Camping in Virginia: Devils Backbone Hoopla

– [Andy] What are you doing, Dave? – Catching some clouds, time lapse, in beautiful Nelson County. – [Andy] Are you gonna
send me that for the intro? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – What’s up, guys, it’s Andy Feliciotti. And, today I am camping. It is a lovely Friday afternoon, and we’re here at Devil’s Backbones Hoopla kinda like a concert, festival Devil’s Backbone makes beer. So, there’s gonna be a lot of beer. It’s basically everything
that you need to know. I’m also here with Dave.
– Found poles – He’s setting up my tent. (Dave laughs) It’s his tent. (upbeat music) – Are we good to go? – We’re good to go to drink some beers. – I’ll give the
port-a-potty a 10 out of 10. Pretty good. (upbeat music) – Hey, that’s pretty good. – Cheers. – [Andy] One beer down, how do you feel? – Perfect. – Okay, I found the adult Capri Suns. – Okay, whoa, that is strong. – Whew. (barrels bang loudly) – Devils Backbone gave me one of these what do you even call this? A chair, an inflatable
chair well let’s try it out. – [Dave] It’s a ground hammock. – A ground hammock? Okay, I don’t think
that’s the official term, but I’ll go with it, Dave. (bag crinkles loudly) – [Dave] And then you close it – I don’t understand how it
– [Dave] I think I’ve I think I’ve seen a YouTube video, do you want me to try,
I’ll try. (laughter) – [Andy] Come on, Dave. Dave with the save. You gonna lay on it? – No. – [Dave] Legit camping,
man, it’ll be fine. (laughter) – Okay. ♪ La-Da-Da-Dahh ♪ – Okay this thing is pretty slick. Camping’s easy, camping’s really easy. Okay, I’ve already seen a fire ant, and a little spider on this
thing in about a minute, so. – [Dave] Nature. – Nature?
I’m frightened. Just walked a bit from camp. Me and Dave are gonna drone. (buzzing loudly) (calm guitar music) – [Andy] How was your flight? – It was alright. – Whatever’s going on your
life that’s making you (crowd whistling loudly) not follow your dreams. Stop (bleep) thinking that
like, ladies and gentlemen. Seriously! (crowd cheering) It’s true. If a bunch of alcoholics
can follow their dreams so can (bleep) you, Virginia. I’m serious! (crowd cheering) So check it out, raise up your glasses. (crowd cheering) Let’s make a toast whatever
happened yesterday, it doesn’t (bleep) matter anymore. (crowd cheering) Whatever happens tomorrow,
it doesn’t (bleep) matter. All that matter is right now, and how we can be good people right now, ladies and gentlemen. So, with that mind state, let’s just be (bleep) people
for the rest of our lives, ladies and gentlemen.
That’s it! (crowd cheering) – Live in the moment, don’t
watch too much you porn, you’re gonna be fine,
ladies and gentlemen. You’re gonna be fine Let’s have a (bleep) dance party. (loud drums and guitar) – Say, thanks for watching. Thank you, Devils
Backbone, for inviting me. This is Chris.
– Whew!

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