale: a poor actress from the country who married the president and became the heroine of the
working class. Upon hearing the news of her death in 1952, hundreds of thousands of admirers gathered
on Plaza de Mayo. The diva’s tomb is the most photographed grave
in Argentina, though the resident cats of La Recoleta Cemetery
do their best to steal the show Take a small detour to MALBA in Palermo. This stylish Latin American Art museum provides
a glimpse of the past… and a warped view of 20th-century designs! To get back to the city center, follow Avenida
9 de Julio: the world’s widest avenue.Test the acoustics
of the impressive Teatro Colón. Afterwards, line up for a tango show or drinks
in nearby Café Tortoni, which has been a local icon for more than
150 years already. This grand café is close to El Cabildo, the
Spanish-colonial Old Town Hall. Its central bell tower looks out over the
Metropolitan Cathedral, also on Plaza de Mayo. Visit the tomb of general José de San Martín, who led the May Revolution which gave the
square its name. The liberator’s statue decorates Plaza San
Martín in the Retiro neighborhood to the north While here, pause at the sombre Falklands
War Memorial before touring the awe-inspiring National Congress
building. End your day with an evening stroll in Puerto
Madero. Dinner is served late at night and in this rhythmic city you can stay out to dance until
the sun comes up. It’s hard not to fall in love with the jewel
in the crown of Argentina. All you have to do is look at Buenos Aires
to know that every word about this city is true

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  2. I'm currently in Argentina and it seems like I was on the right track, did the sights of the first half of this video in the first 2 days. About to do the rest. What a beautiful country

  3. I visited Argentina with two other friends several years ago. It was really worth it. If you're into leather this is a place you want to shop. And meat of course.

  4. No lo sé, porque todo argentina gente viven en España, es mejor estado y muy bella ciudad, no tené esto en España.

  5. It would be nice to see other South American countries become like this. At the end, it is the people and their ethical standards.

  6. Buenos Aires is a wonderful city. From the people to the food, culture, beautiful architecture. I was blown away. I can't recommend it enough.

  7. I'm so sorry to say I didn't enjoy buenos aries. It was very dull and cheesy. We had been looking forward to this holiday for many years and had lots of expectations because of all the amazing things we heard. No-one told us it was like going to a not so interesting version of a European city. It felt like Buenos aries desperately wants to be European but cities like London; Rome and Madrid have such wonderful distinct identities created by their history and heritage. Buenos aries seems to want to be the same but on a very superficial level so nothing feels very authentic. It lacks an identity.

  8. This is the 10th video I've watched in a row that says "This is the Paris of South America".
    How many The Paris of South America are there??

  9. Cada vez que me topo con una publicación sobre Argentina, veo los comentarios y tomo conciencia de lo bajo que va a ser el CI del argentino promedio del futuro si continuamos con estas políticas inmigratorias, pero cuando salgo a la calle y veo los edificios que sobreviven a la imposición de la arquitectura soviética, siento nostalgia por tiempos que no viví. Estamos llenos de problemas, pero mientras haya un grupo de argentinos que se resistan a ser conquistados, tienen solución.

  10. Diego Maradona DID NOT BEGIN HIS CAREER at Boca Juniors, but in fact; began his career at Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors (Argentinos Juniors). Their stadium is named no other than, 'Estadio Diego Armando Maradona’.

  11. I've been to Spain and France, and this looks really European, it looks like the center of Madrid.

  12. Best country in the world despite economic problem but that never impeded it’s charm.
    Everything about Argentina is absolutely exquisite.
    When they love they do it with everything.
    Honest and happy people.
    Love & Miss you Argentina ??❤️✌️?

  13. Hope to be there one day , I want to be at the land of my Soda Stereo singer Gustavo Cerati and my Christian Back actress who marry the mexican actor Humberto Zurita

  14. excellent !! amazing city,amazing food, amazing vibes, awesome people. I went to bsas last summer and i was overflood by nothing else than happiness and relax. Good prices , tasty food, comfy places, wonderful music, charismatic personalities, and a rich culture. 100% recommend if you are looking for to visit Argentina.

    here is where i stayed over when i traveled there https://www.booking.com/hotel/ar/palermo-holywood-apart.es-ar.html?aid=898224&app_hotel_id=4824601&checkin=2019-4-5&checkout=2019-4-7&from_sn=ios&group_adults=2&group_children=0&label=Share-Z1a0hG%401554513457&no_rooms=1&req_adults=2&req_children=0&room1=A%2CA%2C

    to me Palermo is one of the best zones to book a place , its very touristic its has everything near and its very good for going out at nighttime.

    Wish you luck in your forward trips

    travel and live life to the fullest you guys. ❤


  15. Como la rebautizaron en Europa: Buenos Aires es "La París de America". Difícil encontrar un apodo y afirmación mas precisa y exacta que esa.

  16. If you are coming to Argentina don't miss the chance to play polo with us! If you don't know how to play don't miss the Full Polo Day where you can watch Polo and learn to play it!


  17. I went there last year and I was surprised at how most people looked like Europeans. I was expecting more Mestizos. Really interesting compared to the rest of South America.

  18. A small detail. CORRECTION: Diego Maradona didnt start his great career un Boca Jr. It stated in Argentino Jrs.

  19. wonderful country Argentina. greetings from Rome. also people wonderful and friendly! i meet lots of tourists from ARG in Rome!

  20. I'm from China and never went to Argentina , but I begin to love Buenos Aires after Google map street views and youtube,lol

  21. nao sei por q denominam paris latino-americana com esta cidade, acho mais parecida com londres q com paris, por conservar a arte arquitetonica gotica com expressionista e neoclassica da capital anglicana.

  22. Spanish : Buenos Aires
    English : Good Air
    Indonesian : Udara yang Bagus
    Nice city where Boca vs River's rivalry held…greetings from indonesia?

  23. BUENOS AIRES! Have you ever been there? The city I've seen in some movies, I can hear the tango!
    BUENOS AIRES! I wanna be right there. Nothing will chase us.

  24. La impresionante belleza de BUENOS AIRES es un orgullo para latinoamerica!!! Blessings and greetings from USA !!!!

  25. Soy de Argentina un homenaje a México, España, Italia y todos los países del mundo.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺️❤️❤️❤️?

  26. Soy mexicano y quiero ir a visitar la tumba de la jefa espiritual de toda Argentina la gran Eva Perón! Espero ir pronto! Saludos desde Guadalajara Jalisco por cierto aquí en mi ciudad viven muchos Argentinos!

  27. Bellísima, euroamericana y única en el mundo, la Capital de mi Argentina.
    BUENOS AIRES, la más bella de América‼️???

  28. Bellísima, euroamericana y única en el mundo, la Capital de mi Argentina.
    BUENOS AIRES, la más bella de América‼️???

  29. Fácil se hace una película de romanticismo en buenos aires que bárbaro es hermosa y resplandeciente saludos desde Lima Perú a los hermanos Argentinos por tan bella capital falicidades La París de Latinoamérica ???

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    It would be very helpful if you could read it and I hope you enjoy it. Best regards!

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