Camping Checklist || REI

Camping Checklist || REI

hey guys I love camping but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by what to bring we have a checklist that can help you out here’s the deal and what I like to take campaign so the main things you’ll want to bring when you’re camping are a tent a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad since I’ve got a lot of space in my car I like to have something big and luxurious like this tent here and then you can pack your sleeping pad and I like to bring a much more comfortable sleeping bag or even blankets and then I can actually bring my own pillow with me to make this feel a lot like home and again since you’re only limited to how much space you have in your car you can bring a lot more luxurious items like I have these two camp chairs here I even have a little table and that has my e-reader those are as a lantern I brought a blanket from home oh and I also brought my ukulele for campfire songs and I also brought a friend with me and she’s hanging out in our hammock so as far as clothing goes when I’m packing for camping I like to bring stuff that I don’t mind getting dirty that I can wear multiple days in a row and that I feel really comfortable in and of course it’s all weather dependent so if I’m expecting rain will be bring a rain jacket or if it might be cold I’ll bring a couple extra layers so right now I’m wearing a wool tank top that I will wear pretty much any time I’m hanging out outside I have a pair of quick dry shorts on and then I packed all of my clothing into this stuff sack here it just makes a little bit easier to keep track of it in my suitcase or my duffel bag and I have you know extra under clothes I have close to a swimming in pair of pants extra socks things like that since I already feel like I’m gonna get pretty dirty when I’m out camping I don’t really worry about having clean clothes for every day that I’m out so just having things that will dry quickly if you need to rinse them off I also bring my toiletry kit with me and this has all sorts of things in it from my toothbrush toothpaste deodorant sunscreen I also had a head net just in case the bugs are really bad also any medications that I might need to take obviously want to bring with me as well as painkillers contacts all that stuff here oh and then I also bring my repair kit with me so I have a multi-tool in here just in case anything breaks or need to fix things and it’s just a really good idea to have a knife on me I feel like when I’m camping and then this kit here has my sleeping pad repair kit so in case I get a hole in my pad I can patch it and I also have this cord here I feel like having some sort of cord is just all around a really good utility item I use this if I’m gonna hang something up as a clothesline say I take a dunk in the river and I need to put up any collect clothes or a towel then I also use it to tie between two trees and uses a dog run so having cord is really nifty and then on the side here I have my headlamp just in case I need to get up in the middle of the night it’s good to have this close to my sleeping bag and I like to keep all of my stuff in a duffle bag just makes it really easy to load everything up and haul it from the car into the tent so this is my camp kitchen I have this cool two burner stove that actually has one burner and then a griddle which is awesome for making pancakes or heating up tortillas and then you can bring your own pots and pans from your kitchen at home but I have this really cool nesting system that includes my bowls plates utensils silverware all of that and nests into this pot here which I really like and then I also have this water container so that’s for drinking water for washing my hands I also have a whole separate cooler for drinks crucial part of camping and here is where I keep my food so any dry goods or cleaning supplies I just have in this bag here snacks and stuff like that as well as paper towels and anything that I want to keep fresh I keep in this cooler I like to bring anything that I would eat at home so make sandwiches for lunch time I vegetables in here stuff that I’m comfortable cooking with and eating and I have it all out here right now but at night I’ll pack it up and store it probably somewhere safe or if I’m just not around my camp I don’t want it sitting out I hope that helps if you want some more information we have this awesome checklist and the link for this is included in the description below one of my favorite things about this checklist is that it’s really extensive and it even has places where you can write in your own items that you know you want to back check out either the videos for some more information and if you thought this was helpful please subscribe don’t listen I’m just learning to play

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  1. Good video, for car camping I like to bring a lit door mat and a small dustpan and sweeper to clean the tent.

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