Cafflano Klassic all-in-one Coffee Maker When Camping

Cafflano Klassic all-in-one Coffee Maker When Camping

alright hey guys I’m out here looking
for a cup of coffee and I’m just looking at different coffee systems that you’re
seeing right now in the stores and don’t really like any of them so the other day
I was at my little hipster coffee shop and I found this thing right here which
is the cafflano classic all-in-one pour over coffee so
what I’m gonna do here is heat up some water grind some beans and give it a try
out that the mill of the grinder is made out ceramic and you can adjust the grind
or the coarseness of the grind by simply unscrewing the top here and removing the
handle and then adjusting the dial screw back on and you’re good to go all right our cup of coffee is all
brewed up it’s a double wall the mug I mentioned here with a
kind of a plastic exterior with the steel the rest of the components are
plastic other than the grinder which the mill is made of ceramic and you got some
nice quality steel for the handle other than that you know what nice easy
process not a bad cup of coffee I like my coffee
black so it’s very important for me to get a nice cup of coffee all right final
thoughts on the cafflano classic coffee maker as you can see it
does take a little bit of volume if you wanted to bring it in your backpack I
think this works better as just an overall travel on the road camping
cottage you know maybe at home if you only one that drinks coffee like I do
it’s it’s nice all in one system I really do like the grinder I think
the grinder is probably my favorite part of it the cups that it brews or the
capacity aren’t necessary very large so it’s I guess restaurant size
coffee cups not a huge coffee it’s not a mug it’s just regular cups so let me
know if you like the system or you prefer your system at home or while in
the woods or at a park like I am this morning so do you prefer other
french-press systems do you like those arrow presses do you like having
espresso in the field or on the road or do you think this little all-in-one
system might do the trick I don’t know but this to me seems like something a
little bit nicer that I wouldn’t mind having around right now is just it’s
with me in the truck so and it doesn’t take up that much room if you have the
space and doesn’t take long to brew up some coffee so that’s it we’ll talk to
you guys next time you

7 thoughts on “Cafflano Klassic all-in-one Coffee Maker When Camping

  1. I can dig it. Super simple for car camping or even making a single at home. The grinder worked amazingly fast. Those crazy hipsters.

  2. This is one I have been wanting to try there is a field version of it as well

  3. I bought a coffee press from Cabela's out in Kearney Nebraska. That uses K-Cups in the Press. Makes a great cup of coffee and of course there is no mess to clean up afterwards. Mass of something to consider when you are backpacking.

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