Camping And Gold Mining At The Gold Claim In British Columbia Canada (Claim B.C)

Camping And Gold Mining At The Gold Claim In British Columbia Canada (Claim B.C)

good morning, good afternoon welcome back to another video anyways today we are gonna be at one of my claims in British
Columbia BC now I am gonna be very careful with this claim pacifically
so I’m not gonna be showing you guys the location of it nor will I be telling you
guys the reason for that is because there’s already so many claim jumpers
I mean impossible numbers to even pronounce but they dig in the wrong spot
so I’m gonna be digging in the right spot today and we’ll be getting
some gold from my claim and yeah as for claim jumpers man I don’t know what to
do man now I am running a recirculating highbanker I have I’m
running a 1,100 gallon per hour water pump electric and then I have a little
solar panel there that kind of helps now I’m actually testing this battery if
this battery will not last me all day I’m taking it back so I have already ran
a few buckets and there is some gold in here actually there is a piece right
there there is the piece there and there’s a
piece there but it’s very very fine gold here very very fine so anyways uh I got
my spray bars hooked up but I’m really disliking how these rocks are getting
jammed in here I don’t want to raise it up any more because it is electric water
pump it doesn’t have that much power but it is doing the trick so I got to kind
of suffer with it now I could switch this to
kind of like grizzly bars instead which I might do in the near future and there
is my tent that I had fun setting up yesterday last night when I
got here it was pitch black and I had to set up everything you see there and get
the fire going as for the river, it is a beautiful
beautiful location so it did say that it was going to be thunder showers all day
today thunder showers supposed to be all day today yet it’s been actually quite
sunny but it is starting to rain now but that’s ok also guys if you guys enjoy
this make sure you guys drop a like on it and also leave the comment it really
helps me out and I also really really enjoy reading your guys comments and
replying to them simple as that so yeah thank you guys so much that already
comment and like on every video I really appreciate it it doesn’t go unnoticed
alright we have 4 buckets ready to go 4 buckets more ready to go so we will see
what we get here now everything will be circulating and yeah that way I don’t
have to worry about a lot of the laws that are in British Columbia when it
comes to high banking all right we’re all done we ran about a
solid oh I don’t know maybe about four hours on that thing
so I don’t know when I get home I’m gonna plug it in see how much I got left
on it but anyways let’s do our clean-out so this is this was actually going
pretty slow the reason for that is the gold here is ultra-ultra fine you
will get lots of it but there’s a lot the small gold so I thought it would be
good if I just ran this kind of slow but steady so I don’t know we’ll see we’ll
see how well it worked out but it seemed to be okay I could have left it running
a little bit longer just to clean out some of these riffles so
underneath is metal I got miner’s moss and then underneath the miner’s moss I
have carpet that I added in myself piece of gold you guys know that I’m panning extra
slow because of the cost truth you guys can see a lot of red in there black sand let’s deal with the red sand alright let’s see what I got I want to
leave a little bit in there cuz I’m rego through it when I get home
alright let’s see here should be okay well its gonna be lots of fines in there
guys but get on the left side they’re ready for
the party all right guys you’re that piece right
there and keep your eye all along here so what
I’m gonna do guys since I’m down this far I’m gonna just quickly show you guys
now I’m gonna lose a bunch of gold because it’s really small stuff so I’m
just gonna shake this down I’m going to show you guys reveal real quick and then
I’ll clean it up and then I’ll show you guys like a better reveal all right you
guys ready let’s see if we can see all that gold yet all right I see lots in
there guys you guys see all that gold there is gold everywhere see a really really small stuff really
really small stuff look at that now and hopefully, you guys can see all those
micros last result as low as I’m gonna go I’m gonna take all this home hopefully, you guys can see all that see
all the floaties – alright it got dark real fast but we ended up doing or
cleanup I hope this camera picked it up so I snuffed it all up and I’ll bring a
home and take a picture of it if I have to I’m not sure sometimes this camera
picks up a lot more than what I could see on the back of it so therefore we’ll
see when I get home last night when I got here right like I set up everything
it now I set up my tent must have been
I set up my tent at about midnight okay and I set up probably my tarp right
after and then I started getting the fire going and the fire I got going at
about one o’clock now I was starving so when I was done with that I am it was
weird man, it was strange because right across the river from where I am now
it’s flatland but it sounded like there was like huge boulders being thrown in
the river it was strange sounding now is probably
you know a landslide yes probably from upstream or downstream maybe the sound
just carried over but it was strange like it was just very very strange
because I have to multiple times see yeah it’s kind of weird man but anyways
I thought I’d share that with you

24 thoughts on “Camping And Gold Mining At The Gold Claim In British Columbia Canada (Claim B.C)

  1. protip insted of POV fotage, try to have the camera setup so we can see your whole " persona " so to say
    its more fun to watch like your whole body at work "time lapse" some of the longer stuff, it will turn out great 😉
    also if u want to find more gold, just Eat alot of meats and skip carbs, you will understand after a few days, doin that.

  2. Cool video bud! I enjoyed it and so did picker petey ?. From the looks of it you have a good amount of flour flood gold there. Just a suggestion to grab more of it…… get a thicker carpet and a thinner moss. And also turn that expanded the other way, you can see where the water pressure is its blowing it out and some are filling like it should. "Enless you have tested your tailings " nonetheless great video my friend

  3. 3:22 We have 4 buckets ready to go? in my opinion if you take all the material from each bucket and put it in one bucket, you get one full bucket of material ??

  4. An old wise prospector always said that there’s more gravel on a claim that any one man could ever dig, why not post a sign to the jumpers that say, if your going to claim jump then be respectful and fill your holes in at least, oh and by the way your expanded metal is in 90 degrees the wrong way

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