Hey Guys! Phoebe here,
from Little Grey Box Are you planning a trip to Cambodia? If you are planning your first
ever trip to Cambodia There are a few things that I think
you really need to know before you go Don’t buy from local children
or give them money or food It may sound harsh, but hear me out With their beautiful smiling faces looking up at you It can be really hard to resist buying trinkets or souvenirs from local kids
who will run up to you outside of temples and the like When they get food or money from tourists It devalues an education, and the kids,
their parents, or the people they work for might see it as more viable for them to keep working over tourists than to go to school The Cambodian Government openly agrees and they would encourage travellers
who want to do good to donate to charity organisations
and local schools instead You’ll need a mix of currencies It’s time to get real No, I’m not just being cool and hip like one of the kids Riel is the Cambodian currency that said, you are really going to need
US Dollars more than Riel For anything that costs more than a dollar
you’ll be paying in US Dollars For anything that you get in change below that you’ll get it back in Riel When you are getting money back Check it thoroughly, as counterfeiting is
alive and well in Cambodia They’re funny about bills though No, if you’re names not Bill
you’re not going to get in trouble Dad joke But if you do get a note with a rip or tear it
you may find that they don’t accept it We had some real trouble getting local vendors
to take a note that had the slightest tear or the slightest infraction in it
That just wouldn’t take it off us So when you are getting money back Be confident, give it back and say that you want a clean crisp bill A little Khmer goes a long way Khmer is the name of the Cambodian language and if you pick up a few local words it’s going to go a long way to
being a good human and a good traveller here are a few to get you started Hello sous-dey sounds like… sewer snake Thank you orkun sounds like… all good Sorry somm toh sounds like… Soz dude Don’t ride the elephants The reality is, the way that
an elephant is broken in to be able to be ridden by tourists is really harsh It’s a process called crushing It really is worth researching it so that you can understand the
problem yourself a quick Google search for
elephant crushing or having a look on YouTube will show
you a few videos and a few articles that i think will encourage you
not to do it I didn’t know, now I do
and I’m really glad I do You can’t drink the tap water While we are all trying to cut down
on single-use plastics unfortunately, in Cambodia you can’t take your water bottle
and refill it from your hotel tap What you can do though is stock up on a few really big bottles that way you’re not using single small bottles and you’re still drinking safe clean water Tuk Tuk is the way to get around When you’re in places like Phomn Penh
and Siem Reap honestly the best way to get around is by
hailing yourself a tuk tuk and if you’re staying in a hotel you’ll find tuk tuk’s lined up outside
ready to take you where you want to go a 5 minute tuk tuk ride should cost you
around USD$1 and you need to negotiate before
you get in the tuk tuk or when you get out you’re gonna
have a problem Pro Tip: Always have the business card of the
hotel you are staying at with you so you can show it to the driver so that he knows exactly where you
are going and the address Beware the food scam If you are in places like Phomn Penh
and Siem Reap you may be approached by a
beautiful girl on the streets of Cambodia telling
you that she is really really hungry and she doesn’t want your money all she wants is a meal and could you just take her to
a local restaurant and give her something to eat Seems reasonable right? No! it is not reasonable, it’s a trap! Wake up to yourselves internet! What will really happen is you will sit down
and you will order food for yourself and her and then at the end of the meal
you will be hit with a huge bill Being a tourist and in a tough situation you are going to have no choice but to pay it To avoid falling victim to this scam be aware of it and when a young girl approaches you
simply say no, and walk away. Beware the baby milk scam There is another scam and it has a similar tone a young woman with a baby in her arms will ask you if you can please help her out by buying some formula for her tiny little baby it’s so hard to say no but you have to If you don’t, you will be taken to a
suspiciously close mini-mart Where you will spend USD$20-$30 on a tin of baby formula After you leave the young woman will return the formula to the store and she and the store owner will
split the profits of your US dollars It’s important to say no not just so that you aren’t the victim but so it puts an end to scams like this and young women and children being
exploited for the profit of organised crime To enter Cambodia you are going to need a visa You can do that before you go to make things a little bit easier or if you are on the fly just sort it out when you arrive If you do plan to get your visa on arrival make sure you have a spare passport photo or a least a few with you and you should check the visa requirements because some ASEAN countries
don’t require one at all Prepare for some questionable toilets Oh the things I have seen and the toilets I have hovered over Cambodia is no exception Always have pocket tissues with you some wet wipes and some hand sanitiser just in case English is widely spoken Hey, if you don’t speak Khmer If your Cambodian language skills
aren’t quite up to scratch No need to panic You will have no trouble Ordering at restaurants, hailing a tuk tuk and sorting out your accommodation at hotels You need to be mindful around monks In Cambodian culture, monks are not only revered, they are very well respected and it’s important to be a good traveller and a good human and observe these
cultural respects yourself Woman in particular need to be mindful You shouldn’t ever touch them or
sit too close to them And it’s always important to ask if you can take a photo before you do You may find that they say no But you may find they say yes! Bag snatching in Phomn Penh is a real thing Ohh, yes I took a tuk tuk ride and my tuk tuk
driver was terrified for my safety He made me strap my backpack to my body and sealed me inside the tuk tuk
with all the flaps down so nobody could see me So when you are out and about Whether it’s on foot or in a tuk tuk please make sure your bag is secured to your body with those fidgety little nerdy straps that the backpack companies give you If you don’t have a bag
that can be secured to your body and sealed shut You need to get a new one before you go You may need sunglasses and a face mask Why you ask? I’m gonna tell you why Internet When you are wizzing around on tuk tuks
and on the back of scooters and all that kind of open air transport
that they have in Cambodia There’s a lot of dust on the roads and that can
fly up and get right into your eyes And the pollution is quite real Especially in Siem Reap and Phomn Penh It’s cheap and easy to get your hands on a SIM card Because I’m always on social media for my work I had to get a SIM card when I arrived and I was a little concerned
about how much it would cost in Cambodia Turns out it’s dirt cheap I did have to hand in my passport to get it So if you are a little bit worried about identity theft Be sure to keep a close eye on the
person working there and maybe just give them your
husband’s instead of yours or your friends, whatever You’re going to need a few temple outfits When you are visiting places like
Angkor Wat, the Grand Palace and other sites where temple kind of
vibes are involved You’re going to need specific temple outfits This means your shoulders need to be covered Your knees need to be covered No midriffs, no deep plunging neck lines and you guys, a scarf isn’t going to cut it So your best bet is to pack two temple outfits Some t-shirts or shirts that cover
your shoulders and your waist Skirts that go below the knees will cut it If you visit Siem Reap you are going
to need a temple pass If you are thinking I might just risk it and I don’t really need one you would be wrong because at each temple
they have people standing there who check your pass to make sure that you not only have it but to make sure its valid The Internet ain’t great Oh this was a hard one for me
because I Iive for the Internet and I run my business on the internet Everywhere I went, regardless of the quality of the hotel or the cafe, the internet just
wasn’t that great unfortunately so if you are a freelancer,
or you do plan on working online keep this in mind because you will
be slowed down a little bit You should pack an umbrella It rains! Spontaneously when you least expect it and you may just end up buying an umbrella
from a very cute kid on the side of the road no, no , no Avoid that by packing a little day umbrella with you
in your daypack every day you go out It is incredibly hot and humid in Cambodia and I come from a really hot place on Earth Brisbane There were times when I would leave a place and I would be soaked through my t-shirts so you might want to put one or
two extras t-shirts in your bag if that kind of thing is going to bother you You might want to also get up and do most of your exploring either early in the morning or late in the afternoon so you avoid those
hottest parts of the day drink plenty of water stay hydrated, and wear sweat wicking if it so suits you The mosquitos are very hungry The mosquitos in Cambodia are no joke and if you are worried about
any mosquito borne illnesses be sure to see a doctor before you go
but also pack some mosquito repellant in your bag and be sure to put it on every day They really do eat bugs and spiders There’s a good chance you’ve seen fried tarantulas and bugs and spiders
of all shapes and sizes for sale at markets and you’re probably thinking
hey, that’s just for tourists Yes, it is for tourists but,
they do actually really eat them I was shocked to learn that So, if you do see a local munging down on tarantula don’t be terrified, join in! Prepare to fall in love with the people of Cambodia It’s just an incredibly special place and, one that is close to my heart my little sister is Cambodian and… I love Cambodian people they are so warm and genuine they have the most incredible smiles and kind eyes They have a great sense of humour and they are fantastic to talk to Thank you so much for watching If you don’t already, please be sure to
hit that subscribe button and say hello in the comments below Have a great time in Cambodia
and I will see you next time love ya!

