27 thoughts on “Camping (HBO) Promo HD – Jennifer Garner, David Tennant comedy series

  1. Never expected Jennifer Garner and David Tennant to be on screen at the same time, but I’m not complaining! This looks crazy fun!

  2. Okay I came for David Tennant but I will so stay if Bridget Everett gets to annoy somebody in this movie. I love that woman so much

  3. This is actually may be a compliment me being in so quite frankly I could care less one way or the other Jennifer who plays Kat or Kathy or Katherine or whatever her character's scares me worse than any character on Doctor Who ever could no Darla scare me no Masters hairs name no no no cat she's here with me she scares me more than any villain in Doctor Who history she's the scary one she terrifies me don't let that she is more than the master is and that's the honest truth I'm sorry I'm comparing those to but a totally different way doctor who is supposed to be an entertaining program and it does have its entertaining points and this is entertaining too except for Catherine she is not entertaining she is scary and I don't mean scary good I mean just downright scary especially when her character is on a lots of drugs drugs I wouldn't promote to a five-year-old little adult and I feel so bad for Walt all he wants on his birthday is a be with his wife alone and a chance and having sex what are the episodes I saw she said that she to the girl said to the girl that she didn't want to have sex with her husband the girl said that she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend and then she goes and says and I quote and I'm quoting her Catherine is secret and children are sacred well yes and yes so what's your excuse for not having sex with your husband Catherine so what's a nerd who cares he's cute handsome my opinion normally I'd be kind the guy an idiot but in this case and this particular case she's the idiot major idiot I saw the First episodes all the way down to the part where it's supposed to be she was even mean to her sister and then she goes it interrupts for neighbor having sex excuse me go back to your tent and have sex with your husband you little witch how does he put up with her I do not know the lady that was at the emergency Hut is asking the same question I'm asking how does Walt put up with this lady she makes me want to pull my hair out she makes me want to pull my hair out and I haven't felt that way since Doctor Who is this Doctor Who or camping that's what I want to know looks like camping but I'm kind of like where is a translator when you need one and yes while I know you were talking about Doctor Who I'm not dumb or stupid I have watched a show since 2005

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