CAMPING CAVENES, El Cabaco ,España

How about caravaneros and caravaneras !!, well
Well, today I’m going to show you another campsite near the rock of France and the
Pool, is the camping Las Cavenes Let’s take a look! Well guys, we are at the campsite
Las Cavenes, near the rock of France and this is the access we have, as
you see is a very wide access They have a very easy way to get in. Come on let’s see it inside Upon entering the campsite, on the left we have the reception and the bar
and as soon as we enter we have here a source.It is pretty well taken care of,
we also see here an area with mountain bikes that surely
have rent of mountain bikes to get to know the
area, let’s continue The campsite is in a forest of
, We’re in the cold season, so not yet
the leaves have come out, but come on It has enough natural shade.
These are the plots of the camping, as you can see they are quite spacious
they are all divided with a kind of chord and they’re pretty good
taken care, look … is for example so that drain well and do not form puddles have
Poured river sand, then all they will have a nearby electrical outlet
that you don’t have to go far to connect to the light,
it’s pretty good and all if we look up with
natural shade, these trees still not they have leaves but it is missing a little
time to get out then come we will continue !!! Let’s have a look at
the bathrooms How curious the curtains they have for
to the bathroom! that have made them here with a kind of seeds, it’s great, they have many details in this campsite we will enter These are the bathrooms as you see they are clean are
quite new here we have the zone of washbasins quite wide here we have the shower area let’s go
to see her inside the shower it is also very large
and we have two push buttons one for hot water and another
for cold water it doesn’t have the dry zone separation, but
what they have done is put a hook here to hang things
but let’s go in the bathroom is spotless to It’s very clean, it has these showers
here you have two bathrooms for the disabled and here is the water zone
as you see all very clean and all with your toilet paper inside very well.
I like these bathrooms a lot like that I’m going to give you the stamp of traveling in
caravan here we have the zone of
sinks and sinks that we have these here, and
turning the bathroom module has other Well, this is the area of
bungalows I was talking to the owners of
camping and they have them all busy but if they would have liked to show us some
inside, but for now they already have one thing I have not seen any bungalows
in any campsite, they have a plot in front to set the table apart from
bungalow in front they have a patio chub
well to set the table the chairs that I haven’t seen that anywhere, everything
a detail, now we are in the children’s area
really be careful all the campíng al detall, e in the children’s area
apart from having the swings that they usually have all campsites have
made a miniature golf that is all this around
it’s a miniature golf and then there you have track that is to take careers with
badges and here next to the park Children’s, the pool let’s see it.
Here we have the area of ​​the pool has a bigger pool
for seniors and for children there the other smaller pool and
apart all surrounded by an area of grass to put
the towels and here the park that called me
very much the park’s attention this one I would really love it if I was a child
that my parents brought me this campsite it’s great let’s see the children now
surely they won’t know what to play at badges, but let’s see, who doesn’t
would have liked to have a clue to play badges, well you have
many details I have taught quickly and running because
it’s raining my camera is getting wet I hope you liked it this camping, to me particularly has
delighted, here I am going to put the price list so if you want
come also I will put the web address and phone number so
call and ask any questions have a good time as I always tell you
like the video subscribe if not you are subscribed and WE’RE GOING TO CAMPING

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