Camp CONNRI Christian Summer Camp (Short Version)

Camp CONNRI Christian Summer Camp  (Short Version)

I will say one of my favorite things
about camp is silence but then right after that I like to see that silence get
filled up. I love the sound that the kids are running through camping just ripping
and roaring. Cabin two give me a woo! When I say red you say hot red hot red hot Well I think what’s helpful here is a
lot of the distractions of home the kids they come together to form a
different kind of family and to participate in a different type of
community. They’re the first ones to jump out the bus. They’re like waving their
arms out the buses they’re smiling they’re super excited and they have
questions right off the bat. I mean they’re asking about what clubs they can
join. Can we go do swimming today? Can we go climb the rock wall today? So
they definitely just can’t wait to jump right in and get started. Everything that
we do here is all about fostering the opportunity for our campus to interact
with God. My favorite part about camp coming to camp is Jesus theater. I learned that
you have a choice to be with Jesus or choose the wrong way. We put on a play
called Jesus theater and it’s practically the main story of God, his creations, and then
the story of Jesus. During the end captain Siena always gives us prayer and
she asks is there anyone here who hasn’t accepted got into their life. So of course
some kids will raise their hands and I love that part because that means that
we see that God’s kingdom is going to grow today. They get to come and be here
for a week and just enjoy being a kid. It’s totally different out here it’s a
different environment everything is focused on them is tailored for them
centered for them to grow and enjoy just being a kid and I don’t feel like kids
get to do that all the time anymore. All year I’ve been waiting to come back to
camp. Like three weeks before I was already set and packed just waiting
sitting there waiting. It’s a good place to let your kids hang out over the summer.
They have go-karts, basketball, soccer, football. My favorite thing about camp is
like the counselors and get to do a lot of stuff with them. My favorite thing
about camp I really like the rock wall, Archery, and Gaga ball. It’s nice for
them to come and it’s really different from being at home you know or maybe
there’s like a lot of cities and buildings really really nice to see them
enjoy themselves and relax a little bit out in the countryside it’s so lovely to
see I love it. It’s nice to go like the little escape into a different type of
area different scenery. Usually they come in all shy and then you see them break
out of their shell. They’ll come in with like no friends and by the end of the
week they’re all best buds. It’s a beautiful place here I wouldn’t
change that for anything see and seeing the scenery here the kids the staff it’s
amazing. Our Nature Center is really awesome we
have all sorts of small animals and they can sit in the pen with them they hold
the chickens they they get the eggs out of the coop they hold rabbits. We had
ducks hatched this summer and they were able to see the Ducks hatching. It’s so
fun and yet they’re learning valuable lessons while they’re doing it so it’s
really cool. Swimming time can’t be long enough for them. You see them from
being afraid to even put their foot in the water to actually learning the
backstroke by the end of the week that’s pretty cool. The most rewarding thing for
me is when they start off in the beginners and we teach them how to swim
a little bit. We get in the water with them we play with floats and things like
that. We feel like we have a really quality program really strong program
and anybody can come. We don’t consider income at all. So when they come there
it’s all an even playing field and when they see that it’s all for them then
they really start to open up and that’s really cool. We’re here for the kids. It’s
just an awesome place to be to connect with God, to connect with yourself, and
learn something else about yourself that maybe you didn’t know about. Camp is a
great place to be.

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