Build the Perfect Gaming PC – Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2017

Build the Perfect Gaming PC – Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2017

Every year we do one of these holiday PC buyers guides, and oh my god, have I ever aged a lot. That’s okay That’s not the point. The point today is whether you’re buying a new gaming PC for yourself or for somebody on your nice list we’ve got suggested parts at three key price points under five hundred bucks around a thousand dollars and approximately two thousand dollars, so let’s get to it. Zotac’s ZBOX PCs are great for applications like productivity streaming and gaming They feature seventh gen Intel Core processors, and they’re super small check them out at the link below So let’s just dig right in with our budget-friendly Just game build where if it doesn’t improve your frames per second, It doesn’t make the cut. When we first saw current pricing we actually thought we were gonna be stuck with an Athlon X4 950 but using a six-year-old CPU architecture today felt wrong, so we crunched some numbers and miraculously managed to squeeze in a Ryzen 3 1200 with its stock cooler This did necessitate dropping down to an ASRock A320M-DG5 socket AM4 motherboard which doesn’t support overclocking, But this is still a major performance improvement over any of the Athlon options. On the subject of performance improvements, We’ve got the same amount of RAM as last year, and for that matter, the same amount of RAM as our 2013 holiday buyer’s guide due to the worldwide shortage of DRAM that’s driving up pricing so eight gigs of whatever ddr4 2400 or higher from a reputable vendor is What you’re gonna get and, while upgradability isn’t a major consideration for this build, (that rear I/O on the motherboard is a prime example) We’re going to use one stick instead of two to give us most of our performance today With the ability to throw another one in down the line for dual-channel For storage we’ve taken a page out of our 2015 guide and gone with a one terabyte Seagate FireCuda hybrid drive For a balance of capacity, price, and performance and for our case We’ve gone with a Thermaltake V2+ Which for the money gives us both a solid enough chassis and a power supply that while, super cheap and only capable of about 300 watts continuous, Probably won’t instantly vaporize, thanks to its two-year warranty. Though you will absolutely want to replace it if you upgrade your CPU or your graphics card later on. Speaking of the graphics card, this year we’re going with the MSI GeForce GTX 1050 ti 4 gig Truthfully, it’s a step down from what we’d like to use if we had a bit more to spend but a budget’s a budget. So overall then this year, we’ve got a much faster CPU for overall system performance and Less framerate variance in gaming, but we’re actually taking a significant hit on our GPU performance Thanks to the renewed cryptocurrency mining craze That’s driving up pricing, and we couldn’t really fit in an SSD as a result of the worldwide NAND flash shortage Which sucks. But we did end up with a pretty well-balanced machine here that can handle eSports titles and console quality 1080p gaming. Our mid-range game now build creeps a little higher budget wise but picks up some significant upgrades including a Ryzen 5 1400 again paired with its stock Wraith stealth cooler. Not to be dissuaded by the hilariously cheesy stock photo on MSI’s website, we then paired it with an MSI B350 PC mate motherboard It’s technically branded as a business board see look he’s wearing a suit but the quad Ram slots and VRM heatsinks for better upgradeability and Cooling should give us solid real-world benefits for gaming as well For RAM, We’ve got 16 gigs of dual-channel ddr4 2400 megahertz Ram making this build more of a platform upgrade than a Performance upgrade compared to last year’s though It should be noted that these sticks run at just 1.2 volts Meaning that like the CPU itself you could overclock them a little if you choose Giving you a bit of a bump over last year’s model. For storage, We contemplated going with a four terabyte 7200 rpm hard drive rather than take a 30 percent capacity hit due to SSD prices but ended up opting for a 525 gig Crucial MX300 for better overall system performance So hopefully if you’re spending $1,000 on a system You can then Wait a month or two to save up for a hard drive or you’ve got an old one lying around that you can use for bulk storage. Our case this year is a Thermaltake versa H21 which, like last year’s versa H25, offers toolless access and installation, top ventilation holes, and –unofficial– Radiator support if you’ve got a dremel and a couple of hours on your hands For power we chose a fully modular EVGA 550 watt B3 which should be plenty for everything. We’ve listed so far and the GTX 1070 that we managed to stuff into this about $1000 budget. Now the 1070 isn’t a step forward from last year, But it’s not a step backwards either with its excellent 1080p or even 1440p performance. Once Vega 56 availability improves a little bit, that would also be a viable option at this price point for team red members. So then compared to last year we spent a few bucks more, But we get into a fresh platform that promises solid upgradeability down the road. Now you could choose instead a core i5 7500 with a B250 board which might even give you better overall performance But you’d be even further over budget And it is less likely that you’d be able to slot in a new CPU for a performance increase a year or two from now Let’s get then to our high-end game on build. This sucker clocks in at roughly $2,000 and is designed with gaming performance in mind, but also as a capable workstation so it sports a core i7 7800x 6 core CPU running on an Asus TUF X299 Mark 2 motherboard. This means that unlike Last year’s core i7 6800K build, we get to take advantage of both the updated cache setup and AVX-512 support that was introduced with Skylake X for a nice little productivity boost and the higher clock speeds are just gravy We’ve given it a 32 gig quad Channel kit of g.skill ddr4 3200 memory for optimal performance and as for cooling We really like the Noctua NH-U14S. It’s a quiet solution that will allow some light overclocking while being easier on the wallet than a high performance AIO liquid cooler storage brings us to this year’s first dual drive setup, a 525 gig crucial MX300 M.2 paired with a Seagate Barracuda 4 terabyte for bulk storage, and then all of this bolts into the corsair carbide clear 400C, a Cleanly laid out case with an acrylic windowed side panel that can optionally handle liquid cooling later on now although we were disappointed by its pricing compared to last year the GTX 1080 still ends up being the obvious choice at this price point and it will comfortably handle high refresh rate 1080p or 60fps 1440p gaming and we will power this beast with a SeaSonic 80 plus gold 750 watt semi modular power supply Easily more than enough for our needs though at $2,000 should be about more than just needs and overall this build was a bit of a disappointment for us we get a generational CPU performance boost over last year sure but we’re not getting nearly the capacity of SSD that we did then and Frankly we were really hoping that by this time there would be a bonafide competitor to the GTX 1080 driving down not just its pricing, but also the flagship 1080 Ti I mean as it is, you could squeeze Nvidia’s top-of-the-line into a high quality build for $2000, but you would need to make a few compromises and either wait for better Coffee Lake availability or settle for a quad-core So maybe next year, we’ll get a $2,000 system that’s worth upgrading to from our 2016 model like, can we, AMD and NVIDIA? If we’re really good? I guess we’ll see. Anyway guys full disclosure time we do not get any kickbacks from manufacturers for our holiday buyers guides part selections But we do receive a commission if you buy your stuff using the links below So if you’re shopping go check them out even if you aren’t buying exactly the same thing but if you’re just using our lists as a starting point. And however many systems you’re buying whether it’s one or or three or you’re getting a MacBook and like a Linux workstation and a PC Synergy would be a great thing to add Synergy is a software download that solves the problem of having two keyboards and two mice once and for all You can share a single setup for referrals between two or more computers even cross-platform windows linux and mac So you’ll no longer get confused. You just move the mouse across seamlessly you start typing boom It works and features include things like clipboard sharing, dragging and dropping files between the computers, the ability to set up hotkeys, and More so try it out with our link in the video description to get your 50% off synergy today *woohoo* So, thanks for watching guys, if this video sucked, you know what to do. But it was awesome, get subscribed hit that like button or check out the link to where to buy the stuff we featured in the video description I guess I already said that. Also linked in the description is our merch store which has cool shirts like this one, and our community forum which you should totally join.

