Camping in Waterton Lakes National Park 2016 | Journey Alberta

Camping in Waterton Lakes National Park 2016  | Journey Alberta

My name is Shawn Norris and in today’s video Jesse Mullie joins me as I go camping in Waterton Lakes National Park. So we just made it to Waterton Lakes National Park. We arrived at our campground, the Crandell Mountain campground. We set up both [of] our tents and it was sprinkling rain on us when we got here, but now the blue skies have come out and we’re going to head into town now. We’re going to Waterton Village to fill up on gas and fill up our stomachs! The Village is only a ten minute drive from our campground. So we just got back to our campground after having lunch at Pizza of Waterton. After that We actually got some groceries, just a little bit of stuff like ground beef, some eggs Just some food for when we’re out here, and we’re [back] at our campsite. Just relaxing in the sun now that it’s out and We’re probably gonna do a little hike after this. The campsite we stayed in is B10, and although a little open it provided us with incredible views of the surrounding area. So now jesse and I are just go for a walk. The campground is right behind us back there. We’re just checking out this little trail that we found. Kind of leads it to this open pasture that you can see around me. We’re going to continue to explore it because why not! We quickly found ourselves at the Blakiston River. After heading back to our campground we decided it would be a good time to check out Red Rock Canyon, only a five to ten minute drive down the road. We took a walk up the short looped trail once at Red Rock Canyon, admiring the towering cliff walls on our sides. Unfortunately the bridge at the top was closed and our planned hike to Blakiston Falls couldn’t happen because that trail was closed as well. We decided to head down into the canyon and walk up the ice-cold creek. There are signs explaining that this is allowed, however you enter at your own risk because of the slippery rocks. So I took a misstep. I fell into the water. As you can see I cut my arm a little bit. It’s not too bad. It’s okay. I’m soaking wet now. That’s the most of my problem. I’ll dry off eventually though, But that’s also why when you come down here there are signs saying you ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is definitely a place where you could get hurt. Just like this. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse. But we chose to come up here. Now there’s nothing preventing us from doing so. It’s a beautiful canyon, but you have to be aware of the risks and be prepared that something might happen. I thought I would also explain why I fell. So normally when I put my foot into a patch of rocks in the water I’ll put my foot [down] like that and kind of wiggle it around like that, test my weight on it. Just the one time I didn’t do it is the time I fell. A couple rocks moved out of the way and caused me to slip. After seeing some black bears in the Red Rock canyon parking lot, we headed back to our campsite to start a fire and cook up some food. We just finished our supper, it was excellent. Cooking everything over the open flame really gave it a good old world type of feel. Right now we’re just sitting around the fire keeping it stocked and roasting some marshmallows. I thought today went very good because The drive wasn’t as long as I thought it would be and when we did get here despite a little fierce resistance from the wind we managed to get our tent set up and even go into town and grab a bite to eat at Pearl’s Diner. We checked out Red Rock Canyon, unfortunately a section was closed off yet since getting here the beauty of Waterton is just outstanding. I mean, how I have not returned to this place in 20 years boggles my mind. This is a definite repeat visit for me. I mean, This is only the first day here since then and I’m already hooked. I mean it’s gorgeous! So here’s something new that I decided to try out today on this trip. I had some salami That I brought with. I had it my fridge. I thought I’d try and use it up, eat it in a sandwich, but I figured, why not try and roast it? And we did it a little bit before and it is incredible roasted. It gets crispy Boy does it get really good crisp taste to it! Actually if you watched last week’s video on Fish Creek and Sandy, Fish Creek Park and Sandy Beach this is the same salami that I was eating, or the same package that I’m eating in that video Roast good too. Yeah, it really does. So we made it through the night. It’s about 8:00 8:30 a.m.. I actually slept pretty good I was very warm the entire night. It’s kind of surprising considering my experience earlier this year backcountry camping But it was a good night. We’re cooking up some eggs right now to have some breakfast. Then we’re going to do the Bear’s Hump later today, the Bear’s Hump Hike. I start a fire using my flint and steel and then cook up some eggs on my frying pan. Think these eggs turned out pretty good So before we head out back to the town site to check it out more and do the bears hump hike, I thought it’d be a good time now to kind of Explain and list off things that I forgot to bring while we’re out here. First thing that I know that I forgot: Eating utensils. I have a small fork and spoon and knife combo thing. I totally forgot it at home. Another another thing that I forgot