Camping at Wilsons Promontory Melbourne, Victoria – Sealers Cove Campground

Hey guys, how is it going? It’s 7:00 AM here in Mulgrave. We are like 30KM away from Melbourne CBD. I am here at my friend’s place. And, we are going on a Camping Trip. It’s gonna be like 1-night stay-over at Wilsons Promontory. We just finished our packing. We loaded the car trunks with everything. Really stuffed up and we are 9-people. First stop, we having a stop here at 7-Eleven. Putting some gas in the car. This was not at all on the list but, everybody is really hungry. We are almost reaching, just got like 10KM more. We just saw this beautiful scenery on the way, so we having a pit-stop here. Taking pictures, and making videos obviously. We are here at the Squeaky Beach. We just having a stop here! We are yet to reach our campsite Beautiful beach! How does the beach got its name? There are like rounded-quartz, the sand grains, they rub each other when you walk. And make sound. So, that’s why the name Squeaky Beach. Apparently, its water everywhere. I am finding it really hard to walk But, I couldn’t hear anything squeaking under my feet. I am gonna further…. and see… I am just trying to pass through this passage between the two rocks This is amazing! Guys!!!! This is cool! Rocks! Everywhere! This is beautiful! We just climbed a rock and I am really, little bit slippery, with my shoes. Everybody is jumping, try to see whether the sand makes any squeaky sound! Here… here… *Squeaky Sound* We are here at the Tidal River Visitor Centre! We just gonna go get the pass for parking the car. We just temporarily parked over the corner. We just gonna go get the parking pass for a day or two. We are not sure about it. There is a General Store here and also some restaurants! We are here at the Tidal River car park and we got the permit. It is really hard to find a parking spot! You get to do an overnight parking permit and then you need to park. But, the way the people are parked is so bad! Before we start the hiking we thought of having food. We parked our car there and this is the shuttle bus which takes us to Sealer’s Cove The shuttle bus took us to the Saddle Car park which is like literally 5 minutes.. max 10 minutes drive from the Tidal River car park. We have been told that this parking is full. But, I don’t see any cars up here! Anyway, our hiking starts from here! We started our hiking. We are heading to Sealers Cove. That is like 9.5KM hike. It’s gonna take 3 hours, that is what the signboard says. So, we are here at the Wilsons Prom and exactly at the Saddle car park. I just start my Apple Watch and see how long it’s gonna take 10 Minutes into the hike I had to remove all my sweaters and jackets. Getting really.. kinda hot.. it’s not that chilly anymore It’s good! We got like.. another..2 hours 45 minutes to go! This terrain is ok, its not that hard. Soily..and Thank God! it didn’t rain! We are half an hour into the hike here at Wilsons Prom We got another 2.5 hrs to cover! Alpaka (the backpack brand) is pretty much holding It’s not that much hard to carry around by the way. The view is amazing! The terrain is changing! We will go! right! Let’s go! According to my watch, it says 2.3 KMs we covered in 50 minutes. Can’t complain! Too heavy backpacks.. but, it’s alright!! How is it going, guys! Subscribe to my channel! Go We got our first roadblock! Let’s try to go over it! We did 7KMs at the moment And…..the trail is completely changing It’s a very refreshing walk At first it was really hard but, now, as the KMs went up we got really good energy! I don’t know why! And we are having a great time! Our pace increased, with a great extent! We are able to cover lot of distance than before Look at the trail! We covered almost 9.5KMs We got like, 400 m remaining I guess! The trail is beautiful. Without any doubt, this is one of the best hiking trails I have ever been to! This is amazing!! What the Victoria Parks has done here is marvelous! And the nature is so great! They got different trails here Like I showed before On each phase of the walk it changes! It’s a beautiful 9.5 KM and without any doubt, I am telling you again, this is one of the most beautiful trails I have ever been to and I really love it *9.5 KM, not 6.8 KM! My Mistake* We got 700m more to reach our camp We reached the place – Sealers Cove! It’s so beautiful here! We gotta travel another 700m to reach the camp! We reached our campsite Its just across this creek Now its like low tide. So we can cross it When it is high tide it’s gonna be water everywhere We gonna set up our camp somewhere in the jungle It’s an amazing experience! I never did that before. Let’s head in there. Let’s do it! I am just gonna cross from this side by this way So, I am crossing this way! Everything is on my hand, if something falls its all done! We crossed the creek and we are on the other side now We gonna go up and setup the camp We are here…at the Sealers Cove Campground We gonna set up the camp..somewhere here.. I am gonna go, set up my tent! Since there is no light, it is really hard to shoot in here! So, there is no power or anything. We just rely on some battery lights. This is Sealers Cove I just woke up …next morning…I couldn’t shoot yesterday! It was really pitch black in here. There is no light at all The Sealers Cove is the first..ah.. camping site. If you walk another 10 KM you gonna be reaching the Refuge Camp which is different one. Next stop is that, I am gonna show you, the tour of my tents in the campsite here at Sealers Cove We got like, 4 tents here. I will be taking you there! This is our first tent which had shared with 5 people! This one.. big one.. And we got one small tent here which we use to put all our stuff in! Like, all the bags and everything! And we got this tent, which is shared by two people. I was here So We got an inflatable pillow, just put my jacket under that for extra support We got some water Hand sanitizer and the sleeping bag. This one is insulated up to -5 degrees but, the comfortable temperature will be 0 degrees. Just like $22 by OzTrail Finishing off our food we don’t want to carry it all this way back So, trying hard to finish the jam. I am gonna be doing that in a while. Like I said, we need to finish off the jam. So, it’s less weight for the way back. I am gonna do, like a, Jam Challenge. Ok, I think that’s enough right? Somebody has to take another one. I had one already! But, its a Jam Challenge!! Go..Go!! We put it all together Come on!! Sreerag…Sreerag…Sreerag Now, we got some.. Hot Dog Challenge That was the timelapse of we disassembling the tent We are ready..we are all set.. we packing. Couple of things to pack! But, anyway, I am gonna stop Video right now We have to cross the creek and go back to the car that is another 9.5KM.. all the way we came in.. the same way we have to go back I hope you like this video so far I will be putting lot of description down below You can go through it.. instructions on how to drive up here and the things you need to follow ..may be a small iteneray. Anyway, I hope you guys liked this video. Please like it. Subscribe to my channel and share with your friend. Thank you for watching!

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