100 thoughts on “Build the Perfect Gaming PC – Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2017

  1. Is there a reason you didn't choose Ryzen for the top end system? It would have made for a cheaper build, giving you more money to play with for a 1080ti graphics card and a bigger SSD, no?

  2. Is the mushkin enhanced blackline ram compatible with the Gigabyte B250M-EVO board?
    also which ram is better? 16GB of Mushkin Enhanced Blackline, or 8GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX ram?

  3. why not a i7 8700k with 1080ti??????? why go with skylake-x this build right here on pcpartpicker is 2000 dollars (include os) and it has a 6 core processor and a 1080ti.

  4. Without knowing very much about computers I ordered everything in the "Game Now" section of the description… I think Linus accidentally said a different motherboard than he linked in the description, and added a second unnecessary processor in the description as well… however that second processor works with that motherboard so I think I just spent a little extra money than I needed to…

  5. Lmao got a good deal.
    Ryzen 3 1300x for £109
    8GB ram for free
    2Tb WD Blue HDD for £58
    B350 PC mate mobo in the vid for £75
    Bitfenix Neos case for £28
    EVGA 80+S 500W psu for £38
    GTX 1050Ti for £139
    Got all of these parts new for £445 :))

  6. Hey for bulk storage HDD go used I know it sounds bad but its everything that can be replaced from downloading… So, how bout them 1tb data caps…

  7. Just ordered mine. Ryzen 3 1200 and rx 560 4gb. Full parts For 550€ here in my Country. Never been só happy
    2×4 ddr4 2000mhz hyper x fury for 100€.great right…

  8. Can anyone pleas help me.
    I built my pc, screwed all the stuff in, connected everthing and when i turned it on my monitor says "no signal" I already double checked that all the cables are correctly pluged in end everything should be assembled correctly.

    I thank you in advance if you can help me

  9. It's too pricey Linus, iv'e recently got a new job, and i am making 410 dollars a month, with over 70% to daily needs as rent and food. I can't afford anything that is 1000 dollars. can you make something for 2018 that is normal budgeted ?

  10. Liunus, I have always been a console player. I know I know. PC gaming will always be superior in performance with a wider variety of games etc. but what always draws me back to console is it's ease of use. I love how easy it is to get home, sit on the couch and just play games. What can you say for a person like me? Someone who would love the superior gaming experience of PC with the ease of use of console gaming? Is it possible to meet the reliability and ease of use of a console with a PC?

