California Motorcycle Camping Adventure | San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles (Day 3)

California Motorcycle Camping Adventure |  San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles (Day 3)

There we go. Day 3 of this adventure, and so far things are going well. Alex, how are you feeling? Great, man. Love it. The best thing about motorcycle and bicycle camping is that each morning you wake up and break camp repack it, and then you’re off. It definitely feels super free. And personally, this is the first time I’ve taken my bike on some serious distance. It has been going really well. Ladies and gentlemen, we are packed up, ready to go. First stop: breakfast. Let’s hit it. So what is the plan? Right now we are in San Luis Obispo. We just ate. We’re going to get back on the bikes, and we’re going to loop down to this place called Montana de Oro. It’s a state park. It’s supposedly super beautiful. We get full views of Morro Bay. From there, we’re going to come back down, rejoin the Highway 1 to Morro Bay. We’re going to check out Morro Rock, which is a giant rock. From there, onto Highway 46 to Paso Robles, where we’re going to ditch the bikes and get into wine tasting mode. You ready, Bro? Let’s do it. All right. Well……… San Luis Obispo, cute little town, dude. Super cool. I very much considered going to college here. I did too. But then when they were like… “You need to know what your major is.” I’m 17. I don’t even know what my middle name is. I’m 31. I’m still figuring out what my major is. Bye -bye San Luis Obispo. Let’s go check out Morro Bay. A quick little pit stop at Montana de Oro. Montana de Oro. State Park. Gorgeous little wild flowers everywhere, and this beach that we haven’t quite got a view of is just over there. We got a glimpse of it when we were riding in, and it looks gorgeous. OMG, you guys. Beautiful, man. Absolutely beautiful. I think that Central California is so cool because it’s just so uncrowded, and that’s dictated by geography. The LA basin was connected to the rest of the country by the train. San Francisco had the Gold Rush. But this part of the coastline is just the right balance of inaccessible, but stunningly gorgeous. But overall, it’s just a little bit too far to get the crowds, and that’s what makes the journey worth the trip. We pulled over at Morro Rock, in Morro Bay. There’re literally 10 little otters just chillin’ right here. And there’re babies….. baby otters. It’s cute-ness overload. I want to eat all my meals like an otter. Actually, we should make an otter restaurant where they give you inner tubes and you sit on your back to eat your meal off your belly. The first European expedition here was the Portola Expedition, the Spanish. The name “Morro” is a Spanish word that means a big rock formation. It’s kind of shaped like Gilbralter. That’s what gives the bay its name. And in more recent times, it’s also the name of a really awesome electro song called Morro Bay. I’ll link it in the description, but seriously go check it out because you’re going to be like…Morro Bay. Summer never ends in California. All right you guys……we’re saying goodbye to Morro Bay. We’re going to be saying goodbye to the PCH for a little bit. We’re heading inland to Paso Robles. We’re going to be taking a cool little detour on a road called Old Creek Road. This road trip is all about back roads. Here we go… Old Creek Road. Wow. An incredible ride up here from Morro Bay, and now we are in Paso Robles. We’re going to unload the bikes, take a quick shower, and then hop in an Uber and go to a vineyard for some wine tasting. We’ve got our stuff all over the hotel room, but we are showered, clean and ready to taste wine. Paso Robles is a super famous wine region. It’s one of the best in the state. It’s probably the country, and it combines the soil of Bordeaux with the climate of Napa. So that makes some great wine. Let’s go check it out. You brothers? Yeah. The Vagabrothers. The Vagabrothers. That’s who you’re riding with. My name is Martin Croad. We are Croad Vineyards and Inn.. the west side of Paso Robles. We’re a winery and a bed and breakfast. What sort of wine do you cultivate here? We do Zinfandel and Rhone blends, Grenache, Montvedre, and Petite Sirah. It’s 100 percent dry farmed. We’ve been dry farming the vineyard for seven years. Even through the California drought, we rely on the winter rains. We don’t irrigate at all. We get very small berries and very concentrated fruit. Our yield is very low. We’re really not concerned about yield that much; it’s all about the quality. The owner, Martin Croad, is a Kiwi, and we’re half Kiwi, so it’s the Kiwi connection. Kiwi is a New Zealander, for all of you who don’t know . There’s a couple of wines we are tasting. They are famous for the zinfandels here. We’re going to work our way up to that, the bolder wines, starting with something on the lighter side. This is the Atua. It’s a bend of cabernet, zinfandel, and petite sirah. It’s really fruity from the zinfandel, but also tart from the cherries. Wine first came to California with the Franciscan Missionaries back in the 1700s during the Colonial Times. It was brought back about 100 years ago by Americans, and after Prohibition, this place really came into its age in the 1970s with the new generation of wine makers. Even compared to a decade or two ago, there’s just been an explosion of wineries. We’re going to finish off this day with an excellent meal at a restaurant in downtown Paso Robles. There’s a wine festival going on there in the main square, and we’re eating right next door. All right ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the restaurant. It’s called Artisan. It’s in downtown Paso Robles, and we are seated outside right next to the main square. There’s been a wine festival here today, so they’re breaking it all down. We just missed it, but we’re having a beer because it’s hot. And red wine in the heat is not really a great call. Paso Robles was originally a hot spring/ mineral spring since before Europeans came here and then later. It’s been developed a lot as a food destination because with good wine, comes good food. This is one of the better restaurants in town, and we’re going to feast as you know that we do. Here’s to a good meal. Cheers, Brother. We’ve got head of the wood mushrooms with a pouched egg on top, some pecorino cheese cooked in a little sauce with some creme fraiche on a brioche bun. OMG. OMG, Bro. Put the camera down, and try this right now. And now to cap it off, we’ve got the pork ; it’s slowed cooked. They basically buy the whole pig, butcher it in house, cook it slow and low for 6 hours. It’s falling off the fork. Here we go. Well, Bro. We did it again. Epic day. Another beautiful day in Central California Cannot believe it. We went up the coast, up to wine country, and toped it off with a great meal. Can’t complain. This is the type of adventure we want to keep doing. We want to do it in more far- flung places. If you’ve enjoyed this video, you know what to do: give it a thumbs-up. Before you do, remember tomorrow is the big challenge. We’re going to culminate this series at Big Sur, which as of this date of filming is closed off from the south and the north on the PCH.. We’ve got to try to find a middle route that will let us through because if we get into Big Sur, we’re going to be the only people there, have it to ourselves. Awesome If you have enjoyed this video, you know what to do: Thumps- up, share it with your friends, and subscribe and turn on notifications if you have not already. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring and we’ll see you guys on the road. The Road to Big Sur. Peace.

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