BUNK’D Cast Gives a Tour of Camp Kikiwaka

BUNK’D Cast Gives a Tour of Camp Kikiwaka

(Theme Music Plays) (Music Plays) Hey Guys I’m hanging out with Peyton List who we know as Emma Thank You so much for hanging out with us. Yea, Thanks for coming on set today. It’s so fun being here in real life because I only see it on tv. And it looks exactly the same. the same yeah so kind of fun because we have like the voice of a grizzly cabin those are the weasels over there or like our enemies on set and then you butch a woodchuck so this is Emma’s area and la very clearly yeah the chandelier so cute and then there’s new phone juries and Tiffany’s so fun so when you guys aren’t hanging out in here on set where do you guys hang out because car was saying like how close you guys are I’m sitting down with cranber– I right now who we know is Robbie how are you enjoying being on set she’s probably very unhealthy for us cause it just like we spend so much time together like it’s good movies latina I like to do something if you can hang out with people outside of set and on set you know that shows like how type of a bond your cast has with each other yeah it’s a special thing actually you would think I have two were missing a scene together that could be sick of each other yeah but no we like going hang out in each other’s dressing rooms Karan has a really like homey vibe in his dressing room so we will go sit in there he’s a comfy little carpet I’ll be all like and just eating lunch on alright guys i’m sitting down with kevin quinn now who we know as Xander it’s great that you’re friends with everybody on the set that’s nice it’s like you have your own community we’re lucky because you know not all sets get along very well but whether it’s on you know the kids on Jessie or the kids on bunk this set has been the same group of people developing this dynamic which is so important to the success of our show well this room is so cute yeah we could go through the bathroom okay perfect oh yeah I’m hanging out with sky Jackson who we know azeri from Fung yeah thanks so much for being here thank you for having me how much fun to be on set I know it’s get to chat with everyone right yeah it’s cool to see how it actually is in person yeah hey guys I’m sitting down with Nina Lou who we know as Tiffany your character does a bit of a perfectionist do you have any pet peeves in real life it’s not very like uptight perfectionist but it’s when somebody says something or does something and it bothers me like hey can you stop and they don’t I just like I will make you stop alright guys i’m now sitting down with Miranda may AKA Lou you have your little ninja and everything I was just shooting a scene with my counselor shirt on well I know you’re also comedian mm-hmm do you have any go-to jokes or any joke you really love that you could share with us i don’t think i have like a go-to joke but only the thing that I talked about the most in my stand-up is like the differences between Ohio and L Lakes I’m originally from Ohio right what do you think is the biggest difference between where you grew up in here um space so like there you can go outside you can see for miles here you go outside you can see 45 feet so that’s about it because you can see another building this is kind of at home for you it is a little bit this is the boys cabin I’m so excited to meet you officially because you are in studio with young Hollywood I wasn’t there we had a great time it was as the kids say it was literally my favorite meal would have seen eat pancakes and chocolate I actually brought you something though what because i was watching the interview and I know you love these so I brought these for you today I don’t think there’s anyone set tonight can I eat it yeah please do I have to try them right yes they got me Jojo right when it comes to Joe dozy okay can i buy 1 i’m gonna try one see you okay let’s try it grizzly cobb a let’s see and actually it looks really neat you know only raised bunk is like always messy yeah everyone else is pretty tight alright i’m joined by nathan a den Haas yep unless you better write a que Jorge yeah okay so you hit a big mark on Instagram recently a hundred thousand followers which now it’s like 100 and 1000 followers this is our like standin that we are for mrs. Kipling aww thats a little guy so cool if you weren’t an actor what would you want to do cartoonist real animator yep do you love drawing I do I love to draw do you have any like samples of anything that you you do that yeah that’s amazing what it was the inspiration from this star wars honestly I’m sis sis Lord yeah I i order them so you can sing and you can act that’s not fair I have been practicing a while so you know hard work I guess pays off and as far as inspiration for acting her music is there anybody that really stands out as a role model to you well i would say justin timberlake yeah just because he’s kind of managed to master his skill as both an actor like you’ll see him in the social network or when he’s not doing that he’ll come out with an album like 20 20 he’s always working yeah this is amazing I’m sorry we’re like here’s the back to honesty that let’s pull out and you were saying that there used to be a real lake right and now you have a different sound stage they built a huge lake and had the dock there and it was so fun we did like three episodes on the lake the special effects people here are amazing okay well thank you so much for giving us a tour no one will see I know I don’t think I’ve actually ever done that before like give it a full tour of the set it was really cool good luck with the rest of filming and so Mona think you think it through who is a class

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  1. Bunkd is the best show ever!!!i wish it can let me be in one of the shows!!!(Jorge Emma Zuri Finn destiny matteo Ravi Xander Lou Tiffany) that’s proof I know the show!!!i named ALL the shows

  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Uzsd7IQflnj2QVntNHhOA/videos?view_as=subscriberhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Uzsd7IQflnj2QVntNHhOA/videos?view_as=subscriberhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Uzsd7IQflnj2QVntNHhOA/videos?view_as=subscriber

  3. hi a question will have a fourth season of kikiwaka camp? if you answer me I really appreciate this series a save from Brazil

  4. Omg I love this show but I can tell u who has a YouTube channel in bunk’d zuri-Sakai Jackson that’s the name of her YouTube channel and hazel-Tessa idk what the second part was but yeah

  5. Xander you remember that time when he said Hazel I mean somebody else I can't remember who it was was crazy Hazel

  6. You know what guys I love your beard can I watch it on Netflix but I miss you guys die remember remember Luke who did that to Robbie so so funny

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