Camping near Tokyo: Chiba beach weekend cookout | Japan Outdoors Guide

Camping near Tokyo: Chiba beach weekend cookout | Japan Outdoors Guide

100 thoughts on “Camping near Tokyo: Chiba beach weekend cookout | Japan Outdoors Guide

  1. Happy New Year! Rockie-san. That's the great footage! I like it so much. Welcome to Chiba where I live. I was in Chigasaki Kanagawa where you live at that same moment.
    Nice new camera. Pictures are awesome.

  2. What a stunning morning to be out and about and new years eve weather does not look too bad over there, great beach as well. 06.00 am on new years day was such a bonus, looked fantastic. I hope you have a very Happy New Year, Rocky San, cheers Alan

  3. Hi!  Rocky-san
    A Happy new year! A few hours ago here in LA into 2019 as well.
    The sunrise of Kujukuri was beautiful.  Thanks for a nice scene .

  4. Happy new year.

    This year, thank you!

    nice, char cross!

    Yamazaki Whiskey! 12 years.

    Lemon's Shrimp

    Delicious ~!

  5. nice beach there you was camping on, the time lapse or what we call it at the end was nice, welldone my friend onc again

  6. What an excellent start to 2019 a Rocky video and what a beautiful sunrise. Hope your New Year is as great as you deserve. Happy New Year from Canada.

  7. Great footage and edit. Painted the picture of 2019's first daybreak from the edge of Earth. Great clarity with the new camera. Looking forward to many new adventures through that lens. Again, happy new year!

  8. That's a beautiful place to bring in the new year. You've gotten good with the Flint and steel. Keep up the good work and have a happy new year!

  9. Thank you for your wonderful video at the start of this New Year! It's a pleasant and beautiful video!  Thank you my friend!

  10. Happy New Year Rockie! Thanks for sharing that beautiful sunrise and wishing you a very successful 2019. Cheers mate!

  11. amazing place….love it – the sunrise is just awesome! nice camp you had – love the giant shrimp! happy new year!

  12. what a way to spend the first day of the new year waking up to that sunset and the whole video was excellent to watch

  13. 明けましておめでとう御座います?今年も宜しくお願いします?素敵な風景に癒やされました

  14. ??Rocky you are so darn funny with that shrimp. Yummy it all looked good. Beautiful view for 2019 thanks for sharing. Happy New Year my friend. Be safe take care. ?

  15. What an outstanding video. Just beautiful. New camera looks good, May have indulged in a little Gentleman Jack myself last night. Nice looking jacket by the fire. Have one I brought back from Iceland. You put up the hood and it's like your in a tent. Take care, Al

  16. Really good music in this video. Again you're so awesome at using music that nobody else that uses. I know you been doing a lot more bushcraft videos lately but whatever you do please don't ever completely give up on your cinematic filming. I like the shot of you dog popping out of the brush that was funny. Congratulations on the new DSLR. Really awesome sunrise timelapse at the end. Keep up the good work my friend. Happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year Rocky! New camera gear is working out great, quality is outstanding. Excellent video as well

  18. A lovely video showing your camp and the beach. Your dinner with the shrimp looks very delicious. A wonderful sunrise, what a way to welcome in 2019. I have subbed. Thank you for visiting my channel. I invite you to sub if you have not already done so.

  19. what part of Japan are you living from the look of some of your videos you look to be close to Yokosuka I live in Yokosuka. if so was hoping I could join you on a few of your trips if possible

  20. Cool video mate, this had a bit of everything in it, history, nature, beautiful views, bushcraft, awesome stuff, love your channel mate, keep it up, have a great year, all the best, Gaz ? , food looked delicious too ?

  21. I love all the giant statues in Asia, especially the ones that have been allowed to age. Hope everything is well! I still need to find a place around here that carries imported whiskey from Japan. I can get my hands on sake but it's mostly stuff that's imported here to NY because of our bottling industry. Always great scenery you've got there :).

  22. That looked like another awesome trip. Excellent job on the video, you seemed to get a little bit of everything in there from man made stuff to the natural. That sunrise was nice, brother. I bet the video didn't even do it justice to being in there in person.

  23. I’m not sure why you subbed me since I don’t upload anything, but I figured I might as well check out a few of your videos. Not bad. I think I’ll keep watching.

    That was a beautiful sunrise. That was one of my favorite things when I was in the navy and we were underway. Sometimes after a late night/early morning watch I would stay up and go up to vultures row, or up to the flight deck catwalk and watch the sun rise over the ocean. The only thing that topped that, was watching the moon set. No land in sight, no light pollution, no clouds. Just a pitch black sky jam packed with stars, watching the moon meet its silvery trail as it slips below the horizon.

  24. Great adventure in beautiful landscapes, I like it. Happy 2019! Thank you very much for the beautiful performance. Best regards from Germany, Angela

  25. Hello RockEastWood. I have come to your channel by way of Adventuring Outdoors with Eric. I must say I really like your channel and style of video. I really liked your opening shot with the dog coming through the bushes. I thought it would be a fox or something else. I also like the dancing shrimp. made me laugh. great video.

  26. A belated Hppy New Year to you too. Excellent sunrise and the sea looked like mercury in the time-lapse. Thank you for sharing your New Year dawn.

  27. Great videos on your channel. You got a new friend :-). Let's stay connected. I am looking forward to see your next upcoming videos 🙂

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