Camping Hack – Eggcellent Food Tip

Camping Hack – Eggcellent Food Tip

Eggs make a delicious campsite breakfast,
but they can be difficult to get to camp. The eggs can break open easily during travel,
the eggshells can be quite messy, and the carton of eggs can take up quite a bit of
space in your cooler. An easy way around these problems is to simply crack your eggs at home
and transport them in a reusable bottle. This will surely lead to a great meal at camp with
less mess. I hope you found this tip helpful. If you have, give us a “thumbs up” or head
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14 thoughts on “Camping Hack – Eggcellent Food Tip

  1. Great tip. I've been doing that for years . I could never understand why people choose to carry eggs any other way. My grandfather taught me that trick when I was just a kid. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy & be safe !

  2. Good tip. Last time I went out I had to clean up a dozen egg shells from the previous camper.  They had just tossed them around camp.  Guess they figured if they weren't in the main area it was OK to just toss them.  My concern was raccoons and rodents so I made it a point to clean it all up before retiring for the night. The less we have to carry in with us the less we have to carry out!

  3. That's a very practical method. As my Grandfather kept saying, the only risk is that, if the bottle is contaminated, the eggs could get spoilt and result in severe gastrointestinal trouble. So washing the bottle from inside is the best, followed by filling it with the eggs and freezing it. Especially if the temperature is really hot like 35 degrees centigrade. I always freeze them.

  4. We just camped and cooked eggs in Zip lock baggies.  We transported whole unbroken eggs without any issues.  Double bag the scrambled eggs and get as much air out of the bag.  I suppose this could be prepared at home and possibly frozen for easier travel. 
    Set bags in boiling water and move around occasionally to get all contents exposed to the boiling water.  Only took about 5 minutes for two eggs in a bag. 
    We broke up the cooked contents and placed on to tortillas and other goodies for Breakfast Tacos.

  5. How long will they last without refrigeration? I camp in a place where the temp never goes below 75F. Can I pack this a Thursdays and still cook them on Sunday morning?

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