Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 — Days of Summer Trailer

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 — Days of Summer Trailer

Sun… Waves… Explosions… May be the best month of my mercenary life. Days of Summer is back! Lock, load and coast back into Grind. And keep the peace, with the Peacekeeper. A whole new set of weapons and outfits for your Summer Arsenal? Yup. More modes. More mayhem. And more Blackout I tried to tell you this was big. Really, really big! Burn voyage!

100 thoughts on “Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 — Days of Summer Trailer

  1. You killed zombie mode by taking out the leaderboards. Now you added more leaderboards to blackout and still no round count for zombies… I like blackout a lot but I was a die hard zombie player. Endless waves and you have rec of it… let's hit 20 on every map, now 30, 50, round 100. Now why even play

  2. U added the DLC guns to blackout but we have to unlock them via reserves, U c***s must want ppl to stop playing your game

  3. PLS NERF THE FREAKING S6 STINGRAY or take the gun out of the game or you know what? Just take out the operator mod for this stupid gun, the gun doesn't make SENSE, WHY THE GUN IS HERE

  4. I've played Blackout every day since it's come out and haven't had fun in a single match since January. That is completely based on the fact that the game itself doesn't work properly. Bullet damage is completely random from shot to shot. Why do y'all think they don't show us the damage/distance/accuracy/speed for each weapon anymore. It's because all of those things are on sliders throughout each game and encounter. Same match, same gun, same opponent and the damage is completely different. A .50 Cal to the head 5 feet away won't get the kill but a shot to the foot by a 5.56 from 200 feet away will get the kill. Same amount of armor and health on both people. Then the next game you can put 60 bullets from a 5.56 into someone's head and no kill. Yet from 800 feet away you die from 1 bullet from a .50 Cal shot across the map. And the kill cam being sped up to trick is utter bullshit…. c'mon man #fakenews #worstgameinhistory #garbage #boycottcod #boycottcallofduty #boycottmoderwarfare Let's all make Modern Warfare the lowest selling game I'm COD history. If we don't stand up for ourselves they'll keep stomping on us and stealing from us. #thieves #falseadvertising

  5. Hoffentlich schlägt euch einer für die strobe Pumpe so richtig schön in eure widerlichen Kauleisten ?

  6. Developer: How do we copy Fortnites 14 Days of Summer without people noticing it.
    Employees: Just don't do it, maybe come up with somthing more original.
    Developer: …
    One employee: REMOVE THE NUMBERS
    Developer: That's what I'm talking about.

  7. Yeah how about that Modern Warfare gameplay?
    Nobody cares about Treyarch anymore and their bad work environment.

  8. Fourth of July Special Event??? Every other tier empty??? What are you afraid of? We might get to many "free" stickers. You guys have become a joke.

  9. i like how they say "no season pass" but they act like the black ops pass is any different. like they just took out "season" and put "black ops" like wtf

  10. This game is a shitshow, the spawning is trash and the guns are so overpowered… when I am NOT using them, when I use them they are god awful, it is littered with microtransactions, this game has nothing to do with the Black ops franchise, they should have called this game: Call of Duty Microtransactions give us all your money for weapons that are great when you don’t use them, finally don’t even get me started on the season pass and the tier list which is filled with stickers and face paints that you can’t even seen.

    Overall this game killed the franchise for me, at least WW2 was fun, Call of Duty you have lost a fan since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

  11. I disappointed the the quality of the game internally. The game it self will freeze right before you load in a the in-game match. Let alone it freezes in the prematch up lobby when you try to make a class before the game starts. Now it's not as frequent as Bo3 but it's damn near. It doesn't have a single scratch on it. If I was to submit this type of coding to my boss, I'd be fired. Can you guys use some of the money you guys get from these ignorant players to fix it….I've seen the same bundles every season, if not every other week.. It's quite frankly sad. Just about all the stuff on the black market you literally can earn in the tier system… Stop robbing all these players with lack of knowing that you're, " Treyarch/ Activision" taking advantage of all these desperate players. Acording to The amount of revenue in a twelve month period ending on "March 31, 2019 was $7.360B, and a 1.43% increase year-over-year". Even if that's not right on the dot I'm a hundred percent sure that's its near to that ratio. Please STOP filling your pockets more deep than they allready are. On average the employees that help develop BO4 make just a little over a six figure annual salary let alone. I'm beginning to loose interest in Call Of Duty in General, as a lot of my friends are too sadly.

  12. Dear Call of Duty can you put a full button mapping system in your Call of Duty games, like I can put a button where ever I want. I noticed you have PS Vita control support on Black Ops 3, so why not a full button mapping system so we can turn our PS Vita's into a pro controllers. I know this is a tall order but can you update all the Call of Duty titles from Black Ops 3 to Black Ops 4 to have a full button mapping system. I don't know the numbers on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare but if there enough support you should update it. Yeah you'd get a lot of money out of me and probably alot of people because I want to invest in digital Call of Duty games for my PS Vita.

  13. Yeah a full button mapping system and put the touch buttons on the on the back touch pad on the PS Vita. Yeah I know that's a really tall order but PlayStation refuses to update the button mapping system. Oh and the Anaglyph/Classic 3D setting in your Call of Duty games for us 3D fans be nice especially for us mobile fans.

  14. Drkiges Fzn spiel. Ihr miserable Versager. Das Spiel hier ist der größte Betrug am Kunden seit es CoD gibt.
    Ihr habt eure Fanbase damit dezimiert.

  15. Die ganze Zeit muss ich mit irgendwelchen missge gegen Gruppen aus Prestigemastern spielen. Fickt euch für das Matchmaking

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