Cambodian Visa Extension EASY DIY Tourist “T” Class

Cambodian Visa Extension EASY DIY Tourist “T” Class

So my Cambodian visa is running out. I got to renew it this week extend it or I got to get out of here. So apparently back in the day it used to be harder to do it yourself. You had to go through an agent and you can still go through like an agent or an agency here. It’s about $49. Whereas if you do it yourself It’s $30. So I’m gonna try doing it myself, but if you’re trying to do this on the cheap you can’t use tuk-tuks or taxis because the office is way out at the airport and all your money that you’re gonna save is just gonna get eaten up in transportation. So if you don’t like taking local buses then just pay somebody to do this for you. But if you don’t mind taking a local bus you want to save that, you know 20 bucks. I’m just heading to bus number 3 now at Ang Duong Hospital. Bus takes about an hour to get out to the airport that I just have to cross the street. Now for a lot of people, you know if they’re traveling, you know they’d rather to spend their time doing other stuff than you know, doing business like this, but you know, I’m thinking like if it’s a young backpacking couple and they want to stretch their dollars out I mean that’s like 40 bucks between two people. That’s a few nights in a hostel. So I’m going to be the guinea pig here and give this a try. I’ve gotten extensions with visas in other countries on my own before as well so this should be interesting to see what the process is like here in Phnom Penh. So this is the best way to do it If you’re gonna do the visa extension yourself. Go out to the airport use the local bus, bus number 3 cost 1500 Riel each way that’s like 40 cents.So do that and then it’s gonna be worth it to do this on your own. You have to make two trips, they don’t do same-day service. So you got to go out there drop off your stuff, passport, passport photo, and probably fill out an application there and then they’ll call you back. However long, we’ll see? Couple buses on the way, but I think the first ones a number two. I need the number three.There’s like a lot of people waiting here. Hope I don’t have to stand for like an hour. No, not this one. I think it’s the next one, maybe. Here we go, number three. Wow, these are pretty nice buses aircon, pretty comfy. Okay, I’ve arrived here stop and go traffic all the way out, it’s pretty congested. Across from the airport is the immigration office department. So I’m going to go inside now and see how it goes. It’s like quarter to three right now. So let’s see how long this takes. So not bad about 45 minutes total inside. Very friendly service, no problems at all. So I’ve got my visa extension, I’ve paid for it but the hitch is I got to wait one week so I’m gonna be in Phnom Penh for three or four more days than I had anticipated but that’s okay. Really happy with this. So I got to pick it up just one week from now. So I’m gonna hop on the bus back to Riverside, Phnom Penh. By the way, this is I’m right next to the train here they have the train service now that runs between the airport and downtown, the Phnom Penh Royal Station, but this is I’m too cheap. This is $2.50. Maybe I’ll do this trip another time. Trying to save some money on doing the passport myself. So 1500 Riel back to Phnom Penh. Cheapo, el cheapo! So pretty easy to get the tourist extension yourself you just gotta wait a week. If you want to stay longer in Cambodia, longer than one or two months then you’ll need to apply for the “E” visa upon arrival. Those can be extended up to one year but a little bit more complicated now to extend those so you might want to employ the services of an expert to help you out there because you’ll need some letters and different things. You can do it yourself, but you might find that you’re going to go back to the immigration office maybe a couple of times before you get it all straightened around. So otherwise though the tourist visa extension quite easy to do on your own. So thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed that, found it useful, helpful. If so thumbs up please. More videos from Cambodia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia so subscribe to the channel now. Thanks for watching. Peace. See you soon!

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  1. I didn't know they ha d a bus system; how does it work, pay as you get on, or there's a ticket you need to buy prior to getting on?

  2. They keep your passport for a week. Hopefully you don't need to do anything else with your passport in the meantime. Cool video John!

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