Camping Dish Washing Station- How To Wash Dishes Camping

Camping Dish Washing Station- How To Wash Dishes Camping

How To Wash Dishes When Camping Camping Dish Washing Station Outdoor Dishwashing Dry Cabin Dishwashing hi it’s AlaskaGranny when you want to wash dishes at camp on camp outs be sure you have three dish pans you have one one for washing dishes one for rinsing dishes one for sanitizing dishes put your soapy
water in the first dishpan and I like to use this a soapy brush with soap in the handle Scotchbrite Dishwashing Brush then you scrub here scrub your dish into the water when you want to release more soap push this button see you control how much soap and where
the soap goes with Scotchbrite Dishwashing brush I always store this in a plastic bag just to
make sure soap doesn’t leak and get all over everything I also bring an old scrubby sponge because these are good for
getting off all that crusty stuff at camp you would fill this with
hot water use your scrubbyy on it rinse it in here then you have another hot water rinse and add a capful of bleach bring a little bottle of bleach make sure
you label it correctly so no one mistakes what it is and that would be your sanitation
sanitizing station and when you are coming to camp bring lotsof paper plates it makes no sense to have a million dishes if it’s too much work
to clean up you’re not having any fun you can have other dishes too use a paper plate on top of a regular plate for easy clean up and it will help it balance for easy and you can still eat on these if you like use these for chopping boards and be sure you put these in fire don’t just throw them around make sure
anybody drops any food around clean it up because you
don’t want any animals ants vermin bears coming into your camp make it as easy as possible every body has their own water bottle make sure they can
identify their own then they don’t need cups keep refueling themselves with their own water bottle if you are going to bring cups bring little ones this isn’t a time to be filling up a great big glass and then it sits
around all day bugs and things get in it just have as much as you need wash it out put it away also when you’re preparing food make sure
that everybody washes their hands first you are extra dirty at camp make sure you keep when you’re preparing foods make sure you keep meats away from produce to prevent cross-contamination clean that up
right away you don’t want to spend your time camp getting sick
make sure you have lots of towels spread them out let the dishes dry in the sunshine cleaning up at Camp doesn’t have to be very hard as long
as you plan it out a little bit before you get there easy tips to keeping food safe at camp how to wash dishes at camp tips to using less dishes on camp outs please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

5 thoughts on “Camping Dish Washing Station- How To Wash Dishes Camping

  1. Can you please explain the need for the bleach rinse pan?  (I have no camping experience thus why I am asking.)  Is it because you are using river/lake water to wash the dishes in and not drinking water?

  2. so, generally we stay away from using paper plates as it is a one use item and generates additional trash that has to be dealt with. and if not handled quickly can blow away. Bundled trash like this has to be disposed of daily or you will find critters tearing into them to get the food left on them.

  3. One idea is to "issue" everyone a mess kit including utensils, and tin cup. Have your wash station ready, and it's each person's responsibility to wash and keep up with his or her own mess kit and cup. Cuts down on a lot of work for the chief cook and bottle washer. Cheers.

  4. That's how we do our dishes. Throw them into the campfire. At least the ones that burn. Also, when we buy food, we pay attention to the container it's sold in. If available in a paper bag or box, we buy that and burn them when empty. Pack out what isn't burnable.

  5. The 3 pan cleaning station is great, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts have been using it for years.
    Trash should never be burned, for several reasons
    1 Burning trash in campfires is likely to be prohibited just about anywhere you are likely to camp.
    2 Burning trash is in contravention of the ‘pack it in pack it out’ principle of leave no trace.
    3 Burning trash does produce highly toxic smoke and leaves toxic residue behind in the firepit.
    Do not burn your trash, even if it is just paper pleates

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