to bring: Roasting sticks. Literally, I had put them with all my other stuff Before I left, but slightly out of reach of my cats. So they wouldn’t play with them and because I put them slightly out of reach. I totally forgot about them. Another thing that I forgot to bring was a cell phone car charger. I grabbed my charging cord, but I forgot to grab the USB charger out of our car at home before I left. Another thing that I totally forgot was To bring a pillow. I have an inflatable one, It did the job but since we’re drive-in camping I could have brought mine from home and been that much more comfortable. Other than that there I can’t really think of any other things that I forgot. A towel. I could have brought in the towel. So yeah, that’s really most of it. It would have been a lot easier had I brought those things. I had to go and buy a roaster stick now, but just make a list. Making a list before you go camping is a good way to remember everything. So make that list check off things as you add them to… When you’re loading them into your car check them off then. We then head towards the Waterton Village to do the Bears Hump Hike. So Jesse and I have started doing the Bear’s Hump Hike. It’s about a kilometer and a half all the way up to the top, but you gain 200 meters of elevation. So it’s quite a steep climb although it’s short. As we get closer to the top our legs feel like they’re on fire. The Views at the top are some of the best in the park and you can even see into the United States Far across the Lake. You know it Wasn’t very long, but it was very tough yet that toughness was met with a great reward with the incredible sight of Waterton, Montana across the the Lake itself and a joyful bountiful amount of wind to cool me off. Definitely recommend the Bear’s Hump. We head into the village after our hike for some lunch at Zum’s, and then explore the town and the lake shore. We hit up Cameron Falls as well, which is a large waterfall tucked away on the edge of the village. After the waterfall we head up to the Prince of Wales Hotel to check out the view of the lake from up there. We start making our way back to the campground and on our way We make a stop at a meadow to admire all the beautiful wildflowers. Since this is our last night here I thought I’d kind of go over my fire starting method for this. As you can see I kind of arranged it in a bit of a kind of a log cabin type. Two blocks on the bottom, And then two on top of that and then two on top of that with a bunch of twigs and stuff mixed in between and some paper too. One I light it, it’ll Start really quickly, and I’m going to do that again today With my flint and steel. And just like that, only took about 30 seconds, and we have fire All right, here’s my finished burger, it looks really good. Turned out really well. First time I’ve actually ever cooked a burger over an open flame like that and I can tell already it will not disappoint Incredible flavor! Amazing! The most memorable part of today was not only just climbing up the Bear’s Hump Hike which gave us a breathtaking view of Waterton and the lake itself, but also hiking up Red Rock Canyon, Which just going through the harsh cold glacial water with nothing but Sandals and shorts on, taking our slips and falls provided us with a beautiful picture of red sediment rock against green algae and moss and trees growing on the side. It was just beautiful! But it was more beautiful than say a picture can ever be painted. It was truly a memorable experience and you know what? It’s something I’m going to take away because It’s a picture in my mind and it’s going to be picture perfect for the rest of my life and to top it off we had s’mores at the end. You can’t beat that! Waterton? I’m definitely coming back to Waterton. It’s… I should have been here a long time ago. As the sky darkens, we stay up later to see some of the stars and let the rest of our firewood burn out. So we made it through our second night, We went to bed a little later last night around 11:30 midnight compared to the night before where we went to bed around 10:30. The sleep was about the same actually for me compared to our first night. I got a decent sleep I slept till about 8:00 8:30 Jesse slept a little longer while I went to the bathroom and kind of Freshened up and now we’re going to take our tents down, head to the campsite, or head into the town site I should say, get some food, and then we’re out of here. It’s been a great trip to Waterton once again. I’m already looking forward to coming back Subscribe for new videos every Friday and check out the last two weeks videos by clicking on them!

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  1. Great video..incredible nature, clear picture of video! I was there in 2014' …I like to return…
    many hiking routes were closed because of high bears concentration! Thx for sharing! 🙂

  2. Over 50km of trails were just reopened up in Waterton Lakes National Park the other day! They include the hike to Bertha Falls and Bertha Lake, the Crandell Lake Loop, Horseshoe Basin, and the Lakeshore trail! Also, the Bertha Bay, Bertha Lake, and Boundary Bay backcountry campgrounds are open as well! Happy hiking everyone!

  3. Did you guys go to Wieners?…. Yes you did!….i am proud of your guys adventure! Bite into a juicy Wiener today!

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