Butterbean’s Cafe FULL Episode ?️ Cricket Goes Camping! | Nick Jr.

Butterbean’s Cafe FULL Episode ?️ Cricket Goes Camping! | Nick Jr.

Cricket goes camping! Come on, Butterbean! The sooner today starts,
the sooner I get to go camping! OK, OK! Hut, two, three, four! Hut, two, three, four! Got this cinnamon bagels, Poppy? Right here! [meowing] Good morning, guess what? What is it, Cricket? I’m going camping with my Scout troop! Hut, two, three, four! Oh, how fun! I love camping! Hello! It’s my Scout leader! Hi, Mrs. Dollop! Puddlescout Cricket, ready for camping! Are you ready to go hiking
and sit around a campfire and sing songs? Oh, you are ready! Now all we need is a camping snack! I know the perfect camping snack,
Mrs. Dollop! Trail Mix! Oh, that sounds great! To make Trail Mix… We’ll take peanuts, raisins,
sunflower seeds and yogurt chips. Then we’ll mix it all up
and put it into little bags, so each camper can have their own snack
while they hike the trail! I love Trail Mix. Oh, and Cricket,
don’t forget your sleeping bag! See you later! – Bye!
– Bye-bye! Sleeping bag? What do I need that for? To sleep in, silly bean! Woah, woah, woah! Camping is a sleepover? Outside? Well, you’ll be in a tent, but the tent
will be outside in the woods. At night time? Yeah, it’s a real adventure! Oh. I didn’t know
we were gonna sleep outside… At night. I don’t think I wanna go camping anymore. [music playing] [humming] Hey, guys!
Those salads were a big hit! And don’t forget
that sandwich order later. And do we have everything
we need for the Trail Mix? Let’s see. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, yogurt chips… Oh, Jasper,
where’d you put those raisins? One for me! And the rest for you! [giggling] OK, let’s get cooking! ♪ Come on, everybody, let’s get cooking
Open up the fridge and take a look in ♪ ♪ Grab a cup of friendship
A spoonful of love and ♪ ♪ Get the kitchen ready
Let’s warm up the oven ♪ ♪ Together, oh, together, yeah ♪ ♪ Everything’s better
When we make it together ♪ ♪ Yeah, we’re really cooking now ♪ Hey, Cricket! Cricket? I think she’s up top. [music playing] Hey, wanna try the Trail Mix we made? I don’t wanna go camping. You don’t? I don’t like it. How do you know you don’t like it? You’ve never tried it! Wait a minute. Are you worried
about the sleeping over part? I don’t know. Maybe you just need a little practice. Practice? Yeah, I think I have an idea. I’m thinking that maybe
if Cricket can practice camping a little, she might see that
there’s nothing to be nervous about! Hey, Cricket, can you come up here
for a minute, please? [music playing] Huh? Welcome to Camp Cricket! The best campsite in the whole café! Camp Cricket? Yup! I thought that if you practiced
camping a little bit, you might like it more than you think. Well, come on in! It’s kinda like a little bedroom! Uh-huh. You wanna practice a little? OK. OK, I’m practicing. I’ll be downstairs if you need me. [music playing] Thanks for washing
all those veggies, Jasper! Just doing my job, boss! Butterbean? Coming! Cricket? I heard something. You heard something? Like what? Like a noise! Or a sound! I dunno! If Cricket’s going to go camping
with the other Puddlescouts, she’ll need to get used
to strange noises too! So Jasper’s going to help! OK! So when you’re camping in the woods, you might hear noises
that you don’t recognize, but they’re nothing to worry about! Jasper. On it! [rustling] Do you hear that? Uh-huh. What do you think it is? Hmm… It sounds like leaves? You got it, Cricks! Just leaves! Now what about this? [music playing] That’s just the wind! See, just wind! [giggling] You can stop now, Jasper! OK, thanks! But what about animals sounds? [gasping] [giggling] A cow? [mooing] [giggling] Jasper, that’s just silly! You wanna practice some more without us? Yup! [giggling] [humming] [screaming] Butterbean! [music playing] What’s wrong? In here! What’s that shadow? [meowing] Oh! Hi, Cookie! Sometimes shadows
can look a little spooky, but there’s usually
nothing to be afraid of! Yeah, OK. Cookie, you stay here
and practice with me! [meowing] OK, now for your next practice,
we’re gonna turn off the lights! But then it’ll be dark! Hang on! [meowing] A flashlight? Uh-huh, I’ll turn out the light
and if it’s too dark, all you have to do
is turn on the flashlight! Ready? Ready! [screaming] Turn on the flashlight! Oh! It’s like my night light. [humming] I think Cricket’s
starting to like camping! Hello! Hi, Mrs. Dollop! Here’s your Trail Mix! All set for the camping trip! Thank you, Dazzle! But I’m afraid
there’s been a change of plans! Hi, Puddlescouts! Who’s ready to go camping? Oh, Cricket. I’m sorry
but we’re not going camping after all. What?
How come? Well, your fellow scouts
don’t feel like they’re ready yet. I don’t wanna sleep in a tent. I’m scared of the dark. Oh, you guys, I know how you feel! I didn’t wanna go camping either! But then Butterbean showed me
that it’s really fun! I have an idea! Can we practice camping upstairs? Sure, that’s a great idea! Mrs. Dollop, can we camp
in the party room tonight for practice? Hey, what do you say, Puddlescouts? You wanna go camping? – Yes!
– Yes! Awesome sauce! Follow me! Hut, two, three, four! Hut, two, three, four! Hut, two, three, four! Welcome to the best campsite
in the whole café! Oh, wow, this is great! Ow, wow, this is pretty cool! This campsite is amazing! [giggling] Nice job, Scout! [giggling] Hey, campers,
don’t forget your snack! [giggling] Oh, yum! – Oh, Trail Mix!
– I love raisins! Just one more thing! Cricket, will you turn out
the lights please? For the fairy finish. Mm-hmm. [music playing] With a flick of my whisk
and a flutter of wing, this firefly bean will do its thing! Wow, fireflies! Woah! – They’re glowing!
– Isn’t that neat? Thanks, Butterbean! [giggling] I didn’t know Trail Mix
could get even better! [laughing] [giggling] [mooing] You guys, listen! I think I heard an animal! [mooing] [laughing] Jasper! Sometimes new experiences
can be a little scary, but most of the time, trying new things
can be really fun! And trying them with friends is a recipe
for a lot of happy campers! You can ask your parents to subscribe
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