Camping on a Million Dollar Boat!

Camping on a Million Dollar Boat!

– Oh, hello. It’s gonna be a couple days
of epic camping for this vlog. It’s gonna be amazing. – What are you talking about, camping? That’s bigger than our
fridge at our house. – We’re camping.
– We’re camping. I know it doesn’t look like it, like look at this room that we’re in, but look out this way. That is a boat, and that is a bigger boat. We are actually on a
boat ourselves right now. It’s a ginormous boat. I think we should do an MTV
Cribs-style tour of this place. Not right now. First, we’re gonna go hiking. Have you ever seen those places that they have those canyons? Have you ever seen what’s that movie? You’ve probably never seen it. 27 Hours, I think, it’s called where this guy is camping, or he’s hiking through these slot canyons, and a boulder falls on his
hand and he can’t get out, so he cuts his hand off
and then crawls out. – What? – That’s where we’re going this morning. (upbeat synthesizer music) Do you see this row of boats right here? This is like houseboat city. It’s too windy today to take the boat out, so we’re gonna find lots of
fun things to do around here. We’re gonna go to the slot canyon first, and we all have to fit
on this one Ranger thing. Kind of sketchy. Cole, are you qualified
to be driving this thing? – Oh yeah, driver’s
license and everything. – There’s like 20 kids back there. (upbeat synthesizer music) We made it through the group from China. I don’t know what they
were doing out here, but smooth sailing all the way to our car. (upbeat synthesizer music) That’s where they came from. So that’s where we were
on our boat a minute ago before we came all the way up here, but this place is pretty magical. It’s called Antelope Point. Now, a lot of you give us a hard time because we wear like
BYU gear in our videos. Our buddy that has the boat
here, his name is Steve, he is the biggest BYU fan you’ve ever met. Here’s the car that he drove up. I know it’s not blue like BYU, but you can’t really get a blue Porsche. I mean, come on. But look at that license
plate BYU with the Y. Okay, to you it’s only been a few seconds. To us it’s been like five hours. This place is very unique. The Native Americans that run this place are very old school in the way they do it, so no video cameras, no tripods. You know I’m a rule abiding person, so I’m gonna try to sneak this in. – But if they say no, he’s definitely gonna turn the camera on because that’s what he does. If he gets in trouble he’s always gonna turn the camera on. – I don’t know that that’s true. (upbeat synthesizer music) – [Man] Look at these little steps, tiny. Like the finest sand ever. – Wait, Daddy, can I
take off my shoes, too? – Yeah, take them off. – Lincoln can’t though. Just kidding. Lincoln decided it would be smart to take his shoes off and socks. Now he’s regretting that decision. – [Lincoln] Ow, ow, ow! (upbeat synthesizer music) – [Dan] How was that decision to take your shoes off, Lincoln? – It felt good for a bit. – [Dan] Now what? – Now I know I want to put them back on. – I told you that. (upbeat synthesizer music) Come on, Lincoln, we’re
moving, we’re moving. Go, go, go. Just one sock. That’s progress. (upbeat synthesizer music) There’s the lady right there. Right there, is that her? Ah, that is an eagle. (upbeat synthesizer music) All right, we are climbing out. Look behind me. Look how crazy this is. You don’t even see the crack
in the ground right here. That’s where we were, all
of that crack right there. If you were just walking by, there’s no way you would know
that there’s a giant canyon that you can walk through right there. People just coming out of the abyss. That’s cool. (upbeat synthesizer music) This is the part of the day where we take the boat
out and it’s super windy, but we’re gonna try to surf. (upbeat synthesizer music) All right, we are back. We’ve got dinner cooking. We’re not out where we’re gonna swimming, but it still doesn’t mean we
can’t go out in the water. – [Girl] Let me go first. – This is great. This is so nice, this boat. This is the second level right here. Look at this. This is all part of the kitchen. TV comes down from there. Back of the boat, they can
go out there and go swimming. – Hi! The water is freezing. – [Dan] It’s not quite freezing. It’s 76 degrees. – In here? What? – [Dan] 76. (upbeat synthesizer music) Good morning. – Hi. – [Dan] How did you sleep? – Good. – [Dan] We are not at the dock anymore. – [Lincoln] I noticed. I woke up when they were first
moving from the dock, though.

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  1. Lol in the intro I thought they were in their house ?? that's how you know you have a great life. Loved the video! Keep up the good work?

  2. I'm going in 2weeks love lake Powell don't think we are taking out the house boat though we are in weah wear marina we go to antalope to get ice cream though

  3. Support your sport team, people gonna hate. We are a sports loving family. My son gets called bandwagon cause his main teams are the Cavs and Patriots, but he also likes the Browns. Lebron has left, but still his team. Also the Browns…

  4. First off… he was mountain biking…secondly… his name is Aron Ralston. A little respect please. Incredible story. It’s worth learning about.

  5. I think you just spent a Million Dollars worth of supplies for these videos! Awesome Graphics, Music, And Shots! It's so amazing to watch your videos. I always come along on your adventures!

  6. 0:41 This film is about Aron Rolston
    That had to cut his arm because boulder Fell on his hand
    It was at Blue Canyon
    Aron Rolston has a robotic arm now

  7. 127 hours

    On August 23rd 2003,A man named Aaron Ralston is hiking in south Utah.He needs to cross Blue John canyon.There is a dislodged 800lbs bolder between the walls of the canyon.The bolder falls on Aron’s right forearm and crushes his hand and he is stuck.He is stuck for 5.29 or “127 hours” days with only 12 oz of water and a couple granola bars. On the fifth day he knew he was going to die.So he takes a dull pocket knife and cuts his arm ,and breaks his bone.he finds help about and hour later.

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