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  1. Great detailed video Phoebe! I was in Cambodia in Feb 17 and this brings back alot of memories especially the baby milk scam!

    Always in absolute agreement about elephants!

    I remember my temple pants at Angkor Wat, they split up the crotch within 10 minutes but I managed to get by!

    Alot of people tell me they have to pay bribes at the Thai border, but I just paid as part of the bus ticket from Thailand, no drama!

    Love Cambodia!

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  5. I'm a Cambodian gonna say you did very well to detail useful and accurate information for your fellow travelers. Seems like you've been in Cambodia quite long to gather all your experiences. Of course there will be some scam from local in most countries. Cambodia is aware of these and working to improve for a more tourist-friendly site gradually.

    Thanks for the nice information, I've learn something new in my country from the tourists' point of views.

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  16. Nice – mostly correct – you CAN drink tap-water, it's probably better than most of the bottled water, which looks like spring water but isn't, and the regulations are not great. The best way to travel (alone) is a motorcycle taxi, faster than anything to get through the often congested traffic. If you want a tuk-tuk get the app 'Pass App' on your phone – almost anywhere will cost you a dollar, whereas a conventional tuk-tuk will ask you to choose a price, which makes handing over a dollar hard. They never have change either, or at least the pretend not to. Pass App allows you to set the destination too. Most tuk-tuk drivers don't speak English and don't know where they're going. They will often say they do and just guess. If they get it wrong and it takes ages to get there – you're paying. Pass App is the way to go. Sign up as soon as you arrive and you'll be good. If a woman with a baby approaches you asking for money – give them a dollar, why not? Avoid all scams by giving them a dollar and then ignore them. It's fair enough to help a little bit. She's 100% right about bag snatching. They will zoom up next to your tuk-tuk and whip your bag before you know it – ruining your holiday and life. Strap them on and keep them on you. Also – don't stand around holding your phone. It will get snatched by a bloke on the back of a moped. Stand well away from the road when using your phone. You won't have any trouble unless you're an easy steal. You don't need an umbrella unless you go during rainy season. You will always be sweating, so is everyone else, so no real dramas. There's not too many mosquitos – UNLESS they really like you. Some people get LOADS, I get hardly any. Deet works if they really like you. The people on the whole are just lovely and friendly – if you're a man, be prepared to fall in love with one of the many women. You will, it's unavoidable. I live here, by the way.

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