  11. This builds are stupid. First of all, the super budget. Why go with ryzen 1200 if you cant overclock it? Why not go with G4560? Even if you can overclock 1200 its only like few percent faster than g4560. The few bucks you spent on 1200 could be spent to get 1060 3gb and get MUCH better performance. Mid tier computer also had some weird stuff but whatever, it can pass. But ultimate "Game on" build of 2000+ dollars and you get 7800x and only gtx1080. Like wtf? If you want a "Game on", and also somewhat productivity PC why not 8700k and 1080ti? I love you Linus but these builds are dumb. It feels like because you people use always best hardware you actually forgot how to squeeze most performance out of a build.

  12. Do you guys think this would be a good $1,500 build?
    Personally I think it will be pretty good, but I'd like some more opinions on it.

  13. can someone plz!! help me out, I want to make a own pc around 1500 euros but I dont know what I should buy, like should I buy i7 or i5 etc….

  14. I built a $2k gaming setup for someone recently and went with a ryzen 5 1600x and a 1080 ti instead. Since he's specifically doing 4k gaming, it's worked out great for him

  15. The Video Card You choose is horrible, it does not work at all. I bought it and it was a huge fail out of the box ($500 dollar guide).

  16. I gotta question for anyone able to answer. Could this pc play battlefield 1 on the highest graphics at 60fps?

  17. Athlon X4 950 3.5GHz Quad-Core, GeForce GTX 1050 2GB ACX 2.0 I am planning on building that pc could I run games like rainbow six siege, cod ww2, fortnite, pubg, minecraft, and would it look good

  18. Linus PLSSSS answer me : Is this a good gaming PC for the budget
    CPU:AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz (3.4 GHz with boost) / 8MB / 4 cores 4 threads / socket AM4
    Mainboard: Asrock A320M-HDV
    RAM: DDRam 4 Crucial 8GB/2400 UDIMM
    VGA: Palit GTX 1050 Ti Dua
    Power Supplyl: Segotep Q6 400W
    Case: SAMA Auroa Black

  19. Once I bought a pre-built PC. I then sold it and bought a Lenovo Laptop, it crashed. I then built my own PC had it for 2 months then sold it and bought a DSLR.

    I am now thinking of selling my DSLR to buy parts for a New PC. And I'll probably get bored of it in a couple of months and sell it.

    I need help.

  20. Linus tech tip can you build a pc that is just the enough price to run a current gen games on ultra settings.. On high resolution it does not need torun on 4k.. I never ran a good games on 60fps on my crappy pc..both the last gen games and current gen..

  21. yeah uhhhm you couldve gone with the gtx 1050 because the 1050ti is 12% faster but more expensive, the difference is not worth the money.

  22. HEY LINUS IM KINDA MAD, The Just Game build that i used to build my first pc did not boot up!! Its either the parts you suggested are not compatible or some are just defective… WTF i trusted these builds so much and it ended up firing back on me. And fyi ive tested everything and even returned and replaced my motherboard and rebuilt and rebuilt it but it wont booot up. Email me at [email protected]

  23. guys whats the best 3 computers to buy under $1000 over 60 fps to game max out settings anything amazing buyable or need $1500 atleast im tryin to buy the best for my money not spendin more then $2000

  24. Thanks for your time and money by simply driving you crazy but it was just wondering how are you doing today I will send it to you P

  25. I am crying now, I came to the vid hoping for a Miracle . Sadly in Jan 2018 a GTX 1080 is no longer 500$…it is 1000$+ When I finally had enough saved to upgrade my PC, it is now no longer possible. Thanks Crypto Currency

  26. I'm attempting to piece together a custom gaming PC, trying to set up something that runs smoothly, with the potential to record, but everything has been heavily jacked up in price lately, so guessing this plan is out the window, for now.

  27. How would this build perform? Anything wrong with it?

    Intel i5 8600k

    Asus prime z370-A atx motherboard

    Cooler master hyper 212 evo

    Crucial ballistix sport Lt 8gb 2 16gb Ram

    Wd 1tb hard drive

    Gigabyte gtx 1050ti 4gb

    EVGA bt 450w

  28. You thought you were disappointed in the prices of the GTX 1080 then… nowadays it's $1,000+ because of all the cryptocurrency miners.

  29. My specs are:
    -16gb kingston ddr4 RAM
    -asus geforce GTX 1060 6gb dual
    -samsung EVO 850 500gb SSD
    -1TB Barracuda HDD
    -i5-8400K 2,8ghz up to 3,8ghz intel-prosessor
    doesn't remember the case
    don't remember motherboard

  30. I wanna change out the 1070 because it’s 400 dollars more , What should I change it out with? Would a 1060 6 gbs do it? Can anyone help me or link me the Game now build with a 1060 6 gb GPU card and help me see if it’s compatible with the parts? I live in Canada so everything cost more like Graphics card and CPU’s cost like 150 or even 300 dollars more

  31. why don't you really help gamers out by doing something use full like make videos about games that crash and developers who wont fix the problems or have tech support to fix there games. the PC industry is a ripoff and no one cares how much gamers are being ripped off each year by trashy games that dont work or crash. and you guys dont care thats why i never give a tumbs up on this video because all it is BS some of these games you support crash and you dont even care. do you ever get ripped off?

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