Camping (2018) Teaser Trailer ft. Jennifer Garner | HBO

Camping (2018) Teaser Trailer ft. Jennifer Garner | HBO

(BIRDS CHIRPING) (BOTTLE CLINKING) ♪ (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ Hi, checking in for four nights.It’s Walt’s
45th birthday soiree.
-This is gonna be so fun. You know what?
It may not be fun. It may not be any fun at all. Where…the…
-(LAUGHING)we?This place has its own magic.
I think you’re gonna love it. (QUIETLY) Okay. ♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪ You smell nice.

48 thoughts on “Camping (2018) Teaser Trailer ft. Jennifer Garner | HBO

  1. Looks fuckin dumb. Hopefully there is a bunch of sjw references and then at the very end one person can say how much they love Barack Obama.

  2. lol, if you guys like camping videos, why not check mine out…it's real and you might learn some cool things about nature and camping lol.

  3. So its an American version of the Mike Leigh TV movie Nuts in May stretched over a series. Count me in ?.

  4. This is an absolutely awful version of the original and nothing like how it should be portrayed. Rip off!

  5. Wait so this is the American remake of the Julia Davis series right? That one was hilarious, I had no idea they were doing an American one

  6. Would love to see her in a new electra movie, I grew up on marvel comics and the daredevil and electra series rocked. Couldn't see anyone but miss Garner pulling together

  7. I don't see why you need to have ft. Jennifer Garner in the title? I get it if you're doing each individual actor, but me thinks you're trying to hard by pushing their stardom in our face. ?

  8. Bridget Everett, Juliette Lewis, and David Tennent? Yes! produced by Lena Dunham? Yes! (even if just to piss of the whiney dudes with tiny dicks and no sense of humor :). I like her writing, too. She also brought us Adam Driver. He's enjoyable to look at (like the opposite of men who for petty reasons hate Lena Dunham). I feel like she's on the list of people they are told to hate (yet no one knows why). 😀

  9. aaaaand they've done it again, more of HBO's White Thoughts – whitey goes camping, whitey has to be explained to by black intelligence, whitey embarrasses herself, 'cause let's face it, she's white, whitey falls down, gets picked by black superiority, whitey doesn't understand, 'cause let's face it, she's white, whitey goes round in circles, mainly because she's white . . . . . . etc etc etc fucking etc etc etc fucking etc etc etc.
    Well, this whitey has fucking zero interest in any more HBO's fucking White Thoughts, fuck off

  10. Another big failure from HBO. Here and Now failed and it was atrocious, but this show could be worse, even Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers can't save this show. And to make matters worse, this is another US remake of a British TV series (don't we already have enough of those?!)

  11. Really cannot imagine Camping without Julia Davis….especially not Jennifer Garner and judging from the trailer its nothing at all like the original! Looks so unfunny,,,

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