Camping (2018) | Official Trailer | HBO

Camping (2018) | Official Trailer | HBO

It’s Walt’s forty-fifth
soirée. -(BOTTLES CLINK)
-ALL: Cheers. This place has its own magic.
I think you’re gonna love it. -You smell nice.
This is such a great spread.
You want a wiener?
Watch your fingers. -Honey?
-Eww. It’s nice to get away
and unplug. -Guys, eyes on me.
certified lifeguard present, so please keep an eye on me. This place is just so relaxing. Time to get our buns in gear
for our fossil hunt. She always has a plan,
my Katty. Today, we have
birds of prey watching! Whoo! ♪ (JAZZY BASS LINE PLAYING) ♪ It’s nice to get a break
from the group, right? NINA-JOY:
Honestly, I just need a drink. We’re doing
whatever the “F” we want.♪ I love the mountains ♪-♪ I love the rolling hills ♪
Why is your face so tight? Did you put on a night cream?♪ Boom de yada, boom de yada ♪♪ Boom de yadda, boom de yada ♪-HARRY:What’s her diagnosis?
-She’s mentally quite sound. -Okay.
-F-you!♪ I love the flowers ♪KATHRYN:
The weird thing about life,
you can feel fine, but also,
know you’re a ticking time bomb. (BOTTLE TINKS) Where… are… we?! Why do you have to be
so controlling about everything? Take that! Take that! Take that! -(SLAP)
-Ugh! I just wanna say… I’m now ready to forgive
all of you.♪ Boom de yada, boom de yada ♪

100 thoughts on “Camping (2018) | Official Trailer | HBO

  1. Lena Dunham is producing this? Well… it's pretty much guaranteed to be a big pile of steaming dog shit… 2 seasons and HBO will flush it down the toilet

  2. dear HBO, does the wolf (from the three little pigs) have the voice of Charlie Barkin

    Sincerely, Ryan

  3. This would be a great television series, lol. Or just make it a movie! Cancers are planners and sometimes we might get to carried away with our plans. Especially if your guests are more free spirited, lol.

  4. This looks horrible. Lena Dunham makes everything worse. Another show about people that are purposely annoying and unlikable and it's supposed to be charming to watch?

  5. Another shit show from Dunham? It's about damn time. Of course, she's just stealing from a British series with an identical title, so it's utterly contrived. It shouldn't be much of a surprise since the only other thing she's ever done, "Girls", wouldn't exist without, and is so completely derivative of, "Sex in the City."

  6. David Tennant is repulsive to look at, but he's got a cracking PR team/press agent drumming up fake enthusiasm for his appearance.

  7. Wow this show really sucked bad !! liberal comics== pussy hat wearing butt hurt silly silly losers !!!HAHAHA HBO SUCKS OVARIES!

  8. Here's a funny quote: "Dunham, of course, had a huge success at HBO with “Girls.”"

    It was the lowest rated of their entire series of the era, and didn't even poll well with critics outside of New York. "Huge" success must mean "several hundred young New York Jews".

  9. Executive Producer Lena Dunham molested her toddler sister — why HBO would support a self-admitted & unapologetic predator like that is beyond me. Suffice to say, I will not waste my time on this show….it looks pretty dumb anyway.

  10. I am sick of the low IQ, PC, gay, mixed raced coupling "hate white people" Hollyweird shit that keeps getting regurgitated…

    and, Lena Dunham is disgusting….stop putting her in front of a camera, put her in front of a moving train….plz…k…thx

  11. Is it possible that Woody Allen somehow had his mind and consciousness transferred into the body of a newborn baby girl, named Lena, 31 years ago? Let's see: Wealthy, neurotic, self-hating, artistic types, Jewish in Manhattan household? – check. Molesting tiny girl relatives without remorse? – check. Fake humility and cloaked pity me parties? – check. Physical self-hatred and hypochondriac? – check. Oblivious to constant tone-deaf, self-serving public statements? – check. Writes, produces, directs terrible movies and TV shows chock full of elite, privileged white friends? – check. Left behind an empty shell to hang out with aging wife? – check.

