Camping and Bushcraft in a Tokyo Forest | Japan Outdoors Guide

Camping and Bushcraft in a Tokyo Forest | Japan Outdoors Guide

67 thoughts on “Camping and Bushcraft in a Tokyo Forest | Japan Outdoors Guide

  1. Morning buddy ? from England ?. Looking like a lovely ⛺. All set up an ready to rock. It sounds peaceful there?? Well mi friend thanks for sharing mate. ATVB

  2. Rock, now you have to introduce us to your dinosaur and your Bushcrafting partner! I woke up at 0300 wondering if you posted again and you did. Love your videos. A little more whiskey and a little less soda! Have a great day!

  3. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! That food looked amazing. Good to see you bushcrafting it up in Japan! Keep up the good work brother!

  4. What a nice setup. Another outstanding video. Looking forward to cold weather camping here in Vermont, Take care and pat the dog for me. Al

  5. yet a great video, love the way you keep your videos varied, love the style you got at your video's sometimes a small video, then a longer one, keep up the grea work my friend

  6. UCO ノ タキビ stand イイネ ?
    カペリン シシャモ ダイスキ
    トテモ good video アリガトー

  7. Outstanding! What was the shooting going on in the background? Did you find an American supermarket out there?

  8. Good one man. So nice to finally see some bushcraft. Looks like you guys had alot of fun for sure! Food looked unreal!

    I hear that Japanese people dont tend to like roughing it in the woods. Is this true?

    Thanks for sharing bro,


  9. Hay Rockie ; You & Mrs. Rock sure are living large, Friends ! Even Pup got a snack ! Thanks Friend Be Well ! ATB T God Bless

  10. お、 日本なんですね?
    目刺しが 渋い??
    フランスパンの 消費期限が ポッキーの日だ(11月11日)


  11. Another good one, Rock! Great gear and good to see you out with the family. Looking forward to the next…Take care buddy. Peace.

  12. Awesome stuff as always 🙂 Feel like I've asked before, but any mamushi out in that region? I really need to get down south and get used to being around venomous snakes, being a northern boy has really spoiled me. And colby-jack? My man, solid choice!

  13. ??very nice looked like a great day and you made some good food and drink. Love the dog too. Take care. From Florida your friend

  14. Man that was an awesome time! Talk about gourmet cooking too WOW I am very impressed. Everything looked tasty. That stove/grill looks awesome. I could see myself using something like that on my back patio at home, as well as to take on car camping trips. Man, your girl looks like she knows how to handle that big knife. You better behave, brother! LOL!

  15. Great campsite, beautiful woman, big sandwich, cute dog. What more could you want. But what happened to the fish? 5 on the stick, 4 in the pan, 3 on the grill- did the dragon get them? Another excellent video thanks for taking us with you.

  16. Thanks for the sub recently. Subbed back. I enjoy bushcraft vids, maybe where you found me on someone else's channel. Also, I love Japan. Wish I could go one day…

  17. Great video! I follow alot of japanese bushcraft and camping on instagram: sanzukomountain, mouncos etc. You have alot of excellent suppliers of camping gear and bushcraft gear over there that you can't get here in the u.s.. Maybe you could share some details on your gear. Thanks for the great video!

  18. Sorry but couldnt help but chuckle a little bit with the cooking of the catch of the day. Sometimes ya just gotta work with what ya got, keep up great work

  19. Hey man, I just saw you turning up on my channel, and I quite like your videos!????
    I just want to ask you if you could tell me the song you used in the beginning here? Couldn't find it on shazam somehow…?

  20. Recently moved to Japan and looking to get out in the woods again.
    Do you have any reading material in regards to the laws here about general legal practices in the woods?
    Bon fires, building light shelters etc?

    Thanks! Enjoying the videos ?

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