  12. Julia Davis, who created and stars in the UK version, is a seasoned comic genius who has created, written and acted in too many successful TV series to remember. Lena Dunham is a one hit wonder who, seemingly, only got her chance on HBO because of string-pulling by her influential parents. She can't write something original so she is, basically, stealing the work of an actually talented person.

  13. Camping is beyond horrible! It's truley hard to believe that a show this terribly written, acted and directed, ever got the green light from HBO. I'm beyond mortified for anyone involved in this abysmal mess!

  14. Juliette Lewis being in this CANNOT be all that bad. Going to have to look up this Lena Dunham person to see what all the hate is about. <–No, I've not been under a rock. I just don't know everything. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  15. To anyone reading this, don't waste your time. This show is terrible. Jennifer Garner is so cringe it's painful. Terrible, terrible characters in a desperate attempt at humor. Don't let the cast fool you

  16. Who gives a shit…… As Americans we should actually go out camping.

    How much money does it cost to make this crap up?

    How much money does each person involved with a project like this make?

    Would be much more interesting if these ACTORS were ACTUALLY camping, in the form of reality TV….. Which is still scripted!!!!!! Hahahaha!!!!!!!! ?????????

    Fuck TV.

    Learning REAL things is WAY better.


  17. I'll check out a couple episodes because I like David and Juliette but I find Jennifer annoying and just not likable in anything I've ever seen her in.

  18. Why would I watch an American talk show set in nature? Too much talking bla bla. Sounds like Woody Allen pedofile helped with the dialogue.

  19. This looks awful. I would have loved to see Tennant but I cant get past Jennifer’s character. I guess I’ll wait for Good Omens instead

  20. Just watched the pilot. Jennifer Garner's character makes it uncomfortable to watch. No one in the real world is like this.

  21. Another huge failure for HBO. First Here and Now (which was thankfully cancelled because it was garbage) and now this. I love Mallory Knox from "Natural Born Killers", but the saddest part, she can't save this series. Like Here and Now, this show is doomed from the start.

  22. Wow… Why the F all this hate about Lena Dunham?? Are you guys idiots consumed with your pity life just spitting out shit on internet? Shes really funny and Talented… And i mean… I Watch like 2 TV shows a year maxium( just to explain Im not a TV person, or that i care about celebs…) And since the first episode i accidentaly saw of "girls" i literally could not stop watching it. Real, funny, Smart, Talented actors… Come on people… Dont be dickheads. Peace&love

  23. I watched it. It reminds me of Parks and Rec. Not as funny so far though. Garner is seriously annoying. I wish they didn't pair David Tennant up with her I feel like he's going to get over shadowed by her the whole time. I hope they utilize his character a lot better. Juliette Lewis is a pleasure as usual. I'm going to give it a chance because of David and Juliette. If they weren't in it I would not have bothered.

  24. Is it a miniseries? CanNOT imagine anything more than that. Can’t even really imagine a mini series.. seems like more of a movie… I realllyyyy trust HBO tho so idk.

  25. I've tried with Jennifer for years but I just can't do it, there's something about her that I just can't vibe with!

  26. This looks boring as hell. Your 'stars' Garner and Tennant has zero ability
    to draw me in either so that's leaves nothing. Thanks but no thanks. Good luck though.

  27. i have a felling this is going to tank but i have not seen more than 5 mins of show so fingers crossed. David Tennant been in good stuff, and Bad Omens looks great but this looks like Broadchurch (US), a weak concept with big names to make the network have faith. But again heere's hoping I am wrong.

  28. God , JEN is so annoying, theres Not a minute when I DONT WANT TO JUST PUNCH HER IN THE FACE!!! SHES ANNOYING AS F**K !!!!!!!!! I feel soo sorry for her husband, his life must be complete HELL living with that!!!!!! I know I've never been the type for violence or murder, but I swear, She would litterly drive me to Murder her with a Gurn , but more than likely a hammer or shovel, si I could beat the Bitch right out of her, and then bury her. I'm sure I'd get off with a short sentence after jurors see what kind if crazy she truely is!!!!

  29. For the creators fans there is a new article about her and if you want to feel like you did after season 2 of girls, go try to read its weirdness and lengthy details no one wants. I made it to a few paragraphs ?

  30. Elektra married Kilgrave! Please tell me there’s a scene where Jessica Jones and Daredevil turn up to shake stuff up.

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